Buying this Civic was a mistake (EP10) 

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25 apr 2021



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 3 månader sedan
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Matthew Black
Matthew Black Månad sedan
I just got one. Not so limited hA Ha. Or probably there's not much call for 3XL... So there's that.
Mad RX-7
Mad RX-7 2 månader sedan
@Steve Sanchez fished out of In The Bin!?
Thomas Marzella
Thomas Marzella 3 månader sedan
@MrBrander agreed
Tyler M.
Tyler M. 3 månader sedan
Just ordered mine!
Shears 3 månader sedan
I'd like to see the entirity of this car's life with you guys from start to finish. If you've got video before these videos started coming out where you purchased it second hand, add it. Make it that 17-20 hour long video. I will sit and watch. ALL. OF. IT.
MainerLam 2 månader sedan
I want to add the iPad stereo idea on one of your other videos to my motorcycle. Can you help me.
LeoVomend 2 månader sedan
you need to invest in an ozone machine
punkishippies 2 månader sedan
there's a beautiful simplicity to a Honda Civic coming from a really purposeful mindset.
Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson 2 månader sedan
Moog not feeling it 😕
Alexey Colt
Alexey Colt 2 månader sedan
Hello from Russia, I am you fanatic gays
Lause 2 månader sedan
All this years and still no lift
Ethan Howard
Ethan Howard 2 månader sedan
We the MCM community want a 17 hour long video! 😂
Jack Vinall
Jack Vinall 2 månader sedan
Hope you chaps don’t want kids with this ball bashing we keep seeing😂
thewitchertales 2 månader sedan
why is moog so unenthusiastic about the civic?
Chris lajeunesse
Chris lajeunesse 2 månader sedan
in the bin wot wot lol
Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor 2 månader sedan
“I’m going to have to make a bracket.” (BOMS has entered the chat)
Omar Cheevers
Omar Cheevers 2 månader sedan
all wheel drive😉
Miguel Saenz
Miguel Saenz 2 månader sedan
Moog looking tired of this civic lol
Jonathan Rivera
Jonathan Rivera 2 månader sedan
So when my friends going to make a Chrysler sebring 2007 manual and sport I really love to see that so Sirius be so different
Steve McNamee
Steve McNamee 2 månader sedan
Why don't you guys have a hoist? It's a must when you have a workshop.
kJ Jakoesu
kJ Jakoesu 2 månader sedan
Man, I watch some of the old video I was looking up and I seen this. Makes me want to watch you guys again!
Träy 2 månader sedan
I love these memes
Robert Lively
Robert Lively 2 månader sedan
You LOVE it .......cause its a CAR, and we love working on cars...Parts is Parts
Nick Blacksoul
Nick Blacksoul 3 månader sedan
Well done guys , 2 thing's radiator bracket , for ek ended up in my justy aka the lawgiver took them off and now live in the Integra , 2 some times same car same year and stuff differ so much you can find what fits what a total ball breaker
AdamOn2s 3 månader sedan
i feel like you guys should trim that upper radiator hose back just a bit, its kinking in the middle at the bend..
Ben Charnock
Ben Charnock 3 månader sedan
the video quality the build quality fire!!!!
Avelardo Ontiveros III
Avelardo Ontiveros III 3 månader sedan
Stay positive my friends
Tim Edmunds
Tim Edmunds 3 månader sedan
As someone who watched the full 3 days of live streaming that the Roadkill boys did for the engine swap into the Crusher Camaro, yes I would absolutely watch 17 hours straight.
The Boosted Baldy
The Boosted Baldy 3 månader sedan
The exhaust box says EG?????? That civic is an EK
R3N G.
R3N G. 3 månader sedan
Dear Moog, It's ok to hate Honda... not everyone has common sense. 😬😅
BhukninRacer69 3 månader sedan
Do you ever get really annoyed with your ryobi lol
Anthony Dobrin
Anthony Dobrin 3 månader sedan
What can you do to a 2009 Toyota Corolla Sedan? I am in the process of buying a new car and don't want to trade in my Toyota. I am Sydney and willing to trade my current car for an MCM car.
John Nguyen
John Nguyen 3 månader sedan
No more Honda videos pls. What the hell happened to the dream 180sx....,
Vincent Hoang
Vincent Hoang 3 månader sedan
Dream 180sx has been k swapped. Honda the power of dreams
Anthony Ursino
Anthony Ursino 3 månader sedan
Why don't uses just get married
Abel C
Abel C 3 månader sedan
Wizards and Honda heroes... otherwise it would be a parts car... keep it up MCM!
JohnnyRottenest 3 månader sedan
Please do a BMW with an N54 engine for your next build. The N54 is sort of modern turbo inline 6 that came in a few different models, and is just becoming affordable. It makes 225 kW from the factory, but you can easily double the power output with some simple but interesting mods.
Povilas Kriauciunas
Povilas Kriauciunas 3 månader sedan
Make it sex spec 🤔
FSC silver
FSC silver 3 månader sedan
why the fack u kicking eatsother in the nuts ?
