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Mighty Car Mods
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Mighty Car Mods is an independent automotive series created by a couple of friends, Marty and Moog who started filming videos on Martys mum's driveway in 2007. They've come a long way since then but still have an unwavering focus to show their viewers fantastic automotive projects that they can do themselves at home.
The MCM boys make cars, and they make movies. In fact they do it all, including the music, editing, and automotive with some help from their friends along the way.
Being completely independent, the boys don't have to answer to anyone except their own creative spirit and their focus is on quality over quantity.
It doesn't matter if you have a brand new turbo charged beast, or an old banger found in your grandfathers shed. Mighty Car Mods openly embraces anyone who wants to better themselves and their cars through involvement with the MCM Community.
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Charles W.
Charles W. Timme sedan
Cresta needs a little nitrous hit off the line. Let's see those front wheels in the air past the 60ft! Maybe even the 330ft!
Fuchteljackson Timme sedan
the brown line :D :D :D
google dancelate
google dancelate 3 timmar sedan
Step 1: grow up Step 2: get work Step 3: get a lot of money Step 4: buy a car Step 5: buy a damn expensive car kit Step 6: watch this video
Ke3per88 3 timmar sedan
Racing harnesses are perfectly legal for road use in the UK. Providing it is a normal push button release.
George Dunham
George Dunham 4 timmar sedan
nice t shirt mate, rip Dime
Luke Smith
Luke Smith 5 timmar sedan
Lmao I lived in England and that's dead on
William smith
William smith 6 timmar sedan
Try toyota cedric v6
Lord Witto
Lord Witto 6 timmar sedan
Could this lsd fit my eagle talon 1995 Tsing fwd? I’ve been looking for one but don’t know
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu 7 timmar sedan
Yes you have beat the MX five with the S2K you have earned all our Honda guys respect the Honda was like bye-bye
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu 8 timmar sedan
I mean I can’t blame them seeing a Hondo with nos is awesome
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu 8 timmar sedan
“i’m not helping I’m not helping” **Proceeds to help**
Oat 8 timmar sedan
It’s weird you wanna root for a car you like more but that car is also the one you want to win.
Jonny_loves_cars 8 timmar sedan
Plus 25 Celsius 🤣
Zirka 9 timmar sedan
This series has been so much fun to watch
Ed Ayala
Ed Ayala 9 timmar sedan
Disrespected nose
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 10 timmar sedan
Since u guys are doing a episode on upgrading with a brz. Can u turn a 2010 legacy limited into a GT. The Subaru manufacturer seem to have them pretty close to what piece from what bin in the manufacturing process. Legacy 2.5 limited to a GT?
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 10 timmar sedan
U guys still making videos. You should do some of the most interesting swaps ppl wouldnt know about.
cornfield man
cornfield man 11 timmar sedan
Im a newbie enthusiest and I've been driving for about 4 months. Turning 18 in a few months, most likely gonna buy a 2nd hand BMW 3 series for my first car, any tips?
BillyMac414 11 timmar sedan
5:47 ahh yess the munch truck
StormQs M40A3
StormQs M40A3 11 timmar sedan
Bring back cool whips, shits boring
Danny Houston 12
Danny Houston 12 11 timmar sedan
Welcome to SVdown my man
Borys Nijinski
Borys Nijinski 11 timmar sedan
The ex who hated the honk so many years ago….probably still hates the honk.
Kristian Milenkovic
Kristian Milenkovic 11 timmar sedan
5:39 when vtec kicks in
Johnny Nimble
Johnny Nimble 11 timmar sedan
That three cylinder rumble. Sounds like a motorcycle wrapped in a blanket. 🥰
fxnris 12 timmar sedan
BHXBJKHBSKJXBJXBSZ HE CALLING IT A VOLKSWAGON R8 :LMAAAAAAAAAO its an audi r8...anyway great vid you guys are awesome and i am learning alot from you, would love to learn more, keep it up ;)
Dion Jonkheid
Dion Jonkheid 12 timmar sedan
How do you only get 55hp out of a 900cc engine when an fz07 is also parallel twin, but it's only 689cc and makes 75hp and 55 lb-ft of torque
Kimi Tsuji
Kimi Tsuji 12 timmar sedan
Ball bag! Loved the grass talk.
McGinty Media
McGinty Media 13 timmar sedan
Marty Car Moogs! Yessss.
Justin Caruana
Justin Caruana 14 timmar sedan
Love this video and everything you both put out since the garage! Any chance for a Subaru brumby overlander project?
Paddy Boy
Paddy Boy 14 timmar sedan
34:30 I hope you’re painting that black! 😂
Paul Winter
Paul Winter 15 timmar sedan
How can you be in Australia and use banana mesurements?
Badger 1
Badger 1 15 timmar sedan
where is the' Marty Car Moogs' T shirt. I can not be the first to spot the play on words
Yaroslav Geller
Yaroslav Geller 16 timmar sedan
Guys, how this intercooler can provide a high air cooling performance in such an unusual position?
