Buying an unfinished Project Car (off the internet) 

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We bought this sight unseen off the internet, saving huge dollars by buying an unfinished project car. Now we just have to piece it back together again...

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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt. Some of the products featured in this video may be supplied by sponsors. For a list of our current sponsors please go to mightycarmods.com

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7 mar 2021



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 4 månader sedan
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MegaThunderKitten 21 dag sedan
Turn it awd
roomwithapointofview 2 månader sedan
Not only are they expensive, they are getting really hard to find. 89-91 are as rare as hen's teeth. Bad enough 2 grand is where they start, if you can find one, I can't find one. About 12 in Canada. And all I need is a shell. I have a shell, but it is not serviceable. Been on it's lid. But it does have a complete Integra running gear, excepting the front struts, they are stock EF, but the rear is Integra including disk brakes with less than 20 k on most of it, minus the Jspec engine that has about 50. I miss it.
Jordan Riley
Jordan Riley 4 månader sedan
if you guys did a awd kswap it would the perfect "Subaru wrx" lmaoo
HI808AF STATE 4 månader sedan
RC engineering is a ok company in the states. But I haven’t heard about them for awhile
ben j
ben j 4 månader sedan
loser gets sold for charity.
John Stephens
John Stephens 11 dagar sedan
18:18 I'm a few months late, but YES. I bought two 74 MGBs all the parts in office paper boxes and stuffed in the boots. Made one good roadster out of them :)
21jimmyo 18 dagar sedan
I brought an unbuilt rebuilt engine. This means a block and a few crates of parts. After some research, it turns out that it was most of the parts needed to build an old school, Chevy 283 stroker engine.
Froggyonaloggy 19 dagar sedan
I am loling at the Krispy Kreme part. I crap you not. Krispy Kreme is the spot for all the car meets here in WA state for awhile now.
Paul Bodan
Paul Bodan Månad sedan
March Super Turbo... Civic... What was next in the old days line? :)
mngbt Månad sedan
Nostalgia in the balls
catfish552 Månad sedan
Marty whispering "Buy the same stuff!" is the perfect friendship moment.
Nate Doggydog
Nate Doggydog Månad sedan
Tyrone Marty Stock
Tyrone Marty Stock 2 månader sedan
That Honda Civic is really awesome Marty and Moog
Nickenator8 2 månader sedan
"We should really clean it out in case there are any actual dangerous spiders in here" *Moog proceeds to dig through the glovebox in the dark*
Sean Gately
Sean Gately 2 månader sedan
Yes my car started just like this! Bought a sight unseen ke70 sedan off Facebook marketplace!!! Hahaha!! Had a working handbrake and a mounted engine (professionally rebuilt). The rest in the boot and backseat. gearbox had wrong tailpiece and wrong shifter rods just lots of head scratching moments working out.... rego was lapsed and found waaaay to much rust to be arsed getting revinned so did the only thing that made sense.... bought another ke70 and going to make a semi ok version out of the 2... my wife is over the moon.
Adam Thomas
Adam Thomas 2 månader sedan
2 SONY logos in 1 episode! Next week they're going full pimp my ride and installing a PS5 courtesy of SONY
Francisco Munoz
Francisco Munoz 2 månader sedan
What's the deal with the 4G69?
Slipperyfrog 2 månader sedan
How come there so expensive over there?! I just bought a EJ9 1.4 96 civic in the UK for £500 that is in pritty good condition 😂
roomwithapointofview 2 månader sedan
I have the same year Si coupe, but it has the d16y8 vtec.
croutons croutons
croutons croutons 2 månader sedan
I brought a citroen track car 3 years ago exactly like this but with no engine or gearbox, it's still in the garage 😂
ProGunnieDutchHD 2 månader sedan
300euro in the netherlands🤣
mousymcd 2 månader sedan
Smells like a frogs ballsack 😂🤣
tairon martins
tairon martins 2 månader sedan
I bought a fc rx7 that was literally welded to floor from how long it was stuck there. I got it running and cursing in 2-3 years. I miss you Caron
Pawlu Yuut
Pawlu Yuut 3 månader sedan
Bought a 1971 mk3 cortina, it's in the same condition . I eill ne using this as inspiration to get with it
Jesse Bbb
Jesse Bbb 3 månader sedan
Please buy a camera stabilizer!!!
