Buying another DREAM CAR (not a SUPERCAR) 

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Expensive, but worth it! I've wanted one of these cars for years but they cost way too much money. Finally, I decided to do it and in this episode we take it out and see how far we can go!
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12 dec 2020



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Leslie Bomar
Leslie Bomar 2 dagar sedan
The thumbnail is epic!
Cyriac Scheefhals
Cyriac Scheefhals 3 dagar sedan
I've been driving jeeps for 10 years and I remember my first time going offroad and being just as excited as Marty & Moog... I had a bone stock, white Cherokee XJ diesel and it was the exact same feeling, the tiniest obstacle was so awesome to overcome... Well done guys, welcome to the club! Enjoy!
Aaron Allen
Aaron Allen 8 dagar sedan
I wish i could love a video vice just like it. This was quality haha. I love MCM and this was as good as the Outfap :D. I own a Subaru Outback and would love to try it along side the jimmy haha.
Aaron Allen
Aaron Allen 8 dagar sedan
I love this content compared to the normal content haha. Please do more off roading!
George Matzaris
George Matzaris 9 dagar sedan
I feel so fortunate that in Greece I can get a used one in mint condition for 7000 Euro
Riho Välk
Riho Välk 12 dagar sedan
Judging by the brutal engine sounds, it's an electric?
MrSir 14 dagar sedan
Santa Six
Santa Six 21 dag sedan
Props to the cameraman at the end for learning how to fly.
SHANNON SPEAR 28 dagar sedan
Stormtroopers Helmet
rozyfe serans
rozyfe serans 29 dagar sedan
Im combak yang cantik ini ternyata tidak ada yang mau
Геннадий Сергеев
Come to Russia. Here you will find out what off-road is
Toto Abicyclette
Toto Abicyclette Månad sedan
3 speed gearbox ? wow. we're back in the 70's.
Stan yo bro
Stan yo bro Månad sedan
Why are you guys talking in metric crap. It means nothing to normal people.
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko Månad sedan
My mate had a big foot vitara when i was 17 it was epic huge super wide 15" with giant tyres all stock
Максим Тон
Максим Тон Månad sedan
maybe Marty should take Pajero Mini?)
Дмитрий Кудренко
it's realy cool experience, i'm like this tuning's way on your channel)) sorry for my perfect english
IMNOTA Månad sedan
Marty : *makes weird faces when Moog says it's just as fun as driving on a racetrack Also Marty literally 30s later : "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH JIMMMNYYYEEYEYEYRE ugcgfkfwh giuvkxwdyo vgeh this is the most fun I've had going slow ever"
Даниил Шорохов
Ha-ha-ha, it's not offroad)))) svdown.info/post/video/b3lqZNComoGtubc.html - that's offroad)) frow Russia with love))))
Nope Noway
Nope Noway Månad sedan
я просто фуу
Liam Månad sedan
20k???????? I bought mine for £1500
Бурят 03
Бурят 03 Månad sedan
here is a real off-road, Russia!😂 svdown.info/post/video/fYCSqZOBZ4KPnKc.html
Loreentis CS:GO
Loreentis CS:GO Månad sedan
Watch the offroadspd, for jeemny and you must understand what he's can do👌
Mitcho Månad sedan
coming from a jimny driver you totally would of made it through that first bog hole, probably in 2wd
Денис Лукьянов
Что за засранство?
Caleb Jankovsky
Caleb Jankovsky 2 månader sedan
You guys need to watch dirt everyday
Veronica Femina
Veronica Femina 2 månader sedan
Now you are into real 4X4, you should take a look at Lada Niva, it have been produces since 1977 and are still produces today ! Can you find another car that can beat that !? So you are into adventure, what about going to Siberia and buy a Lada Niva and drive from East Siberia through Mongolia to China !? I guess the Lada are made so simple that any blacksmith or farmer can fix a broken Lada Niva :) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lada_Niva
Chrisbl88 2 månader sedan
I like how the auto subtitles always refer to the Jimny as chimney.
MrKf KeepKalmZz
MrKf KeepKalmZz 2 månader sedan
I took a ford focus 1.8 through alot worse and easily flew through it i wouldn't mind seeing a ford focus vs this and in some places the ford would win bc i got the ford down somewhere a 4x4 couldn't get down im just used to off roading tho bc i learned to drive in fields
Себастьянус 2 månader sedan
They need to buy Lada Niva.
Gus Cordingley
Gus Cordingley 2 månader sedan
I am a Jimny owner. JB74
Jesse Billington
Jesse Billington 2 månader sedan
Oddly, in the UK you want the manual transmissions in the Jimnys. I've got the 5-speed stick in mine and it's unstoppable on some rugged all-terrains.
