CAM INSTALL tech on our LS powered BMW 

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Our LS3 powered BMW known as Black Ch-ops is getting a new CAM for more power! In this episode we get a lesson from expert engine builder Tony, on how to correctly install and time up our new power stick.

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10 jun 2021



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods Månad sedan
We've got hundreds of behind the scenes and tech articles on our website, check it out here: mightycarmods.com/blogs/news/understanding-engines-how-a-camshaft-works
The Ranch
The Ranch Månad sedan
@BaMenace understandable
BaMenace Månad sedan
@The Ranch of course i did. Just didn't notice the year at the top of the post... mistaking it for last year. they were waiting on a diff to be shipped over 6 months ago... and throughout the past year there has been Gemini Easter eggs hidden in plain sight in some videos... eg: the GEMINI manual always left out on the bench etc etc. When they mentioned they were doing rust repair on black chops.. who could say whether they did or did not send the GEMINI away with black chops at the same time to fix the rust on her?.. because that's all that was needed to start the best project car on SVdown.. I'm over it now anyways... Marty's too chicken shit to drop an LS in or even a R34
The Ranch
The Ranch Månad sedan
@BaMenace Yes, did you read through the whole article? It was well explained why it's going to take a long time to finish the project. Looking for gemini parts alone is bound to make the build take ages.
BaMenace Månad sedan
@The Ranch over a year ago he got the car.
The Ranch
The Ranch Månad sedan
@BaMenace It wasn’t even a month ago when that article was uploaded, how fast do you think everything is going to happen?
FordPower5288 20 dagar sedan
Heads and Cams on an LS can be as drastic as forced induction on many many other vehicles. Course its not just LS engines, its pretty much all Cam in Block V8s. Ok fine, V8s in general. Because powah!!
Aiden Ramage
Aiden Ramage 20 dagar sedan
Buy a Mazda 3 hatchback
gnarshread 24 dagar sedan
I really enjoyed this! I've been screaming for a motor buil for ages and this is a great start.
Alex Yelland
Alex Yelland Månad sedan
Tony is so interesting to listen to, he's got so much passion and knowledge toward engines.
Tyrone Stock
Tyrone Stock Månad sedan
That BMW E30 V8 English going to be really fast
Cruz McKenzye
Cruz McKenzye Månad sedan
Tony is Awesomee!!!
wah panda1
wah panda1 Månad sedan
since you like music moog. what are the comprising instruments of 90s trance?
Tommy Månad sedan
What a guy Tony is 👌 could ask him questions all day lol
Acme Månad sedan
I love it when an Aussie says "substantial rust repairs" like they know what it means. 😂
Acme Månad sedan
I love hearing people who know what they are talking about, speak. Even if none of the information stays in my head, it is still enjoyable and interesting.
frikki fanzz
frikki fanzz Månad sedan
I always like before watching 😅 you're welcome guy's
MatthewDiesFirst Månad sedan
Kishan S Mohan
Kishan S Mohan Månad sedan
Watching this the day after Father's Day.
Aaron Lamb
Aaron Lamb Månad sedan
This guy is so knowledgeable , I love working with people who know more than I do , his years and years of engine building was hard learned , he can teach you alot fast and take them hard years out of the equation, top man!
Zach Davey
Zach Davey Månad sedan
So my pod filter WILL help 😅 xD
jordan turner
jordan turner Månad sedan
This is right on time! I'm doing research on building a chevy truck engine, which is the plentiful iron block, smaller displacement derivative of the LS.
Ян Криченко
Toyota mark 2
Victor Murillo
Victor Murillo Månad sedan
This one made my 🧠 hurt
Neil Kennett
Neil Kennett Månad sedan
Love the tech talk find it so interesting and take a little bit more knowledge away. 👍
Walter Ritchey
Walter Ritchey Månad sedan
And people wonder why a timing chain/belt replacement costs so much. This is why! My Honda Integra B18C somehow came out of time and wouldn't even start. We did a timing belt job. Honda was good about marketing the cam gears 12 o'clock position as well as 9 and 3 o'clock positions to make sure the cams are perfect. Then just adjust the crank so the notch is lined up with the notch on the engine block and tighten her up!
Oxissistic Månad sedan
going off the VCM spec sheet the lobe seperation is 113 degrees, not 110. 110 degrees on a street car would be suuuuper grumpy down low and a nightmare in carparks. for me 112 is the sweet spot.
AL 93
AL 93 Månad sedan
Proper old school master
smythiegato Månad sedan
Good fun episode. Interesting watching them talking about machining cam lobes. Anyone interested in seeing a bit more about it should check out a video on Clay Millican's channel where he visits Comp Cams (svdown.info/post/video/iHqHkNR_hamBzqs.html). Really interesting what they share there.
fireman1294 Månad sedan
You need to watch Richard Holdner’s SVdown channel. I’m also surprised you didn’t use a Sloppy Stage 2 cam (SS2). HP increase through the entire poser band. No down low loss like other ls cams
Neyman Månad sedan
drink everytime anyone says cam, engine or LS ive had 3 beers watching the latest e30 videos
EnduringGuerila Månad sedan
Probably my favorite video, thanks Tony
DJpartymaker Månad sedan
Wow tony is such a legend. Maybe you lads should build a full engine with him 😄
Zeke770 Månad sedan
Amazing episode. He’s one of those guys you just let talk and you just take notes.
