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Mighty Car Mods
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Mighty Car Mods is an independent automotive series created by a couple of friends, Marty and Moog who started filming videos on Martys mum's driveway in 2007. They've come a long way since then but still have an unwavering focus to show their viewers fantastic automotive projects that they can do themselves at home.
The MCM boys make cars, and they make movies. In fact they do it all, including the music, editing, and automotive with some help from their friends along the way.
Being completely independent, the boys don't have to answer to anyone except their own creative spirit and their focus is on quality over quantity.
It doesn't matter if you have a brand new turbo charged beast, or an old banger found in your grandfathers shed. Mighty Car Mods openly embraces anyone who wants to better themselves and their cars through involvement with the MCM Community.
2 månader sedan
WRX VS Lotus = A very BAD DAY!
4 månader sedan
Marty's new car (is not a car)
4 månader sedan
4 månader sedan
Engine Swapping our BMW E30
5 månader sedan
Shane M
Shane M 23 timmar sedan
Shame I couldn’t find the song at 2:50 it sounds great, presuming nobody knows it as I see a lot of comments without response?
Whitmeister G
Whitmeister G Dag sedan
I heard 1J. I’m not sure what the other words around that but I assume Moog said that they are doing a 1J swap.
Nick Tyler
Nick Tyler Dag sedan
Lazy Wolf checking in from the Pacific Northwest. USA
Nick Tyler
Nick Tyler Dag sedan
Marty's word of the day.....gunnu, as in he's gunnu fix that Civic, gunnu install mad mods and gunnu do some mad skids
DJBLC Dag sedan
Just watched this after the Cammisa review of the new 2.4 BRZ... both videos make perfect sense of the pro’s and cons of what Subaru and Toyota we’re trying to achieve with this car... thanks MCM and Hagerty
Meaculpa Mishegas
Tudor Stefan
Tudor Stefan Dag sedan
The name of the track on minute 1:19 and 16:57?
j23cole Dag sedan
Ball Bag
Nathan Johnson
Nathan Johnson Dag sedan
dont dry gasket your oil filter!
Meaculpa Mishegas
Over 230 hp or so front wheel drive doesn’t have enough grip
ciepularys Dag sedan
Ok so sump was drilled without removing it now thats stupid as fuck. Shavings will stay inside doesnt matter if you drain the oil or flush it. Many will stay in. Wtf...
Sean R.
Sean R. Dag sedan
lol I would love to see y'all test on a real car... something that has more than 2.5 i6... but obviously the "stock" is already a cold air intake by design... so comparing cold air vs cold air ... you're not going to see much... Your methods of "debunking" are terrible... having tuned cars and drag racing non-cold air vs cold air does give you better performance period we've done dyno's before and after, because cold air=more condensed air which means more O2 to burn ... then if you were to add a turbo or super charger... But people ripping on K&N obviously have no clue why people buy K&N... But before MAP sensors you have to actually do tuning... MAP's do a better job adjusting fuel intake... plus many cars have Helmholtz Resonance Chambers that have a specific purpose so... yeah these guys are just bad... and shouldn't put out nonsense like this.
Jack Barraclough
Can we have a “in the bin” t shirt?!😁
Paul Harrison
Paul Harrison Dag sedan
Just watched The Last Starfighter for old times sake. Pure cheese balls!
Bull Boy Racing
Bull Boy Racing Dag sedan
That rubber bit looked like the bit in the spark plug socket to hold the plug in the socket
21jimmyo Dag sedan
I love how many people took this seriously. I now fully understand how qanon became a thing.
Prodigy EDUW31
Prodigy EDUW31 Dag sedan
i dont want to hear anything about an auto evo x smh
Peter Durovic
Peter Durovic Dag sedan
Honda love in my family started when my parents got a yellow first gen civic hatchback in college, brand loyalty ever since. In Canada we might have had Ladas and Hyundai Ponies but they were rubbish compared to Civics. When I got into the car scene it was a little disheartening to hear the Honda hate, but anyone revving to 8k at 2 in the morning with a fartcan is going to frustrate people I suppose. To answer you Moog, good on gas and reliable compared to some domestic stuff, especially in the 90s/2000s era for our specific market. I’m sure in the land of Jimnys and Daihatsus we’d be scoping out alternative small cars
trevor penton
trevor penton Dag sedan
I read the Last star fighter And loved the book so much as a kid it gave me a life passion for books, the movie was good to
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Dag sedan
Is it bad that I like the vlog style videos better than the produced ones? It feels more personal and you get to see “normal” interactions.
