Disrespecting Our Civic (EP11) 

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WARNING - Our Civic is actually DISRESPECTED in this episode. We give the festy Civic a much needed facelift (with an angle grinder) and turn the key for the first time!

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The Ryobi Vacuum we're using in this episode

Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt. Some of the products featured in this video may be supplied by sponsors. For a list of our current sponsors please go to mightycarmods.com

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2 maj 2021



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 3 månader sedan
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Hipsters & Hippies
Hipsters & Hippies 2 månader sedan
28:26 What is the screwdriver on the fender. It looks just like the old craftsman. But with some nice length to it.
Hipsters & Hippies
Hipsters & Hippies 2 månader sedan
11:47 is that seriously an air compressor tanks drain valve in a radiator? 🤣
Meton12765 2 månader sedan
I am unsubscribing from your channel since you are literally normalizing casual violence with these kicks and hits at the beginning of videos. And I advocate everyone does the same. Your channel should be banned by SVdown, since this is a clear policy violation of it's terms and conditions and good manners.
Reginald Bowls
Reginald Bowls 2 månader sedan
Why do mom and dad always argue?
Kirk Jones
Kirk Jones 2 månader sedan
Adam G
Adam G 4 dagar sedan
When they started the Civic beatdown shouting "where's my VTEC!?" - as a Nissin driver I felt that.
Buttered Toast
Buttered Toast 17 dagar sedan
Exhaust is missing cat/test pipe AND flex pipe. You also have no PCV hooked up the your crankcase 😳
Josh Holt
Josh Holt 25 dagar sedan
That style of radiator petcock is common in old american vehicle's. Back before radiators went to plastic and aluminum.
Michael Wilkes
Michael Wilkes 27 dagar sedan
name the car "Civic Duty"
Cody Huber
Cody Huber Månad sedan
The biggest surprise of this video is that they've been working on cars for so long and never seen a petcock
deieznuts Månad sedan
Woulda kept that front bumper. The moldings are cool.
Oliver Massey
Oliver Massey Månad sedan
Salva Lerma
Salva Lerma Månad sedan
Doing the same but in reverse way: pre restyling front to post restyling wrecked car. First time commenting but a few years watching MCM, thanks to help me to improve my english and my knowledge about cars 😄. Cheers from Barcelona
Jacky Lo
Jacky Lo Månad sedan
Honda coolant is Blue!
Pauly Lewis
Pauly Lewis Månad sedan
Alexander Blanchard
Alexander Blanchard Månad sedan
Aww I'm from Canada.. i got excited.☠️☠️.😂
Lin Mal
Lin Mal Månad sedan
Leave the Civic's bumper rubbers Black !
Lin Mal
Lin Mal Månad sedan
The next one I buy is going to be a Century battery ! Cause you sponsor MCM !
Dean Simon
Dean Simon 2 månader sedan
it called asmr
Dean Simon
Dean Simon 2 månader sedan
it called asma
Patrick Russell
Patrick Russell 2 månader sedan
I work in damages at Amazon. All night long I throw away stuff that's broken "IN THE BIN". This series really made this loathsome work more enjoyable because at least at the end of a loooong hard day I dont go to the parking lot and climb into a Honda.
Dgzbgzhooab 23
Dgzbgzhooab 23 2 månader sedan
preface front bar from Civic Coupe, dont have molds.. and preface front bar have bigger "intake" hole in front..
Al Mac
Al Mac 2 månader sedan
As someone who has constant internal wrangling between my car loving, motorsport loving, noise loving side and the bit of me that cares about the environment and loves being out in it, you guys have been the final push in re-catting my Impreza. It only does about 1000 miles a year and it was de-catted about 8 years ago when I was younger and a bit less aware of my personal impact on the world around me, but it always left me a bit uncomfortable that I was running the car de-catted. So I have just bought a proper Prodrive cat to put in the car when I get to re-doing the rest of the exhaust. You guys are a strong influence, and for once in a world of fairly vacuous and self absorbed media stars, you actually have a significant positive impact on your watchers. I hope you realise that, and not just in being environmentally responsible but all you do to talk about mental health too. You're a great couple of guys.
Tyrone Marty Stock
Tyrone Marty Stock 2 månader sedan
That Honda Civic looks Wonderful with the VTech Engine
Tyrone Marty Stock
Tyrone Marty Stock 2 månader sedan
That Honda Civic is awesome with the VTech Engine Moog and Marty
Egoriussuperedinorog 2 månader sedan
I thought in Australia you should stay away from any spider webs, because every spider you have can kill, and you didn't even react. wow.
brady smith
brady smith 2 månader sedan
Just a heads up you didn't need coolant to crank it lol
Михаил Феофанов
Hi mcm✌️i live in russia. I want to buy a ryobi tool. do you have discount for mcm viewers?