TerribleGamer Månad sedan
I was expecting the engine that didn't work with to be a VR6
mry82 Månad sedan
I really like this guy. Seems modest, subdued, and really good at what he does.
Ben Yates
Ben Yates Månad sedan
That guy was like yeah righty Marty shut up about lamb chops I'm trying to explain something here!
Bram Weijers
Bram Weijers Månad sedan
Was the song at 12:53 inspired by the Mass Effect theme by any chance?
Andrew Hoffman
Andrew Hoffman Månad sedan
I gotta say this engine builder knows what he's doing.
duncanscubie Månad sedan
You guys are simply amazing. I’ve been watching your videos since the beginning with shitty pixel videos and all . I opened my workshop in 2000. And from the beginning I learned so much from you guys. Like the central locking installs that you did . I literally learned from you guys . And every video since. My business grew and my knowledge grew time and time again. I can proudly say that I have one of the biggest auto repair workshops in madeira island Portugal besides the manufacture workshops . And it all started with me with zero car info and my brother in law a very basic mechanic. As the years passed we have qualified staff and are second to none on our island. And it all started with a couple of videos on something new (at the time ) called SVdown . I feel like I owe you guys royalty’s. And I piss myself laughing every time you say IN THE BIN !!!!! My 5 year old son says it all the time . Simply amazing. I think that you guys have know idea how big you are and the massive influence you have . (If you guys could reply to my comment I will make a massive poster and put it in my workshop)
projekt6 Månad sedan
I could listen to Tony talk about anything all day. I love listening to people that know what they're talking about - ESPECIALLY if they're willing to sit down with you and explain things.
DataC0llect0r Månad sedan
That guy is amazing!
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Månad sedan
Guys, I know years and years ago you guys mythbusted performance chips. I would love to see your thoughts on Racechip products and do some real tests with dyno runs and timed tests to really show if it works. I see a lot of people buying them and am curious myself, if they did work being able to adjust the tune dependent on what I want from the car would be great but if it doesn't work that's fairly useless.
Giovanni Mcleish
Giovanni Mcleish Månad sedan
Tony is an absolute legend. Soft voice, super knowledgeable, eloquent delivery. You can see Marty hanging on his every word. Love it.
Michael Eyles
Michael Eyles Månad sedan
Probs should have done the trunion upgrade with that camshaft as they renowed for letting go and filling the motor with needle roller bearings good luck guys
Andy Blake
Andy Blake Månad sedan
Oh your God. I could listen to tony all day. I've learnt more in the last 2 episodes of mcm than I ever have. And from this moment forth you shall be called Tony the grey.
Chris Maz
Chris Maz Månad sedan
Am I the only one that thinks of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when hearing the intro?
Elijah Guzik
Elijah Guzik Månad sedan
or you can slam it all together with your m12 like the denmah
Rob Gieseke
Rob Gieseke Månad sedan
Watson Louisiana checking in boys 🇺🇸
Sylvia Cro
Sylvia Cro Månad sedan
Replica Månad sedan
that new intro is a banger
Ted K
Ted K Månad sedan
I've never seen you guys do an antilag turbo setup... you should do that!!! :)
blocki Månad sedan
How about someone sponsors a flashlight to this legend Tony?
g0ldensample21 Månad sedan
This guy is super interesting! Include him in more videos!
harri manni
harri manni Månad sedan
Engine wizardry! 😜
Dane Paulsen
Dane Paulsen Månad sedan
More EK civic content please 🙂
daemonllama78 Månad sedan
13:05 Mass Effect Soundtrack inspired music?
NukesDaBomb Månad sedan
Hey, a bit of a random question, but im trying to find this one song featured on this channel, I think it was during the Toyota Sera Episodes. To explain the song, it sounded like the previous intro that had the robotic voice say "mighty car mods", the song features a female singer along with gutars.
Back To The Grid
Back To The Grid Månad sedan
can this guy take my tafe classes
Jake Gackle
Jake Gackle Månad sedan
As a general rule, simplicity increases reliability. The less parts there are, the less parts there are to fail. This is why they still use single cams and pushrods. There is plenty of power to be made with that engine. ;)
Angus Brady
Angus Brady Månad sedan
When are yours going to bring back the 4wd ?
kandlrex Månad sedan
Wonder how many hot bois just shove the cam in and send it
Baiden Adams-Ikifitu
22:06 bout to shoot Marty for overtalking😂😂
Lee Ellis
Lee Ellis Månad sedan
Did someone rip...1.48ish
Lee Ellis
Lee Ellis Månad sedan
Dude. 7.40 aswell. Someone lighting up those farts
Scooter McDoogall
Scooter McDoogall Månad sedan
This was fantastic!!!!!