Giamby986 Dag sedan
Marty, aren't those Wheels on the SERA from the first Civic build you guys did 10 years ago????
saliya ranaweera
Nice job guys ❤️👌
Marten Dag sedan
First car was a 2002 civic sedan. Fucking loved it. Thing was unkillable, even though I did handbraketurns and all that. Miss that car
ken blank
ken blank Dag sedan
getter done kids .I will watch till the end .want to see end product I think its gonna scream
iporcupinetree Dag sedan
I'll just start with fuck the shit old slow fucked cars, the audio on this vid is out of the ordenary bozo SVdownr so I know you chaps are into it hardcore but it's extraordinarily good mixing from those the know!
That's second hand? Bruh
Thedriftyboi Dag sedan
I think the NX sounds a lot better
grog thekid
grog thekid Dag sedan
Number one ... plastic guard what?
jon pickup
jon pickup Dag sedan
Hell yes...9.9!! And not a 2JZ.
danpatchee Dag sedan
"Its not perfect but i mean look at it man, we're in Germany and we have a golf gti"
Brayden Cheatham
Ya'll have to take it to a VW meet this time.
Elías Enrique Montalvo
Hey guys! Why don't you do some work on the cylinder head like making a biger intake and exhaust port. Biger cams and give degree on the valves. It will be a really fun video and then we can se if this adds some unicorns to the car. With you the best ... ket it going! From Puerto Rico 🇵🇷
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Dag sedan
Whats the name of the song in the intro?
Jimmy TheHand
Jimmy TheHand Dag sedan
Did you put your plug in a toilet roll for that shot when you were installing them?
Anonymity City
Anonymity City Dag sedan
ehh you should cook the spargel ;)
Dasalo tacheese
Dasalo tacheese Dag sedan
1:09:26 why are there leaf blowers up the inlet of that car? (battery powered JDM turbs?)
BighomieJ5x -
BighomieJ5x - Dag sedan
Hey guys ,I really do think that's the wrong oil pump, "PR4" is a part # for the non-vtec engines (B18A/B), you would need "PR3" (B16A1-4) or "P72" (B18C1) or "P73" (Type-R)
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock Dag sedan
Where is this going IN THE BIN where is half of the car ahhh IN THE BIN man you crack me up looking good so far it might have got them marks on roof from roof rack maybe
Tanner Bass
Tanner Bass Dag sedan
Those offroad tires are going on the Honda right?
Michael Teo
Michael Teo Dag sedan
22:26 reminds me of Blue Turd
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock Dag sedan
Yessssssss 😍😍 love it PURITTTTTTTTY burrrrrrrpoppppppppp #civicbuild
kathleen shaw
kathleen shaw Dag sedan
Why paint? Couldn't an intercooler be made from carbon fibre in black which would cut out any insulating properties of paint. I don't know the uses of carbon fibre so no derository comments please.
Alex Parrott
Alex Parrott Dag sedan
I really don't get it it must be an Australian thing because I've owned 40 plus used cars in my day and a lot of them have been s*** bucket pieces of crap and I've never bought a car that has stunk on the inside the way you guys describe some of your vehicles to smell...... it's gotta be an ausi thing man no offense cus u guys are great an so is ur country..... but it seemed every car you guys buy smells to high heaven like either a garbage bin or someone's wet stinky crotch.... it's crazy!!!
Ryan Baran-Maguire
Will we be seeing the Gemini again? 👀
Todor Todorov
Todor Todorov Dag sedan
Why everytime we gotta listen to how inferior to the rest is Honda. Because that's complete bulshit!!! I wanna see Subaru makes 200hp on a 2.0L NA engine. Hell, slightly tuned K20z3 makes over 215 whp again NA engine, slap a Turbo and that 2.0L will outperform any Subaru 2.0l engine. How about new Gen Honda iVTEC Turbo compare that to a Subaru and see which engine is more durable and reliable and capable of making more power. No need to hear from you, It Is the Honda engine just better build.
D Man
D Man Dag sedan
So it's all about show not go. Got it.