Kali Serv
Kali Serv 3 månader sedan
Hey guys I'm in Jamaica I would desperately need schematic diagram for my daihatsu 96 and i need manual ass well if I can so I can do the right thing with my project car my toy 👍
Niall Smith
Niall Smith 3 månader sedan
*Opens the boot of an old car in Australia, sees a load of spider webs... sticks hand straight in there and starts firking about* Mental B***ard
Lisa Ambrose
Lisa Ambrose 3 månader sedan
That paint should be named ‘pallet racking pearl’
Jeremy Phelps
Jeremy Phelps 3 månader sedan
The music from the intro sounds just like a song from the Matrix ive heard.... but more like an inspired original. What is that song I’m thinking of?
Liam Wilson
Liam Wilson 3 månader sedan
Please make it awd and put a sr20 in it :) please
Marcus Yallow
Marcus Yallow 3 månader sedan
Lol their in for a ride.
karl leach
karl leach 3 månader sedan
i bought my 1972 triumph spitfire unseen from eBay for £550, it new it was going to be in good condition when it came with a spare chassis, its more rust than car and 18 months down the line still in 1,000,000 pieces, but along with half the car being inside the car dismanted. it had a unopened bottle of lemonade thats expiry date was my birthday ( im 32) and as you can imagine a 30 year old bottle of lemonade tastes absolutely horrible.
LeoVomend 3 månader sedan
Mighty Car Mods needs to invest in an ozone machine
J Bailey
J Bailey 3 månader sedan
I constantly laugh at my buddy that has had nothing but civics. He now had a K20 04 RSX. True Honda fan boy. I've had atleat 22-25 different project cars in the past 10 years. Currently swapping a 1JZ into my 06 Toyota mark x 250g that I just recently imported from Japan. Gotta love that 15 year import law with Canada as apposed to the 25 year in the US. Gonna be a solid ripper by the time I'm done with her!! Well I'm not doing the mechanical work to it as I don't have time to work on it. Sent it to my buddys shop. That's the only problem working a 13-1 shift. Never have time to do anything anymore. Edit: I literally have 24 days off a year. Work 13 days on and get every other Sunday off to get groceries and do laundry. Two days a month off work. Not gonna lie I absolutely love it and the money is even better. Just paid 71,600 for a 2011 R35 GTR Black edition with a built 4.1 stroker from boost logic. Thing scares the shit outta me 😂. Work hard play hard 💪
bsiccs 3 månader sedan
“Let’s see how much money...- WE CAN LOSE...” I felt that. :/
Unseamingstew01 3 månader sedan
I bought a 2000 honda civic here the the USA and it was in pieces. Motor came with a whole in the block with everything disconnected.
keen0515 3 månader sedan
I bought a 1978 Series 1 RX-7 with everything in the cabin in various boxes. It was my pandemic project. Rebuilt the rotary engine and put all the bits back together and now I've got about 500-600 miles on it.
ChildishBark30 3 månader sedan
bro in my town you can get b20 swapped coupes for less than 4k 💀💀
Ytsuxxx No
Ytsuxxx No 3 månader sedan
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 3 månader sedan
Yessssssss 😍😍 love it PURITTTTTTTTY burrrrrrrpoppppppppp #civicbuild
Slimes Speed Shop TV
Slimes Speed Shop TV 3 månader sedan
turbo !
Oni Style
Oni Style 3 månader sedan
Australians really pay this much for clapped civics hmm 🤔 maybe I should start shipping civics from the states lol
Maksim Parkhotyuk
Maksim Parkhotyuk 3 månader sedan
Civics are cheap in the states
Gerritt Roon
Gerritt Roon 3 månader sedan
What's wrong moog :(
xorbodude 3 månader sedan
Last time I had an EG and found their channel. Was so disappointed that I subscribed and stuck with them since. This is gonna be a good series...
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 3 månader sedan
"LEGO Spec"!!!!! I love it.
