$2000 Modified Car Challenge - FIXING THE NUGGETS 

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We have $2000 each to buy and race a modified car. We've ended up with a turbo converted Toyota SERA complete with gull wing doors, which will go head to head in a series of challenges against a Nissan NX Coupe T-top, powered by an SR20.
Because these cars are already automotive perfection, no further mods are required, but the boys do need to fix them and get them ready for race day. And what challenges will the cars go through? This is up to you, Leave your ideas in the comments!
It also would seem we've blown the first challenge by both spending over the $2,000 allocated for the challenge. That puts the SERA on -1 point and the NX Coupe on -1 point.
This episode is disrespected nose - this means limited editing, no music and no voiceover. We hope you like it!
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt. Some of the products featured in this video may be supplied by sponsors. For a list of our current sponsors please go to mightycarmods.com

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3 okt 2020



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 5 månader sedan
Welcome to the Disrespected $2,000 Modified Car Challenge. Limited editing, no music and no voiceover. Hang with us and let us know what challenges the cars should go through?
chappy2121 4 månader sedan
You should do the maccie dees carpark handbrake whilst eating a 20 nugget meal challenge!!!
Vandal Vlogs
Vandal Vlogs 4 månader sedan
Can i have the oil cap seeing as my Mira poster didn't arrive. But what's to say this would?
Thunder Clap
Thunder Clap 4 månader sedan
Drift and Drag race and some skids and burnouts of course
Julian Tambourlas
Julian Tambourlas 4 månader sedan
We all really would like to see a summer road trip with these nuggets 🔥
Jordan Robbin
Jordan Robbin 5 månader sedan
you should do a challenge with one of u as a police officer and other as criminal and do a chase with nerf guns.
mcgoo721 15 dagar sedan
"This is a restoration." I know that line was tongue in cheek, but it's weird for me think about. Cars from this era, maybe not these exact ones, really are resto projects now. Being 32 these were the cars we had newish in high school and such. I still want to build early 90s cars.
Anthony Fennell
Anthony Fennell 22 dagar sedan
"glove up" covered in fluids not in a good way" "grab your tissue box" interesting phrasing in this one
Dawid Pretorius
Dawid Pretorius Månad sedan
Look for copper sill its what you apply to the sparkplugs to prevent hade crack's etc
Covert Garage
Covert Garage 18 dagar sedan
I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars
Bella the 5.0
Bella the 5.0 Månad sedan
As a Coyote Mustang owner I can confirm that the traction control is there but it’s essentially useless. In 2nd gear it’s easy to get wheelspin unless the road is perfectly smooth, dry and straight. A lot of people will buy one of these cars and they’ve never driven something with more than 150hp and don’t know how to handle the power correctly. I’ve seen multiple mustangs spin out leaving the local car meet and it’s always a kid fresh out of high school who thinks their V6 mustang is hot sh*t
steeko hoopdy
steeko hoopdy 2 månader sedan
Saw one at Kelly's Wrecking in Brisbane just fresh there. If anyone is looking for a NX coupe
Covert Garage
Covert Garage 18 dagar sedan
Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.
Johnny Perez
Johnny Perez 2 månader sedan
Elecchode 👏 bravo Marty
Slaze Gaming
Slaze Gaming 2 månader sedan
I own an 2001 n16 1.8L nissan pulsar
Tonny Vang
Tonny Vang 3 månader sedan
moog needs to do an sr20ve swap. need that vvl... or do an sr20vet ahahahhahahaha
It says it is constantly under surveillance Marty 3:54
Broke G Garage
Broke G Garage 3 månader sedan
23:36 is my favorite part by far lmao
Charles Burnett
Charles Burnett 3 månader sedan
Been watching y’all for over 3 years, I’m 19 and don’t even have the most basic drivers license let alone a car lmao
Grey Buckleton
Grey Buckleton 3 månader sedan
The first rule of buying a $2000 modified car, is that it will definitely cost you more than $2000. This year.
Lightning McKurt
Lightning McKurt 3 månader sedan
I found a dented Zippo on the road in the 90's and engraved the Metallica 4-M logo into it. I didn't smoke but carried it around everywhere. I even put a new flint, wick and fluid into it. I'm sure it's worth about $800 these days. too bad I didn't keep it! Also on the subject of 90's bands Silverchair rocks!! We loved those guys here in Canada!