PattThicc 2 månader sedan
'i dont even know you anymore' made my day hahaha
Daniel Coffin
Daniel Coffin 2 månader sedan
If you make a urine+tooth paste+avacado t-shirt I will buy one.
RadXwolfmanX 2 månader sedan
I’d love the civic! I’d chuck most of it in the bin!
Zully 2 månader sedan
Moog flying to Canada to help fix my honda??? deal
HondaChick94 2 månader sedan
This is hilarious 😂
Joshua Kooyman
Joshua Kooyman 2 månader sedan
I like the pre-face lift look. Very hard to find here in the USA.
Diesel Weasel
Diesel Weasel 2 månader sedan
Give me the car and we could paint it camouflage
Jason Valerio
Jason Valerio 2 månader sedan
Don't hate the, "In the Bin". I come here for In the Bin.
G Rhee
G Rhee 2 månader sedan
Skunk spoon mugën bumper indeed
Strongboy 72
Strongboy 72 2 månader sedan
I think Marty is enjoying how much this car is making Moog depressed. Poor Moog seems over it and Marty is having a good time. You have to disrespect the Civic to respect it!
andrewforte 2 månader sedan
12:30 Weird reverse wing thingy. I haven't seen a petcock valve for draining a radiator since the 90's First time I tried to loosen one, I didn't realize that it was reverse threaded. And DON'T bend the tabs down.
lana 02
lana 02 2 månader sedan
#freePalestine #saveYemen #savetheUyghurs
Jose Espinosa
Jose Espinosa 2 månader sedan
Lmao!! I heard a fart at 14:09
Jose Espinosa
Jose Espinosa 2 månader sedan
You should paint it championship type R white.
Joseph Gardner
Joseph Gardner 2 månader sedan
Fun fact!!! the term bucks in place of money i.e. 200 bucks started back in the states. A buck skin equalled a dollar.
Joseph Gardner
Joseph Gardner 2 månader sedan
18:30 is my favorite part it was super funny "get off my mad car" "Wheres my vtec"
ziarrvfx 2 månader sedan
Nailed the ASMR bit
Laghlan Deyo
Laghlan Deyo 2 månader sedan
One wheel peel, brah!!
Thats Gangsta
Thats Gangsta 2 månader sedan
I feel gross, like, caught my dog doing a cat sort of gross, over the fact I'm enjoying the civic build so much
XToni1992 2 månader sedan
Who keeps farting? 😂😂 Too many Tofu burgers. BTW I miss the black EG civic , and Rake!
robmespeedy 2 månader sedan
Wish you made that shirt in black 🖤
Hamza 2 månader sedan
Please donate this car to me 🥺 My unfinished B18 EG dropped a valve after timing belt change 🤣
Bryan 2 månader sedan
XToni1992 2 månader sedan
Front guard.
Jacob Sandvigen
Jacob Sandvigen 2 månader sedan
Respect for the Reach Out Plug. You both are doing good work.
ohm racing
ohm racing 2 månader sedan
What brand and size of storage rack are you guys using over those tool boxes? looks great
martin reyes
martin reyes 2 månader sedan
That random sheep was lit. BAAAAA 🐑
Zak Kadmiri
Zak Kadmiri 2 månader sedan
9:48 the gwable gopple twister tornado double tab 9000
James Runyon
James Runyon 2 månader sedan
Hello Moog! do you want to come to south florida in the US? instead of crocs, we have Gators instead of goats, we have goats, instead of Goanas, we have Iguanas and instead of kangaroos we have homeless drug addicts other than that, im pretty sure its identical. i dont even want this civic, but ill take it and finish it with you just to see you guys switching it up a bit on the channel. its coming into summer here, so its getting into the mid 80s F, i think thats 36 Euros if your using metric. PS, all of our bats are tiny. we dont have flying foxes which makes me really sad. if this happens, i want to visit first to do a bit about "this is what im getting" video, but really its to go hang out with some proper bats.
Alpha Major01
Alpha Major01 2 månader sedan
The slurping sound of the oil going in had me laughing so hard 🤣🤣
BigRonnie 2 månader sedan
any update about the focus RS? do you guys still have it ? haven't heard a peep in over a year??? Driven daily or?
Jesse Nguyen
Jesse Nguyen 2 månader sedan
Gotta love acts of kindness that goes beyond just simply saying “thoughts and prayers”
Ronald N
Ronald N 2 månader sedan
Good job on the donation.
Аве Арт
Аве Арт 2 månader sedan
Jimmy Mate
Jimmy Mate 2 månader sedan
Anyone else get into the bubbling asmr only to that cheeky fart at 14:07
VIP854 2 månader sedan
Real talk why use pink coolant? I have a fresh build and haven't added coolant yet. In the states we have some kind of blue coolant that says it's for Honda but the pink stuff is for Porsche. But like why?
Patrick O'Steen
Patrick O'Steen 2 månader sedan
Wait till they find out what that radiator drain is called....
CptHaddock 2 månader sedan
25:14 made me laugh hard. Love the editing being done in this series as well
JDM Honda История одного Civic'a
I am search the hood on auto-parsing,you just break the hood and fender((((
JDM Honda История одного Civic'a
my civic has destroyed
wazzawi333 2 månader sedan
I think you guys should plastidip spray the car, would be cool to see a video on that
ndc55 2 månader sedan