Yvan Maradan
Yvan Maradan 2 månader sedan
My dream car is a Daihatsu rocky (in japan rugger) or a feroza (in japan rocky sx)
CrustyBiker 2 månader sedan
I've also been after one for many years, and I owned a Honda Zoomer before Moog so deffo got the same taste in quirky vehicle's, bet you've wanted an X-90 though 😂?... dude when in 4wd, as soon as you are on ground where all wheels have grip, it needs to go back into 2wd, or else you can wind up the transfer case with a lot of stress (only when steering and the wheels are trying to turn at different speeds but are locked together in a sense) I never got the Jimny, ended up with Rav4 shortie, but never mind I still love it!..
Chad thundercock
Chad thundercock 2 månader sedan
Not funny didn't laughter wankers
RoboTekno 2 månader sedan
13:48 "4X4 enthusiasts from around the globe, ASSEMBLE!"
Harry Winter
Harry Winter 2 månader sedan
25k for a Jimny 😬😬in the UK they're under 4k
GCL sarnia
GCL sarnia 2 månader sedan
Awesome production value in this episode. It looks great. Well done!
Cruzredeye 2 månader sedan
I'll keep my Suzuki Samurai
Quang Lam
Quang Lam 2 månader sedan
Mate that jimny is a solid axle front and rear. 🤣 5:40
Thomas Helbers
Thomas Helbers 2 månader sedan
Wasn’t Moogs Forester an 4x4?
Crylhound 2 månader sedan
live lifestyle
live lifestyle 2 månader sedan
Bencho Kitna bol rhe ho be.
ASB 1192
ASB 1192 2 månader sedan
These people that have a business close to my house have a little k truck like martins
Scott Brown
Scott Brown 2 månader sedan
Please call this car Cricket As in Jimny Cricket 😂
TheVladooo 2 månader sedan
Haha I've been telling you guys to do a 4x4 for years now! See how much fun they are?!
Koito rob
Koito rob 2 månader sedan
Unless you have some sort of hill descent system, a manual gearbox is better for driving down steep hills because you can use the engine braking to control your speed. Bang it into low first and DON'T TOUCH THE BRAKES! With all of the weight over the front end the back is light and you risk locking the rear wheels and if you do this and the car slides sideways, the FIRS roll is very slow.........
El Freddo
El Freddo 2 månader sedan
Classic watching you guys getting dirty “off-road” for the first time. I’m sure it’s been said, slow and steady is key with all wheels on the ground when possible. Tyres are the most important choice for off-roading as they make THE MOST difference! Looking forward to watching the next vids!
se fi
se fi 2 månader sedan
I think you guys should do more off roading vids. Your track vids are cool but you guys are always breaking stuff. Maybe off road vids will be a bit safer lol.
Cha Leowin
Cha Leowin 2 månader sedan
Jiminy Crickets! Cricket should be the name.
Matt 2 månader sedan
Clicked this as I recognised the burnout car in the blue mountains
Dean Britton
Dean Britton 2 månader sedan
Chicken track
Tim Higgs
Tim Higgs 2 månader sedan
I ended up with a grand vitara for the extra space but I love the Jimnies. I'm keen to see one with a Swindon crate ev motor in it.
Ethereal Project
Ethereal Project 2 månader sedan
MCM after watching one episode of Dirt Everyday......
Dylan Tosh
Dylan Tosh 2 månader sedan
Love that track 👌, Chapman parade in faulconbridge
Tushar Thaker
Tushar Thaker 2 månader sedan
"Kei Sierra Sierra", "Kei-pabale"
Nismo Mike
Nismo Mike 2 månader sedan
Man you guys make me want to go on vacation to Australia to do off roading and drive mad street cars
Jeff Eppenger
Jeff Eppenger 2 månader sedan
Dang $17k WTF???? 🙄
TheCarEnthusiast 2 månader sedan
Please name the Jimny "2FLEXY"
YUSEHZ QT 2 månader sedan
It’s not dreamed it’s I dreamt !
JurrianFynix 2 månader sedan
They cost around 3k around here😆
ashok kumar
ashok kumar 2 månader sedan
Honestly I think the 80s model is the best looking jimny in my opinion.
James Peterson
James Peterson 2 månader sedan
Surely 25 years ago it’d have been an SJ410?
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee 2 månader sedan
Wait til you guys find the low range. Then you really can go anywhere! Jimmy! JIMNY!
John Paterson
John Paterson 2 månader sedan
I can't believe what my old Lada Niva would be worth now. Wish I had never sold it :-(
Wilfredo Narvaez
Wilfredo Narvaez 2 månader sedan
Heard it here first....i smell a 4wd 24/7 crossover in a few years
Zak Pike
Zak Pike 2 månader sedan
In the us we got the vitara wich is basically the same but 2.3 liter 4 cyl or 2.7 v6
shaneco HD
shaneco HD 2 månader sedan
this looks like Glenbrook national park, shoutout to the mountain bois
josh miller
josh miller 2 månader sedan
I've been through MUCCCHHHHHH worse in a Pontiac Sunbird.