Liamv4696 3 månader sedan
My 1995 Lancer GSR started pretty much exactly like this in 2012. I was 15, it was a few months before I could go for my L's. Dad & I worked on it for six months, got it running, re-registered, and it's been my daily since. Has undergone no shortage of work since. Always at home, in the garage, DIY 😄 My 1977 Lancer started like this as well now that I think about it.. Albeit only two years ago. Restored & re-registered. Has been my daily for the last 12 months while the GSR has been off the road for a bodywork restoration (Been a long time coming). If you're interested in 70's Mitsubishi Lancers, a chronological build log is on Instagram @Liams_LB
Dave Walker
Dave Walker 3 månader sedan
I bought a 92 VW GTI non running with parts all thru the back seat and hatch. Now runs and looks great.
Jevonne 3 månader sedan
why not go to k series?
SimpleCarGuy 3 månader sedan
I got a BMW 335i Coupe with a blown engine and have been rebuilding it for a few months now on my channel. It’s a lot of work..
pat Renaghan
pat Renaghan 3 månader sedan
Chromies for the win with the rims
djpickle68 4 månader sedan
There is no, belts, no injectors, no........ TURBO!!!!!
djpickle68 4 månader sedan
K swap it!!!
djpickle68 4 månader sedan
Man the high hats in that intro are CRISPY AF
Captainjack1988 4 månader sedan
Cars seems to be very expensive in Australia, I never known even a modified EJ/k to go for more than a couple of grand unless its really OTT upgraded for shows/track. Used to have a turquoise one myself which was lowered and loud and a lot of fun and I only paid about 600 for it, sold it for about the same with a couple changes. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this one.
arranmc182 4 månader sedan
Talking of subs and 17 year olds, its so hard explaining why a good set of speakers is more importent than the sub itself, the amount of noob I have seen with stock speakers and a sub is crazy, I tell them spend just £70 on some better speakers and the whole thing will be far better
Wargraven Builds
Wargraven Builds 4 månader sedan
I just recently bought a 1989 Civic LX sedan. The front suspension is shot, the trunk had a pool of oil in it and both front fenders and passenger side of the car hit a guard rail. The car in total was $50. She starts, runs and drives, but it has so much positive camber that she is super hard to keep straight. The interior cleaned up super nice and she has a lot of potential.
M0T0RSP0RT 4 månader sedan
Is it just me or is Moog higher than usual :))
oldman gibo
oldman gibo 4 månader sedan
Just bought a honda accord mk7 last week and in the centre console there was money 1 penny's and 2 penny's with fungus mold and sticky shit everywhere. Should have made a video lol
devon fourie
devon fourie 4 månader sedan
Ford sierra V6 bought completely stripped and rusted out still busy building about a year later and motor still hasn't been started
Greg Ritenour
Greg Ritenour 4 månader sedan
Only problem with hondas is everyone always makes them sound like pissed off lawn mowers.
Juan Jara
Juan Jara 4 månader sedan
18:20 yes I have bought a car in more pieces than that 🤣. Wish I would of tooken more pictures of the build process. 1998 honda civic hatchback I swapped a single cam vtec into it.
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai 4 månader sedan
That rear T mount is hard to find
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai 4 månader sedan
Here was si ek and del sol in the states that had a b16a2
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai 4 månader sedan
Those arm rest center concoles are super rare I look for parts for my civic all the time and I've seen one
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson 4 månader sedan
Hahahaha I love how Blair is like “I don’t know what that is” when referring to the “have you ever bowled a 200?” question ;-)
Ken Garcia
Ken Garcia 4 månader sedan
"It smells like a frog's ball sack" lol
crissyboy79 4 månader sedan
MIss my Civic so much... Owned 12 yrs rebuilt similar to yours but was only a 1.4 90hp. Deleted all history of it from all devices but have some pics on her old insta @kanjoretired! First bit of rice ive watched in the 2 yrs without her so it had to be you guys ;)
KDpyro 4 månader sedan
best and most authentic car related channel on youtube
LTapsy 4 månader sedan
Its good time to be back. Im a bit late. But its about time!
Iconic Gaming
Iconic Gaming 4 månader sedan
Manual windows are purity!
Ed Wolfram
Ed Wolfram 4 månader sedan
When I was 16 a buddy was given 3 trucks none were complete and by the time we were done we rebuilt a 350 chevy and a TH 400. Swapped an interior and bed and fenders. Should have just stripped a frame and worked up but we did it in stages and never had it more than 1/2 apart at anytime.