Henrik Adman
Henrik Adman 3 månader sedan
The rims are so cool
Henrik Adman
Henrik Adman 3 månader sedan
Dragrace is always fun maybe race on a track winner after 5 laps
Dan Ep85
Dan Ep85 3 månader sedan
Should have taken the inlet manifold off Martin.
Jason Van der Lee
Jason Van der Lee 3 månader sedan
I was born in 2002 I look already when I was 11 you guys are amazing
Alpha Major01
Alpha Major01 4 månader sedan
Me and Moog are the same age, whoa. I was 14 in 1994.
Alpha Major01
Alpha Major01 4 månader sedan
“ Blow Your Wormhole Back To The 90’s “ . BEST.QUOTE.EVER.
Willy Froese
Willy Froese 4 månader sedan
23:46 moog looks like Australian Ryan Reynolds haha
exyi d
exyi d 4 månader sedan
Moog's cream white and gold impact driver is ricier than spiked lugs. Ricier than an eBay wing, chopped and welded struts, or a mickey mouse exhaust. Ricier than an American with a lowered Honda ordering shrimp fried rice. Ricier than than a catch can, intake, fart cannon, and a tacho on your 93 civic. But I love it.
Bill Gates
Bill Gates 4 månader sedan
Never understood why yall say Spanner wrench lol
Dynasty8 4 månader sedan
taren point maccas is where its at
William Smith
William Smith 4 månader sedan
yeah man ^^ I'm born 14 January 2000. making me 20! 1 month to late and i now have to live in shame for the rest of my life haha big hello and love from scotland lads
Si74l0rd 4 månader sedan
"That was a cock of a job!" Yup, that's why they sold it with a broken water pump. As much fun as that turbo'd Starlet engine is, changing the water pump clearly wasn't worth it lol.
MassiveTrackHunter 4 månader sedan
"Unlock the Power of Your Tool" Yeah that should definitely be Ryobi's next ad blitz. It will be huge. An enormous campaign. The market will swell enormously. Garage banners with that motto will fly off the shelf.....
nick shaffer
nick shaffer 4 månader sedan
23:36 nuff said
James Lee
James Lee 4 månader sedan
Hey Marty my friend's dad goes to meets for people who write and mod Wikipedia articles.
Anthony R
Anthony R 4 månader sedan
I don't like chrome wheels... But those are amazing.
Crouching Hedgehog
Crouching Hedgehog 4 månader sedan
Mustangs crash because they are basically 1880's technology. Imagine strapping a 600 horsepower engine to a horse cart. The result would be the same. The rest of the world has managed to work it out. Your turn America.
No Regerts Racing
No Regerts Racing 4 månader sedan
nobody: Marty: Stalin Engine
Derek Holden
Derek Holden 4 månader sedan
FOR THE OIL CAP... jesus
Craig Stewart
Craig Stewart 4 månader sedan
I am 17 lmao love mcm doing stuff I’ve never thought of before inspiring me a lot I wish I was older all the time
burnt 650r
burnt 650r 4 månader sedan
Challenge...... first one to go down drag strip. Stop. Then eat 2 bananas.
Mosxonas Chaniotis1999
Mosxonas Chaniotis1999 4 månader sedan
the starlet is 1.3lt
Blackumi 96
Blackumi 96 4 månader sedan
And these car will probably skyrocket smh 🤦🏽‍♂️
Pitmaster4Lyfe 4 månader sedan
What are you talking about, me and my fridge forum meet every other weekend. U should join us!
Gone Farming
Gone Farming 4 månader sedan
You can't spell hoons without NS
nrcsean 4 månader sedan
We absolutely are thinking why aren't you working on the 180sx Moog yes! 😁
Moswen Media
Moswen Media 4 månader sedan
"Buy a new M3 youre struggling for traction all day" its called not being a shit driver mate.