ThePoolboy789 16 timmar sedan
moog should steal martys car back
Carl Lindgren
Carl Lindgren 16 timmar sedan
Mike the mechanic
Mike the mechanic 16 timmar sedan
I love a sleeper and this sort of thing is what I will have one day
Ham Yai
Ham Yai 18 timmar sedan
Guys... we need another Unicorn Circuit, please! ;)
Oxedizer 18 timmar sedan
Brutalford 18 timmar sedan
Just so you know Marty it's not called cabover because it's over the engine is called cabover because it's over the tires
SAN TECH customize body shop
Tonkan Jao
Tonkan Jao 21 timme sedan
I want that yellow one 😭
Ela 22 timmar sedan
say z fucking right its not zed
Foototrev 22 timmar sedan
Yes, officer, it's stock!
NMSB38 23 timmar sedan
I just want to give props tot he Subaru engineers who designed the oil filter to be easily accessible at the top of the engine and in its own oil catch bowl.
Hunterrific 23 timmar sedan
Great music on this video, very 'porcupine tree' like especially on the drums. Wonder if moog recorded the drums part himself.
Ramon Acevedo
Ramon Acevedo 23 timmar sedan
This is y u guys r d ol'G's of this $#!+...
Joel M
Joel M Dag sedan
Looking forward for a jimny turbo conversion
Imback Inthegame
I want the car it's like a time capsule where cars were more than just to get you from A to B they were Casinos 🔥
Devin S
Devin S Dag sedan
You keep mentioning VLs so come on let’s see one 😉
Ashi Dag sedan
Stop suddenly blaring music My neighbors hate it like they'll legit just start complaining everytime i watch your videos as soon as the blaring loud music starts playing. I love music i just dont understand why you have to talk so quietly then blare music just so i have to grab my remote to turn it down just to make it imposable to hear you talk when the music cuts out.
PoopiePants Mcgee
diddly Dag sedan
What car is that
Amazing shop & amazing work
purple2275 Dag sedan
What a great episode. Would love to see more celebrities in the Kei Truck 😍😝
Noblc09 Dag sedan
Where can I get the Mug?
john34365 Dag sedan
ballbag :)
Mike Dag sedan
5D? WTF. Back to 2009 😆😆😆
Gale Paulson
Gale Paulson Dag sedan
looks like "Turbo Yoda" (al) has spiked your Lemon Squash" good on ya
Kyle Tompkins
Kyle Tompkins Dag sedan
you have 3.54 million subs because of videos like this, when you build things and do "mods" to cars. we dont care about music videos and neon green civics that run like crap. we love the builds, the swaps, the jokes and pranks. keep making mighty car mods videos and stop it with the junk click bait crap videos. i love this channel and even have a chopped banner in my garage, please keep making quality vids. from the U.S with love
james robinson
james robinson Dag sedan
Me and my kids are starting a SVdown channel called Oil,Sweat and Gears and would really appreciate a sticker pack from yourself to validate were on the right track,and old tool would just be legendary,much love x
Moe Dag sedan
You 2 were like little kids in a candy shop! 😂🤣
Colin Gallagher
Colin Gallagher Dag sedan
Love the front end on all 90's subies. So nice
Andrew Meadows
Andrew Meadows Dag sedan
Is that can of wd40 part of your no sponsers.
Reapers Garage
Reapers Garage Dag sedan
12 years later in 2021. Who's still cranking this classic!
Nicholas Bassaholic
cool story
Hay Junior
Hay Junior Dag sedan
That rap actually goes hard🔥🔥😂
what about my boring honda civic 1.4i ? :p can't just tune that can i ? or can i
JasonLutz Dag sedan
Watching with auto generated subtitles. When they rev the truck with the turbo at 52:22 the subtitles said "MUSIC".
john ferron
john ferron Dag sedan
Everything's great as of late. But wtf about Marty's gemini???
rldwphpza Dag sedan
hydrogen combustion engine
techo61 Dag sedan
1:44 Marty's thinking 'have we changed subject?'
Filip Rusek
Filip Rusek Dag sedan
I need this car because my nugget fiesta pisses me off and i want it gone
jeff h
jeff h Dag sedan
In Australia having a thought is the same as committing a crime... therefore if you have a modified car or think of having modified car you can be executed by the state
jeff h
jeff h Dag sedan
Remember you live in a socialist country called Australia don't ever think you can be good at anything always remember you live in a socialist country called Australia it's against the law for you to have a car faster than ours...
craig daly
craig daly Dag sedan
Hey guys I need that manifold for my e30 build. Would you guys sell it?
Gregorious Gilbert
54horses for a 900cc paralel twin. still roughly half my 600 4....
Luqman Hakim
Luqman Hakim Dag sedan
WPL D12 you should try this toys too .
Lynne the furry.
In 5 minutes *(the video)* In 1 month *(in real life)*
Alexander Wingeskog
Love it! But in this case you should have revised one of your videos and actually gone for a electric turbos I think! Would have been a perfect use case for this application. They do actually work these days (not the cheapest crap from Ebay obviously) and you need to revisit them (electric turbo's that work) actually!
First Last
First Last Dag sedan
That bracket for the intercooler should be done by welding a box-end extension off the frame matching the one that your current bracket is bolted to.. just extending it, bending metal could give you a matching box end cropped on the top similar to what extends off the frame now..
Rick te Kronnie
Rick te Kronnie Dag sedan
47:53 Toyota Previa