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Mighty Car Mods is an independent automotive series created by a couple of friends, Marty and Moog who started filming videos on Martys mum's driveway in 2007. They've come a long way since then but still have an unwavering focus to show their viewers fantastic automotive projects that they can do themselves at home.
The MCM boys make cars, and they make movies. In fact they do it all, including the music, editing, and automotive with some help from their friends along the way.
Being completely independent, the boys don't have to answer to anyone except their own creative spirit and their focus is on quality over quantity.
It doesn't matter if you have a brand new turbo charged beast, or an old banger found in your grandfathers shed. Mighty Car Mods openly embraces anyone who wants to better themselves and their cars through involvement with the MCM Community.
WRX VS Lotus = A very BAD DAY!
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KOz1caa 16 timmar sedan
Channel is wicked as ever!!!
Steven Siwinski
Steven Siwinski 16 timmar sedan
I just noticed that they must've forgot to put the giant wing on the 3fiddy. I feel like that would've made it 125% more Need for Speed.
Stephen Winter
Stephen Winter 16 timmar sedan
did you get a lap time ? would be interesting to compare with the pro cars and drivers
Kirk Jones
Kirk Jones 16 timmar sedan
Kirk Jones
Kirk Jones 16 timmar sedan
Moog have you been cloned
Russell Johnson
Russell Johnson 16 timmar sedan
great video and, I think, the right attitude toward the car. In the Classic Airplane community, many consider themselves as "stewards" of their planes; just taking care of it until the next guy comes along to get it. (someday, when travel can happen again, I will make a trip to the Land Down Under, and am looking forward to lunch at Wishbone!)
camopaint0707 16 timmar sedan
so does covid not exist there? Just a curious american wondering what we did wrong.
Tortuga_T4R Slownsteady
Tortuga_T4R Slownsteady 17 timmar sedan
I’ve been to the laguna seca race track as a passenger in a lotus race car and it’s unbelievable how well they grip it’s like they are glued to the track.
nom chompsky
nom chompsky 17 timmar sedan
Shimshon Ben Dan
Shimshon Ben Dan 17 timmar sedan
Great video. Plural of Lotus is Lotus. Bathurst is such a legendary and iconic circuit. Takes some brass balls to drive it in race conditions. Mad respect for the Australian Supercar drivers who can master this track.
Zac Cooper
Zac Cooper 17 timmar sedan
The sound 😍
Shane greenwood
Shane greenwood 18 timmar sedan
Where’s the Rev matching on the down change Moog ?? Come on man...
Phil G
Phil G 18 timmar sedan
I recognise that track now from Forza, didn't realise it was in Australia. Some great bends.
cole !xoible
cole !xoible 18 timmar sedan
not going to lie that ending gave me goosebumps and all the feels
Mike Bond
Mike Bond 18 timmar sedan
Mighty Car Vlogs
Pedro Rebelo
Pedro Rebelo 18 timmar sedan
Damn good video
Gab Almighty
Gab Almighty 18 timmar sedan
Love your attitude about it all. Keep up the good work fellas :)
Jesse Hubbard
Jesse Hubbard 18 timmar sedan
Plural of Lotus is Lotus per Lotus.
Chocolate Hat
Chocolate Hat 18 timmar sedan
Two cars, two guys, surely you can drive both cars home?
Adam Renissance
Adam Renissance 19 timmar sedan
Good show. Glad you wasted your money on it. The insides are an on and off switch for the lights.
Lukaslevanen1435 19 timmar sedan
This is one of my top 5 dream cars and used to be the only one attainable for its price. If I could I would buy this hands down! Great work and truly one if not the best example of a exige S.
oisin reynolds
oisin reynolds 19 timmar sedan
Are these guys sponsored by castoral or something?
omgbiskitlawl 19 timmar sedan
i love enkei peaks but I feel like the design of the wheel doesn't match the design of the car
Ethan Harding
Ethan Harding 19 timmar sedan
Marty - falcon , moog- commedor .... Bathurst..... 🤔
DJ MotoVlogs
DJ MotoVlogs 19 timmar sedan
Im surprised Moog doesnt rev match when he downshifts with all the experience he has driving manuals.
dougyboote 19 timmar sedan
The OG mcm
Rear Engine Shop
Rear Engine Shop 19 timmar sedan
Such a cool car! I want to own a lotus someday.