Whitewalker Månad sedan
Cam swapping is so juicy :P You need at least 300 dingos at each sides. I did 312 on my Volvo. That was fun ;P
Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith Månad sedan
in SOME* states
TheDaniel46 Månad sedan
Marty looked quite fed up of Howard Stark out-nerding him after a while😂
Why Tho
Why Tho Månad sedan
Ahhh the lamb chop con rods, like the truck ones aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh I love that ahahah
Why Tho
Why Tho Månad sedan
*laughs in rotary*
Why Tho
Why Tho Månad sedan
Good boy Martin! "Thank you sir" :')
Paul B
Paul B Månad sedan
For once, I watch an MCM video and say "yeah I'm never going to try this mod on my own.." Most of the time they make things look easy enough and give explanations clear enough to make me feel a false sense of confidence in my own wrenching skill.. But not timing a new cam lol. Tony is a legend!
James Barahona
James Barahona Månad sedan
Finally no honda SHIT.
Armando Boensel
Armando Boensel Månad sedan
Cams.... love them Nerdy tech talk.... love it MCM ...... Rocks
hamish brown
hamish brown Månad sedan
My ls1 has a vcm 5sc cam which is suitable for boost!
Nathan Maher
Nathan Maher Månad sedan
Love the vids boys
Lee Fall
Lee Fall Månad sedan
Why do Australians sound like they are asking and question or not sure about what they are saying when finishing a sentence? No hate just always wondered if there is a reason behind it.
Smash Fist
Smash Fist Månad sedan
For anyone interested in further number nerding, the stock LS3 is 204deg inlet/211 exhaust @50thou on a 117 degree lobe separation, with about .550 of valve lift. Not only does the VCM in this setup have 20ish degrees more of open duration there’s another 50thou of lift or a more open valve also. So much more breathing room. The separation angle makes a big difference in low end drivability too, I’ve got a slightly bigger cam but more separation angle so less overlap, there’s less chop but it’s more tame to drive, an important factor if you daily the vehicle and want to avoid cam lump in low speed driving.
Eduard Porton
Eduard Porton Månad sedan
I love it when someone is capable, but also able to explain. He would make a great technical trainer/instructor.
Jonnycler Cahill
Jonnycler Cahill Månad sedan
Loved this episode pure mathematics and engineering knowledge
John theGiant
John theGiant Månad sedan
Can we make Tony a regular on here?
Ste Charnock
Ste Charnock Månad sedan
Could listen to Tony all day legend 👍👍👍
Andy Hargs
Andy Hargs Månad sedan
Tony builds proper engines and like all arts it takes time. Not slapped together and in and out in a day.
African Drone Rookie
I didn't quite understand but it was fun to see how complex this stuff cam be.
Chris Coleiro
Chris Coleiro Månad sedan
Amazing content, but why would you deck perfectly functioning heads without checking also the engine side of that same interface?
John Josephson
John Josephson Månad sedan
Is it not likely that Tony checked the block deck? I think generally it's just a good straight edge and whatever spec feeler gauge to give you a good idea.
Esteban Castro
Esteban Castro Månad sedan
walter white looks like Johnny Knoxville in that grandpa movie
Jake from State Farm
Can you repeat that for me one more time?
Ol Dusty Trails
Ol Dusty Trails Månad sedan
I knew half of the stuff that Tony has forgotten, I would be an LS master... Great vid, hoping to be LS swapping my wheels soon!
salvatorie 19
salvatorie 19 Månad sedan
I want to build a straight 6 side valve so bad. Convert it to EFI, coil packs and a turbo.
initialSpeed Månad sedan
Wow !! Thanks for the info guys.👍🏽
nitrousninja1 Månad sedan
This bmw needs to contend against bennys is600
Clunie Garage
Clunie Garage Månad sedan
Every V8 needs a cam! Great job MCM team. Now for some forced induction.
HSVR383SC Månad sedan
25:13 .061 inch, not degrees Marty! Anyway great video.
EakcoTV Månad sedan
I had a LT4 C4 for ten years and got right into it, but seems I barely knew anything compared to this chap’s knowledge
70 Månad sedan
The ultimate build. Thank God for LS
Another YouTuber
Another YouTuber Månad sedan
i hope tony gets to break the tires loose on pavement.
Jon Lejcar
Jon Lejcar Månad sedan
Keep up the good work boys. Love you guys.
TalonPro Månad sedan
Got me feeling white and nerdy....
The Man's Kitchen
The Man's Kitchen Månad sedan
So Martin now that it's cammed what do you reckon we go ahead and put a blower on it, you know a big old beefy supercharger... a little forced induction
Carn4ge Månad sedan
I didn't know Irving Zisman builds engines.
Austin Beloshapka
Austin Beloshapka Månad sedan
Are you guys gonna get a teslar
Joshua Schimanski
Joshua Schimanski Månad sedan
How heavy does marty think a commodore weighs?
MrButtonpresser Månad sedan
Fantastic stuff guys!
Isla's Dad
Isla's Dad Månad sedan
Am I the only person that wants to spend a week learning from Walter. (Tony) 😏 Build my battleship. 🤣
Tony is a gem. A master of his craft!