Super Star
Super Star 3 månader sedan
MCM WTF is happening, these videos are getting too BORING..... Stop it....
TearTox 3 månader sedan
Why haven't you bought a proper 2 post car lift? Are you too cheap or too greedy?
Christian Isdith
Christian Isdith 3 månader sedan
17 hour video incoming
Adrian LL
Adrian LL 3 månader sedan
4:00 it doesn't really seal anything, you are supposed to make a sandwich from 2 gaskets and this plate in the middle, it's only to stop the heat.
The Rust Room
The Rust Room 3 månader sedan
We've got an H22 swap civic coming up on our channel soon, putting in an lsd gearbox so the old one can go "in the bin!"
Kenny G Big Sky Photo Adventures
I just realized I wasn't seeing any of your videos. I thought that you maybe took a break, but, as it turned out, You Tube unsubscribed me. What the hell? I've been subscribe for years and they boot us apart. Idiots. I'm glad to be back fellas.
Travesty's Card Fix
Travesty's Card Fix 3 månader sedan
Dannyel Fülöp
Dannyel Fülöp 3 månader sedan
Booooooring... A lot blá blá blá
G. Simard
G. Simard 3 månader sedan
a civic need a lot of love to be good ...
David stroman
David stroman 3 månader sedan
got close to the same amount of work on that mr2. lmao
wk the fish
wk the fish 3 månader sedan
I love disrespected nose
BenRittenhouse 3 månader sedan
10 episodes deep into a 3 episode build... Why you make me wait three days!!!
Craig Wilson
Craig Wilson 3 månader sedan
When you say "more room for activities" and then you have a turbo manifold. Its meant to be
Bill Lor
Bill Lor 3 månader sedan
The wheels!
tadhg Mckenna
tadhg Mckenna 3 månader sedan
Ye need to invest in a lift
Scott Ferguson
Scott Ferguson 3 månader sedan
I have an idea for merchandise, MMC enamel pin
Tim 3 månader sedan
Ok mad props I love how simple that radiator mounts. I need to drop a rusty ass lower support bracket on mine.
Will From Twickenham
Will From Twickenham 3 månader sedan
got any jdm builds planned in the Eunited Kingdom
kjevers1 3 månader sedan
It's not a gasket. It is a compressible sealing interference device. In English: It's a fucking gasket.
Royalty_Stance_Nation 3 månader sedan
People who own Honda’s and are always V-Tecing; one of my Honda buddy’s told me to use 10W30 instead of 5W30 because when the oil get hot it gets thinner turning that 5W30 into 0W30 which makes the oil slip past the piston rings causes a lot of Honda’s to have white smoke out the tail pipe. So if you use 10W30 and the oil gets hot you’ll have 5W30, a happy motor, & no smoke out the tail pipe. Does that make sense and do other people use 10W30 in their Honda’s? I’d like to hear your thoughts!
Brian Yoho
Brian Yoho 3 månader sedan
The pin that goes in the shifter on the trans I'd called "the bitch pin"
jamie Hill
jamie Hill 3 månader sedan
I’m allergic to cats
A day in the life of a Yeti
lads, Martys 'in the bin' is a GIF on whatsapp
Reliquiae 3 månader sedan
Feels like you are bringing a car back to life that was happy being dead. The car wants to go back to Valhalla boyz!
The Michael Vortex
The Michael Vortex 3 månader sedan
Grant Regan
Grant Regan 3 månader sedan
You should spell it”Ragrets”
Brandon Rilett
Brandon Rilett 3 månader sedan
30 Minutes is the perfect episode time
James diegoli
James diegoli 3 månader sedan
If the shirt isn't at my door in 4 weeks I will still keep watching.... :P
mike coyne
mike coyne 3 månader sedan
Coat the headers with wd40 and when they heat up they will turn a golden color.
ChemAndAdrenaline 3 månader sedan
You know where this whole bloody Civic should have gone on day 1? IN THE BIN.
mike coyne
mike coyne 3 månader sedan
White gasket is a thermal insulating gasket. It supposedly stops the intake manifold from absorbing heat from the head. I've seen people make them from cutting boards.
4everfree thecovenent
4everfree thecovenent 3 månader sedan
2000 celica Gt y’all should get and mod it Or 1994 Acura integra and make it AWD
Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell 3 månader sedan
Don't make excuses, this craptastic civic build is some the best stuff you have done.
Drizzy Doun
Drizzy Doun 3 månader sedan
I love long videos I would watch it all
vatan kumar attri
vatan kumar attri 3 månader sedan
22:22 does that say evo 9
Five dots Dave
Five dots Dave 3 månader sedan
A too large bore exhaust may sound good but it take a few horses away from the few you have.....
AYardley 3 månader sedan
honda's are so simple to get right and yet I cringe every episode...