JERRIC DULGUIME 4 månader sedan
Nice mcm its back again in hondas 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
William Griffin
William Griffin 4 månader sedan
Husker 4 månader sedan
I bought a celica that the engine and the diff were the only things still attached to the car, the rest came home in the boot.
Josh Shakerley
Josh Shakerley 4 månader sedan
Turbo yoda made 500 accounts to dislike this video
Cody Leyerzapf
Cody Leyerzapf 4 månader sedan
B16b is CTR only. B16a is obd0 B16a2 and a3 is del sol depending on year (sir as well I believe) B16 a2 is also em1 99-00 si
John Lewis
John Lewis 4 månader sedan
First car ever 1966 Ford Mustang, 16 years old when I got it. It was brought home on a trailer, spent all summer under the hood getting it running. Now I have an 98 Audi A4 in the same situation.
kudoas 4 månader sedan
fingers crossed for the K swap!!
Joshua Sanchez
Joshua Sanchez 4 månader sedan
Make it a turbo b16
Mr. Twister
Mr. Twister 4 månader sedan
wow that's one is amazing
MR AK 4 månader sedan
Yes! Been waiting for another civic vid from you guys. So keen to see what gets done to it! Those wheels will definitely smell, I can tell 😂
dekay_san 4 månader sedan
Can you give a shot speclist of the camera setup, ur're using?
Jacob Regamey
Jacob Regamey 4 månader sedan
Friend of a friend of mine says 4 to 2 to 1 exhaust is bad. You don't get scavenging
Blue Greenish
Blue Greenish 4 månader sedan
That's a lot of spiders man Laughs in irish trueno
TrackSol 4 månader sedan
I bought a 97 EK hatch with no engine last year. About to finally finish it in a couple weeks.
Geoff Coombs
Geoff Coombs 4 månader sedan
I've never commented before, but I have too this time, as donuts will always be popular, donuts for life
daryl barkle
daryl barkle 4 månader sedan
B16b is the civic type r b16a is in the integra and also civic
Jovin Flores
Jovin Flores 4 månader sedan
AWD Kseries turbo and you won’t look back
Harley Pyles
Harley Pyles 4 månader sedan
VW Golf mk4 vr6... but it was turning into money pit and decided to build a Subie. I ended up parting out the Dub to pay for the next project.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 4 månader sedan
I’ve been literally waiting for this moment for 8 years 🥲
Recycle Hin
Recycle Hin 4 månader sedan
Civic Specific = Specivic
Anders Haugen
Anders Haugen 4 månader sedan
I have the same car, also with a lack of an engine. Thank you for giving me some well needed motivation ☺
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 4 månader sedan
Dodge Neon Sxt Build........I have ten of them...lol
diesel2247 oldman
diesel2247 oldman 4 månader sedan
Guys! Give me a bike that hangs on the wall please) you don't need it)
Shuba Duck
Shuba Duck 4 månader sedan
I love The color of this car! Can’t wait to see the progress
Stephen White
Stephen White 4 månader sedan
It need to go to turbo yoda as I think it will fit on the Honda
James B
James B 4 månader sedan
ayeoorandyx5 4 månader sedan
why not try a k20 swap? maybe on 13 psi
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 4 månader sedan
Hands down, best duo on the internet. Just sayin.
Alpha Major01
Alpha Major01 4 månader sedan
Honder= Australian for Honda. 😆🤙🏻
Jeff Thorpe
Jeff Thorpe 4 månader sedan
J35 convertion
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 4 månader sedan
I'm currently doing a full nut and bolt resto on an '89 MK2 Golf GTI on my driveway in a pop up garage. So must rust 🤣
Max Briscoe
Max Briscoe 4 månader sedan
You two are too funny man 😂 great video.
ThaKidDj 4 månader sedan
God I remember getting into cars 10 years ago (I’m 26) and I fell in love with Honda’s and finding the mcm black civic build. 10 years later (still a Honda fanatic) and there making me relive my childhood days 😆🙏🏽❤️❤️❤️❤️
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 4 månader sedan
Idc what anyone says.. no one was expecting to see a civic lol
ApolloVictoria44 4 månader sedan
This kind of nugget content is why I'm subbed.
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