D Man
D Man Dag sedan
That thing would annihilate
Jared Breash
Jared Breash Dag sedan
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Jared Breash
Jared Breash Dag sedan
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Gwokk Dag sedan
Can i buy any turbo off google and have someone install it in my car i need help i know nothing about cars i wanna buy a garret turbo for my car and its all stock can i just purchase a turbo and have someone install it
Mark Hucker
Mark Hucker Dag sedan
Hiya guys, sorry to say, I thought you auzi boys, would have done something special.... whats that skippy, its all a bit girly, and you can get 260bhp out of a k series, for half the price! Fair dinkum skippy, I think they burnt there shrimps on the barbie 😂😂😂
Hunt Country European
Reminds me of my old MX73 Cressida...
therealshafto Dag sedan
I currently have an ST205 Celica GT4 and a 98 Integra (essentially a civic). My Honda is closer to my heart than the GT4. As others have said, there is something about the 'feel' of the car. I feel like Hondas are the energetic puppy, happy to spring up and go for a run. Then of course super reliable. I also enjoy things that rev!
ammar del real
ammar del real Dag sedan
i'd like me a set of foggies on my wrx.
Joe Fro
Joe Fro Dag sedan
Should have done another MX-5
Rune Øyvind Fløtre
That Sera deserves to be restored.... great modifications, only a bit worn. A new engine and an owner with welding experience could bring it back to it´s former glory. They did not make a lot of these.
Super milsim dude
If its not too late a type r oil pump might be nice while its out
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 2 dagar sedan
Is it bad that I like the vlog style videos better than the produced ones? It feels more personal and you get to see “normal” interactions.
Trout 1
Trout 1 2 dagar sedan
Haha Fu
Haha Fu 2 dagar sedan
I loved that movie.
Shawn Massey
Shawn Massey 2 dagar sedan
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XTREMELABS 2 dagar sedan
i think the real turbo sounds better
AmoJ 2 dagar sedan
How was this 4 years ago!?
Andrew 2 dagar sedan
0:01 martys balls now need to go "IN THE BIN"
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 2 dagar sedan
Loved the last star fighter. Plus reminds me slightly of Enders game.
Meaculpa Mishegas
Meaculpa Mishegas 2 dagar sedan
The Suzuki is great for this, but I find myself rooting for Marty’s “Little Engine That Could” truck. Gotta love an underdog
Alexander Perminov
Alexander Perminov 2 dagar sedan
Maaaan, did you seriously throw away the Twin Loop Exhaust? 0_o
Toto Abicyclette
Toto Abicyclette 2 dagar sedan
'You have been recruited to protect the Line against Xur and the Ko-Dan armada', or something like that. I prefered the book, tho.
Spirescu Cezar
Spirescu Cezar 2 dagar sedan
Nice turbo noise music :)) i want the tune please
FierceMotorworks 2 dagar sedan
Boys in the bin
ZaneofAustin 2 dagar sedan
3:26 flawless logic
ZaneofAustin 2 dagar sedan
yall should get a saturn sky and flex on haters.
Kyle Paton
Kyle Paton 2 dagar sedan
Ah the old spark plug down the toilet paper tube CGI Magic
Tyagadipta Biswal
Tyagadipta Biswal 2 dagar sedan
"Croissants with hand beaten kale" exquisite taste lol
Nick Pedroza
Nick Pedroza 2 dagar sedan
The “POV” paper towel roll from in the engine putting in the spark plug and going into the ziplock bag is great 😂 . Excellent cinematography
G Fan 1
G Fan 1 2 dagar sedan
I like Hondas cause they're a bit crap, but in a good way
N K [Nate] Wood
N K [Nate] Wood 2 dagar sedan
+Mighty Car Mods: I say, old man! Did yo *"stain"* yo drawers more'n once at that _blind curve_ which included the _abrupt drop_ in the roadway??? Not a track for everyday *_chicken "shites,"_* , eh, Moog?!? 😬
Beaudoin Motorsports
Beaudoin Motorsports 2 dagar sedan
Kicked the Balls so hard it shut his mic off
bowgoestwang 2 dagar sedan
That plug looks the right way up here in North America.
Noor Zaidi Ahmad
Noor Zaidi Ahmad 2 dagar sedan
im jelous at your Evo -9 , regards from kuala lumpur and dannok city.
cudartify 2 dagar sedan
I’ve totally seen that movie!