Moswen Media
Moswen Media 4 månader sedan
MOOG IS 41!?!?! Makes me feel old as fuck
Roman Roman
Roman Roman 4 månader sedan
4efte need another input manifold and another cpu at first. best way acis manifold from 5efhe
Jim Propert
Jim Propert 4 månader sedan
Torque spark plugs? I am flat out fitting a spark plug spanner in my engine bay, let alone a torque wrench.
kayzd 4 månader sedan
29:25 I'm as old as these blokes and everything about Vaults and Tempe tyres is so on point. Brings back memories of just hanging out at Tempe Tyres and seeing fully sick rides. Almost everyone in Western Sydney had these rims lol
‘Sugar’ Rex
‘Sugar’ Rex 4 månader sedan
I've been watching since i had my honda civic, i think i was around 19 and im 26 now with an evo, had it for 4 years now!
JustJake 4 månader sedan
OMG those look like the vault crystals that I sold a while ago lmao. they are heavy AF
DMStraylight 4 månader sedan
23:44 Moog.exe has stopped working.
Lucas McPhee
Lucas McPhee 4 månader sedan
I think one of the challenges should be which car survives a head on collision
Adam Hixon
Adam Hixon 4 månader sedan
Anyone else cringing that he didn't oil the gasket at 22:22? Like, I'm sure its ok, he knows what hes doing, but it just bothers me.
ziggybantom 4 månader sedan
For all you people that want a hot air filter we're going to show you how its done..... Moog = Absolute Legend! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣
niall elleray
niall elleray 4 månader sedan
I’ll donate £25 to a charity of your choice if you give me that oil cap. It’ll look sweet on my Kia Soul.
Keegan James
Keegan James 4 månader sedan
"Martin is the Bowerbird of wheel nuts." -Moog 2020
Drake Brimhall
Drake Brimhall 4 månader sedan
BEEF HAMMERS 4 månader sedan
What size are them gloves?
Zero6421 4 månader sedan
20:10 *Long walk down an aisle* I love refrigerators. v=TiC8pig6PGE Have you met this man Marty? He loves refrigerators. I'd be willing to put money on it that he goes to forums about refrigerators. His refrigerator at home is probably so bad ass, like we can't even imagine.
MindBlowerWTF 4 månader sedan
34:00 nissan owners and their underage missus
Aaron Ho
Aaron Ho 4 månader sedan
I also bought a JDM Toyota recently, a Caldina GT-Four!!!!!! Love it so far
yeet beets
yeet beets 4 månader sedan
18:04 I'd buy that book
liam walker
liam walker 4 månader sedan
hahahaha love the super cheap auto edit
Jyotesh Boyjonauth
Jyotesh Boyjonauth 4 månader sedan
Challenge- Drag race in reverse 😂🤙🏾
RyanMakesNoise 4 månader sedan
Nice fank m8
dinochips 4 månader sedan
challenge idea: tug of war
Anton Vinnitskiy
Anton Vinnitskiy 4 månader sedan
the reason why mustangs are so crowd-happy is because of how rear subframe and many other bushings are desinged. they're way too soft and springy and are unpredictable. yeah the driver's behind the wheel suck too lol.
The Michael Vortex
The Michael Vortex 4 månader sedan
Forrest Culviner
Forrest Culviner 4 månader sedan
Forrest Culviner
Forrest Culviner 4 månader sedan
Damn...yous near your 40s!!!!
Jacob Ahles
Jacob Ahles 4 månader sedan
Number of head turns over an hour at a McDonalds parking lot.
adrianz818 4 månader sedan
An sr20 finally!!!!💪💪💪🔥
Neg Ative
Neg Ative 4 månader sedan
Seriously, who bought those rims brand new? WTF?