Same old stuff you've been doing for the past 6 years now, with exception to the EV build. It's getting old already. Please move on to newer tech and cars. Would love to see modding some hybrids or EV's. More tipps and tricks to the everyday driver that really enhances our lives. Like you did with the videos from long ago, like: "painting your car with color matched spray cans" or "alarm install". Sad to see that you haven't went on to make more current stuff. Honestly, I can't wait for ZeroEV UK to post something, would love to see some sort of collab or at least for you to delve into something else than just your ordinary project car.
Central Coast Corolla Project
This video is the number one reason why I don't trust Australian mechanics 😂🤪😲
curtis poplin
curtis poplin 2 månader sedan
takes 6 episodes half hour long each to do a basic swap teenagers do in there backyard in literally half a day by themselves. dragging out content, doing a lame swap that are literally the bottom of the barrel of honda swaps. could of dropped a k, an h. hell could have even done an H2B. get that shit out the gumball machine for a nickel but no, lets swap a 1.6 with another 1.6 and drag the content out i used to like yall
Nova WReXy
Nova WReXy 2 månader sedan
Each of these video's reminds me of the cringe that was my 2002 Honda Accord
sp1d3r7 2 månader sedan
Dear Marty & Moog, You guys are the dudes, But seriously this car is crude, How many more vids of this piece of crap, Before you decide to tap, Please return to your old beat, Like a car I'd actually drive on the street!!!
Cd Noony
Cd Noony 2 månader sedan
Im calling it. Engine fucked, they are going to come back with another motor hence the week delay on a half arsed build.
J Vogel
J Vogel 2 månader sedan
came to see if I missed a video and discovered that I had been unsubscribed!?!?!?
AKKTIVE AUTOSPORTS 2 månader sedan
Marty's REALLY selling the Ryobi vacuum.
Drizzy Doun
Drizzy Doun 2 månader sedan
When you gonna drop new episode
David Steele
David Steele 2 månader sedan
The NeverEnding story
Алексей Тютюнник
Зачем так унижать автомобиль? Вы делаете отстой.
Алексей Тютюнник
tairon martins
tairon martins 2 månader sedan
I love how fed up moog is with this build, hang strong friend.
TheRyadrian 2 månader sedan
I think you guys need to race a stock type r with a REAL honda fanatic in it around the track of HIS CHOICE
TheRyadrian 2 månader sedan
I cannot wait for the next episode omg. MMMMMMMBUUUUUP MMMMMmmmmm mmmMMMmmmMMMMMMMBUUUUUUP
SpoolingTurbo 2 månader sedan
*MCM kicking the quarter panel repeatedly* Moog: "Should we stop now?" Marty: "Yeah probably" Moog: *kicks it again*
T Fisher
T Fisher 2 månader sedan
Can me have ya civic please
Callum P.W
Callum P.W 2 månader sedan
Well done for the donation lads 👏✌
Json 2 månader sedan
I keep yelling in the bin while im replacing parts on my car now. My roommate is so confused lol.
Marc Mc Menamin
Marc Mc Menamin 2 månader sedan
Moog should really get a toyota glanza v and do a few power mods and suspension/handling mods then race the civic 🤙
skrub love
skrub love 2 månader sedan
Hondas are so easy to work on. You guys making it look so difficult. You cant get more basic and straight forward than a honda.
Patrick Libbey
Patrick Libbey 2 månader sedan
Top tier channel!!
Ollie Wilkinson
Ollie Wilkinson 2 månader sedan
Yes its pronounced "moogen" it's weird
ActionRollProduction 2 månader sedan
Lo Boost
Lo Boost 2 månader sedan
Ship the car to me and I will make a series on finishing the car. And turbocharging it.
HONDA Inside
HONDA Inside 2 månader sedan
Can i please have the old parts im in SA and been looking for the old front mine is smashed
dillonjonesofficial 2 månader sedan
Had to stop watching this series from the 'in the bin' cuts, literally drove me insane. I'll give this episode another try
Jack Marsho
Jack Marsho 2 månader sedan
That new front end screams accord/camry to me
Andrew Tuohy
Andrew Tuohy 2 månader sedan
Marty breath bro
KENAN PAVLOVIC 2 månader sedan
Why have I not heard either of them mention that the in the bin shirt is the Honda logo. I'm guessing it's obvious hence why no mention 😅
Honey BBQ Sauce
Honey BBQ Sauce 2 månader sedan
They really hate this Honda
Coleman Dean
Coleman Dean 2 månader sedan
Should paint it Hondas habenero red, looks good on north American 8th gen civic si's
Matthew Bowden
Matthew Bowden 2 månader sedan
$2020? $2 x 10
Brooks Yeager
Brooks Yeager 2 månader sedan
Um, Honda's use blue coolant and Toyota's use pink coolant, so does Dodge....
Ken Autotech
Ken Autotech 2 månader sedan
That style of coolant drain was the standard item in north america for many years! Don't bend the ears!
thewitchertales 2 månader sedan
bro im a tesla mechanic when moog said tesla panel gap i fucking spit up my coffee laughing so hard
Elijah Campbell
Elijah Campbell 2 månader sedan
No try the Toyota EPS so you don't steal any more of that missing HP
Shark vs. GoPro
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Shark vs. GoPro
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