Redgolf2 19 timmar sedan
Nissan Micra? Wow! They were popular here here in Ireland
GtKiDD 19 timmar sedan
Teary Eyed Mate! but totally understandable! It was a fun rebuild and good times learning on track! Let the Mods continue! Goodbye Little Lotus Exige
Andrew Chudyk
Andrew Chudyk 19 timmar sedan
Awesome car. Awesome job you guys did fixing it up. Awesome decision to let it go and bring joy to somebody that would actually use it as it was intended to be used.
simon lloyd
simon lloyd 19 timmar sedan
maybe blip on downshifts?
Galf506 20 timmar sedan
The hazard light and indicators issue... I have the same thing on my old 1st gen Fiat Panda lmao
Max Rowling
Max Rowling 20 timmar sedan
Don't apologise for not talking much Blair, those are the best MCM videos
Xachew .1
Xachew .1 20 timmar sedan
0:28 ”borrowed ur moms car” yeah my mom gon get surprised when her car suddenly sounds like a factory lol
Sekiro89 20 timmar sedan
I love the attitude of you gent's. Your wittyness is unparalleled, and how you explain actual facts with the way you deliver your jokes is so smooth plus the seamless editing, magnificent. I'm proud to be a subscriber. I had heard you guys split up recently I sincerely hope not because you guys seem like the best of friends. Please keep educating us viewers with your wisdom.
Alberto Melucci
Alberto Melucci 20 timmar sedan
Nice video, but I can't believe that after all this journey you're going to sell it. These cars need time, patience and many miles to get the right confidence. I have a PP240 with 260 mods, therefore it is almost a twin of yours. Don't sell it or you will regret it.
TygerPlays23 20 timmar sedan
Please try to pick better music
IAN ROBERTS 20 timmar sedan
I’ll never get tired of hearing and manual shifting!!
John D
John D 20 timmar sedan
It’s like the Isle of Mann TT. The speeds that those people do is just mental. Balls of goddamn steel.
Gary Stinten
Gary Stinten 17 timmar sedan
/cues kickstart my heart..
David Spann
David Spann 20 timmar sedan
Any suggestions for toyota camry 2011vvti
Liddz 21 timme sedan
Genuinely shitting himself! Great vid! Would be awesome to thrash that car up there!
EB9000 21 timme sedan
My Boss has one of those. The only time it ever moves is when he takes it to the track.
dai kyoto
dai kyoto 21 timme sedan
You guys should visit Jordan cox since hes the fastest nugget driver on this track!
swap d0
swap d0 21 timme sedan
Too many Lotus in that garage... give me one of them, anyone I don't mind.
Ashley Plourde
Ashley Plourde 21 timme sedan
I just realized I’ve watched enough iracing at Bathurst I can recall the order of the turns mostly from memory
MikeBingo1 22 timmar sedan
Bathurst is a better racetrack than the nordshliefe. Yeah I said it.
mari klep
mari klep 22 timmar sedan
while watching the video MOST time I have to watch a person's face INSTEAD OF WATCHING THE RACE RUN ... the author seems to really like his face to be watched
Neckbeard 22 timmar sedan
Right around the 9:38 mark, Moogs face is a feeling we all dream of
Dino X
Dino X 22 timmar sedan
I wish i was there with you guys
Koito rob
Koito rob 23 timmar sedan
When i first saw the title, i thought, "Oh, MOOG's selling his Exige." Now @6:41 i'm wondering, "Oh fuck. I hope he doesn't kill the thing on track..." WHAT A RELIEF! He's selling it! I agree with your musings about owning one of these. I had the same experience with an S1 Elise. After a year the fact that you could drive over a coin in the road and know whether it was heads or tails up began to get on my tits. So i wrote it off on a diesel covered bend by bouncing it off two large ornimental pieces of rock leaving the industrial estate where i worked at the time. I reckon if you're gonna crash something, DO IT PROPERLY! 🤣 End result: it needed both front and rear clams, rad, osr suspension re-attaching and a new osr wheel. I still have both the hard and soft top for it, a new driver's seat, headlight covers, clear indicator lenses, driver's side padded sill cover, diffuser and other small spares. So i haven't yet ruled out getting another one but that one would be a spare car and not an everyday car.