Andrea Bertacco
Andrea Bertacco 4 månader sedan
Challenge: a good old 0-100-0 on a straight, less space required wins
77Riku 4 månader sedan
Horribel wheels😂🤪😂🤪😂
JackoTJK 4 månader sedan
"There's a whole era of wheel that's neglected" ffs he got chromies didn't he... "It's Sex Spec" ffs they're vaults or something... "They're Vaults!" omfg
Lucinda Payne
Lucinda Payne 4 månader sedan
Born in ‘93! 😋💙 ‘Whenever we buy a new car. And by that I mean old pieces of shit’ LMAO
Althaff Ahamed
Althaff Ahamed 4 månader sedan
Brice Snip Clips
Brice Snip Clips 4 månader sedan
Keen..was ..is..a great game ..1 and 2
Lane Sandburg
Lane Sandburg 4 månader sedan
I've been watching since the iPad dash in the Forester. How ever long that's been. really like your content
Stefen Bain
Stefen Bain 4 månader sedan
Those wheels added an extra 70kg but definitely added an extra 50 hp
Joakim Engstrand
Joakim Engstrand 4 månader sedan
svdown.info/post/video/fZeznbWMdXlouNE.html Hi! Let me give you a tip. You have a manual on the NGK spark plug box where you can read the instructions. Usually its a 3 step instruction that tells you exactly how to mount the spark plugs. ;)
PlayTalk Gaming
PlayTalk Gaming 4 månader sedan
Elec-chode XD
Nicholas T
Nicholas T 4 månader sedan
Challenge: Wear eye protection throughout an episode of working on cars.
iporcupinetree 4 månader sedan
Oh how nostalgic... Pearl jam Even Flow comes on in the background..... or hey... who blew their friends ears out with The Dam at Otter Creek "Live" with subs in the back
Stilg1301 4 månader sedan
Wrong assumptions Moog. The torque for seating the spark plug doesn't really (significantly) come from the drag on the threads, but from the crush washer when it bottoms out. Thus lubing the thread, does basically fuck all for the "false torque". The torque for crushign the washer is the same. and that is far greater than the threads drag. Thus reducing that wont make an issue. It generally prefer to use antiseize on those threads ... anyone who had a spark plug actually come out of engine head WITH THE THREADS bakes on it, and ripping a hole in the head, will do. It's the same deal with o2 Sensors. They too have a crush washers... and guess what... the threads are lubed from factory (at least on Bosch ones.. but yea what do those amateurs know, right?) Just use a bit of antiseize on those spark plugs. Wheel lug nuts? Different story sure...
chris bullock
chris bullock 4 månader sedan
Those wheels are terrible, like something west coast customs thought were cool to put on someone's pos
Shayne Jopson
Shayne Jopson 4 månader sedan
Lol Marty and his starlet’s bukkake party under kermit the frog‘s car
Shayne Jopson
Shayne Jopson 4 månader sedan
Call of the whole entire mighty car mods collective electchode!!!!! HE CICKS HE SCORES ITS A GOAALLLLLL!!!!
Orgasming Mcnuggets
Orgasming Mcnuggets 4 månader sedan
Who can do the fattest handbrakey in the maccas parking lot
MADBONE 4 månader sedan
Radiator Flush Before Summer
Kyle Batson
Kyle Batson 4 månader sedan
definitely going to add " eat some slop straight from the clown" to my vocabulary when heading to McDicks
daniel harms
daniel harms 4 månader sedan
I like to use copper coat anti-seize on my spark plugs it will make sure they don't stick and it also gives you really good ground to the head.
andrewdini panda
andrewdini panda 4 månader sedan
I think Marty is a Closet MR2 guy
John Josephson
John Josephson 4 månader sedan
Closet? He openly has one...
ben j
ben j 4 månader sedan
why do they wreck , lack of wisdom of when to put down the power - you know that thing called power - 450 hp ........ or way more hp is cheap in usa
oliver drew
oliver drew 4 månader sedan
I see a dirt bike and a MTB what's up with an e bike convert
D Gamble
D Gamble 4 månader sedan
Been using a high temp copper based anti-seize on any aluminium head. Just on halve closest to the outside. Enables a proper wet torque in the aluminium head. Plugs will still come out years later.
Fergus McIver
Fergus McIver 4 månader sedan
Butterfly hinged doors, not gull wing doors!
Zathris666 4 månader sedan
Challenge: 1000km road trip, drive to north nsw for lunch then drive back home in one day!
Reset 4 månader sedan
Well, your age comment was correct, I'm 16, been watching since about 10
Bob Will
Bob Will 4 månader sedan
I would love the oil cap 😂 all the way in Kiwi land
Vitor Singh
Vitor Singh 4 månader sedan
chenge oil filter, level your oil, start the engine to fill the oil filter, check oil level
TheTrooperMB 4 månader sedan
Rotas on it wouldve been better just sayin wtf is that shiny crap
Disrespected Evo
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