Ross Anon
Ross Anon 2 månader sedan
holy fuck that was a good video!!
dylan damm
dylan damm 2 månader sedan
Legends love it, I’ve been waiting for a 4wd video from you guys forever
Voxitron 2 månader sedan
I've got a Jimny and an NX coupe! Ha!
SRINIDHI T 2 månader sedan
I think Previous Jimny model was called farm worker I guess and I own a 2008 Jimny which is sold in in rebadged version called gypsy♥️
DaPinkBublé 2 månader sedan
This is just a "Rez" car in the states... "roads" on the rez can get worst then this and people still drive smaller cars then this.
DaPinkBublé 2 månader sedan
why the fuck did you guys sell me on one of these? god damn it, now i want one... SOB!!!
Adam Styles
Adam Styles 2 månader sedan
Only downside to the jimny is the overall tyre diameter is too small when stock, it catches the diffs if driven in the ruts but most of the time you are able to drive out of the ruts because they are little beasts 👍 if your keeping stock suspension swap the 205/70r15s for 195/80r15s
Bailey Hislop
Bailey Hislop 2 månader sedan
Fckin send it
breakone9r 2 månader sedan
As a country boy, who grew up in the mud, from the US that also loves fast cars, I found myself laughing at you two city boys finally getting it, when it comes to offroading. :)
lee hodges
lee hodges 2 månader sedan
Here in the UK these Jimnys go for about £2500 - £3000 (about $5000 Australian dolllars). Older models, but suprised at the price over in aus! Great video guys 😊
Wikkid Me
Wikkid Me 2 månader sedan
Owning a 4x4 is about the destination
Fabian Mueller
Fabian Mueller 2 månader sedan
Ohh man a Jimmy will be the engine donater for my dream car a susuki cappuccino and with a build Jimmy engine and a small turbo I will have the biggest gins on my face but 2020 hit hard in a financial way so it has to wait a bit more
Steve Lucas
Steve Lucas 2 månader sedan
Mighty car mods you Moog and Marty need to watch 4wd/24/7 also previously known as 4wd action massively known in the Australian 4wd community look in their back catalogue too find their zook adventures and the fun you can look forward too
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown 2 månader sedan
Yess! #teamkeitrucks 🤘🏴‍☠️ #jimny are so dope!
Xplore 2 månader sedan
4wding? lol I've been to far rougher places in the AU lmao
Alexander Arias
Alexander Arias 2 månader sedan
I would kill for one of the current gen Jimnys such a well thought out off-roader and it competes impressively. Plus I think the one you guys have here is a looker.
Joe 2 månader sedan
my first car was a chevy tracker, i think its about the same thing as a suzuki samurai, alot like this thing very cool
Marc Flameling
Marc Flameling 2 månader sedan
This channel has become so bad
motherfunkaz 2 månader sedan
Anyone know where this track is?
skinnydaddy 2 månader sedan
rhw jimmy is not sold in the US because of the Suzuki Samurai roll over BS...
John O
John O 2 månader sedan
A friend had a Samurai he would take past the 4 wheel drive only marker on South Padre Island. He would pass big 4X4's stuck in the sand without ever putting the Samurai in 4-wheel drive.
Diego541 2 månader sedan
If these were in the US they would’ve sold like hot cakes!!!!
Carlstone13 2 månader sedan
I rented one of these in Corfu once - a red cloth top, The radio only worked in reverse gear (and couldn't be turned off in reverse) and 3rd was non existent. But damn that thing was incredible, I'd buy it and bring it home in a heartbeat
bilij pdan
bilij pdan 2 månader sedan
Ryobi battery chainsaws are pretty good.
CptHaddock 2 månader sedan
Moog is the biggest child and I love it
bilij pdan
bilij pdan 2 månader sedan
The auto ones have stronger transmissions. The manuals have a tendency to blow up when they get a hard time.
I3R0K3N7FEET 2 månader sedan
I want one!
Yusuf Ünlü
Yusuf Ünlü 2 månader sedan
14:58 "Jimdi Jimdi Jimdi" Deli Vahit liked it
therealshanequa 2 månader sedan
4wd is the only drive I want to be in!
Flanker 27
Flanker 27 2 månader sedan
That photoshopped rb in the thumbnail had me going towards moog's burnt up s14, but then I noticed... bait
SnowFlake 2 månader sedan
MCM Driving through some buddles that could be described as buddle on a highway .. meanwhile guys goes nuts about AWD.
Joseph Mills
Joseph Mills 2 månader sedan
ive doe something similar in my 98 camry
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