Sam Streeter
Sam Streeter 23 timmar sedan
Can we elect to keep the Boar Goat in place of the censor bar
Hell N Degenerates
Hell N Degenerates 23 timmar sedan
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Koito rob
Koito rob Dag sedan
Guys, Bathurst ISN'T an Australian sporting venue... It's an INTERNATIONAL SPORTING VENUE! Up there alongside Le Mans and Daytona!
Brian Irwin
Brian Irwin Dag sedan
I feel personally attacked! All those things he simply was too ethical to do to the car, I am doing, Hardly ever drive it(check) never take it on the track although modified to the nth to do so( check) sitting under a cover for months at a time in a garage in another state( check) Ima greedy little biatche' I don't care if I crap myself on the regular in diapers, still gonna have my night nurse wheel me out to take a look at it after medicine time, but before my nightcap of prune juice.
Gerritt Roon
Gerritt Roon Dag sedan
that guy is cool, he seems nice, but where's our tuning fork? :(
Digsby James
Digsby James Dag sedan
Never been to Australia. But Bathurst is one of my all time FAVOURITE tracks! Great episode
D4 VE Dag sedan
I for some reason think marty is the new owner!? 🤔
TsarCasm Dag sedan
Is this moavie..?
Ian Klingensmith
Almost crap’d myself when he held the supercharger with one hand! Looked like he was def going to drop it 🤭
Rav Sins
Rav Sins Dag sedan
This was beautiful guys. The land there reminds me of the American ozarks if you’ve never been it’s worth a visit
Beefalo Bart
Beefalo Bart Dag sedan
Hardest part of racing is to focus on driving your own car. Those who don't know, won't know.
MR Zon
MR Zon Dag sedan
Great to see you go BaAa fast in the Lotus ☺️
AZVS II Dag sedan
ah its mira!!!
Craig Steiber
Craig Steiber Dag sedan
Later Beautiful Nugget! I'm wondering what the next project is?
Chris Oatman
Chris Oatman Dag sedan
Someone cutting onions at the end of the vid?
Connor Cozart
Connor Cozart Dag sedan
I respect the absolute shit out of you guys, and that respect only proves to get larger and larger with every video that I see. "I don't feel like I have the right to lock it away, just so that I can drive it a few times per year." You guys are a special kind of car-guys, keep up the great work!
bloodOntheStep Dag sedan
Farewell super car
Pabloso Dag sedan
Moog, this seasons choons are bangin on point mate.
ifkz105 Dag sedan
I totally get selling this car. I understand the phrase now, that "this car was trying to kill me." I'll sleep easier knowing it's back to nuggety nuggets and cool turbo stuff. They both radiate fun as hosts when they have cars that fit them a bit better. This Lotus was like an expensive tuxedo being taken to a movie...too hard to eat popcorn and chips.
capnskiddies Dag sedan
Obviously I've only driven this on the puter games, but it's a tricky bastard. Negative camber, blind turns, just barriers instead of run-offs
RagingWhiteman Dag sedan
Got some OT pay coming next week. Just ordered Cheryl's box. Excited. Need some stickers for my tool box at work and my car.
Hampus Johansson
love the end. Almost cried :d
Rod Wood
Rod Wood Dag sedan
I have to put my competitiveness aside, one minute later, let’s chase this guy down! lol 😂
FNS Dag sedan
Bathrust is fucking public road? That's crazy!
Pyreeh Dag sedan
You guys are like some rare wild animal rehabilitation workers but with cars, awesome to see gem like this put to good use and then to be released in to the wild again
zack dunphey
zack dunphey Dag sedan
I love how much alcohol is on the table 😂
Maze gaming
Maze gaming Dag sedan
You forgot a spoiler😭😰😨
Eric P
Eric P Dag sedan
It's so cringe to watch Moog not know how to rev-match downshift. Forget about even heel-toeing, you at least have to blip the throttle on downshifts. It's not even race car stuff, just normal downshift technique even on the street. Surely Marty can rev-match, please teach Moog!
Neil Blakey
Neil Blakey Dag sedan
Fuck me that last few minutes I could have cried 😂😂😂😂
ZiKoN22 Dag sedan
damn. I love the Lotus. All that work and effort just to get rid of it. I get it, maybe the connection wasn't there, idk your personal situation with the car. It was great while it lasted.