APanduh 3 månader sedan
Actions speak louder than vtec -moog 2021
Ima Gumby
Ima Gumby 3 månader sedan
Looking forward to getting my shirts after the long slow boat from down under. Keep up the good work guys.
leedle lee
leedle lee 3 månader sedan
Did you guys ever make yaris Hilton merch?
Alan C
Alan C 3 månader sedan
2:56 shake weight
Marc and Things
Marc and Things 3 månader sedan
that's what I was thinking
Michael Bakker
Michael Bakker 3 månader sedan
For your next build i would recommend to instal a 2 post carlift, it is so much easyer than laying on the ground.
Michael Bakker
Michael Bakker 3 månader sedan
@Marc and Things oke but now a days you have mobile post's
Marc and Things
Marc and Things 3 månader sedan
I think they mentioned that they couldn't really get one in there for some reason a long time ago
Omar M
Omar M 3 månader sedan
Shout-out to the ogs that have been here since they worked in that little garage and driveway
Marc and Things
Marc and Things 3 månader sedan
and when they would mention Sherol every 5 minutes
Máté Szabolcs
Máté Szabolcs 3 månader sedan
I really hope you are preparing something big in the background becouse this is just a bit boooring...
Árni Jónas Kristmundsson
You guys have a LS swapped E30 that needs finishing and your wasting your time on this terrible piece of shi... Throw this whole project in the BIN !!!
HOpesaNDreAms 3 månader sedan
It's a thermal gasket for the header they also sell them for the throttle body
RoguePlank 3 månader sedan
Can you not get a valeting company to do one of them vapour smoke disinfectant purge thingys in the interior to get rid of the smell?
AlasTVRisHere 3 månader sedan
"In the bin" needs to remain as a quintessential staple of MCM fandom and frivolous jocularity. Amen. ❤️🙏
Marc and Things
Marc and Things 3 månader sedan
I agree 100%
Ben Hansen
Ben Hansen 3 månader sedan
Love your videos still don’t understand the Honda Civic thing but
meddlepf 3 månader sedan
Yep, totally prefer this build over anything German. Would happily watch 20 more episodes on this Civic rather than 1 episode on the Audi/VW.
Andrew 3 månader sedan
Ok, Ok, you've convinced me...I'll give you $500 for the car and parts. Running to pass QLD RWC. Scallywags! - I'm sure I can fit the wheelchair in the back. (Turbo, PWR steer and Air Con it?)
Luke Burges
Luke Burges 3 månader sedan
Can we get a short segment where all the sound effects are just Moog cheek fapping in the microphone? I’d be down for that
Jonathan Glover
Jonathan Glover 3 månader sedan
Watching this wearing my In The Bin T-shirt. I feel so epic!
Marc and Things
Marc and Things 3 månader sedan
when the universe aligns itself
mike humphrey
mike humphrey 3 månader sedan
I do like the music and the "normal" content but I love the disrespected nose episodes more lol 😆
Jeremy 3 månader sedan
Love to see a season on a drift car build
Marc and Things
Marc and Things 3 månader sedan
it's been a minute since they made one of those.
JULIAN Vreug 3 månader sedan
Hamburger comment gold..
DJ Guac
DJ Guac 3 månader sedan
I got a Subaru ad before this video started... I'm just saying... Edit: and a hamburger ad
labedra 3 månader sedan
I hope this car blows up so we can watch something exciting
Marc and Things
Marc and Things 3 månader sedan
don't say that! If it blows up they will build the engine and boost it and it'll never go away
Joshua Bulahan
Joshua Bulahan 3 månader sedan
I have a 2005 2.8 L v6 Cadillac CTS. I was wondering if I can get some tips from anybody here in the comments for performance mods. This is my first project so I’m not experienced whatsoever. I wanted a supercharger for it but I can’t find any for this model so I think I’m just going to try to squeeze HP and TQ out of it naturally aspirated.
PropanePete 3 månader sedan
Just watching Moog lying on his back on a cement floor. A tip from an old 1960's mechanic. Cold hard cement sucks the life out of your back so get a creeper, stay off the floor.
Ben Intentional
Ben Intentional 3 månader sedan
Moog: I'm gonna make a bracket. Project Binky: That's cute.
Fraser Godfrey
Fraser Godfrey 3 månader sedan
Can I get a shout out in the next video fellas? Disrespected nose style
Chuck Under Fire
Chuck Under Fire 3 månader sedan
Does “Disrespected Nose” mean something that I don’t know that it means?
2101 Fabrication
2101 Fabrication 3 månader sedan
Marc and Things
Marc and Things 3 månader sedan
lol I felt that one
MrSir 3 månader sedan
If Moog sells his Mini (awesome nugget) I will unsubscribe.
Slow Learner
Slow Learner 3 månader sedan
The upside of "disrepected nose" style vids is I can just have them on in the corner of the screen while I work. Just listening to you guys fight and mess around like Roy and HG on the radio. LOL
He Loves Pepper Spray!
visningar 1,5mn
He Loves Pepper Spray!
visningar 1,5mn