Engine Swapping our BMW E30 

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We complete a full engine conversion on our 1989 E30 BMW 320i. We bought this JDM model with a questionable history, including an engine that was broken so in this episode we replace it with something EPIC!
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8 nov 2020



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 3 månader sedan
ALL NEW PuRiTy TSHIRT: ►mightycarmods.com/collections/clothing/products/purity-t-shirt
fallinbeef 3 månader sedan
@Joe Alex people swap them all the time so they could end up finding one with a 1jz in it and the fact it doesn't have a turbo is why its great, cause you get to put one in. also they all come with a 2JZ GE stock but people swap in the 2JZ GTE and the 1JZ GTE with the exception of the Altezza which is the Japanese version of the car and comes a couple weird variant engines. but if you import from America there's lots in great condition with the 2JZ waiting for the turbo. plus there cheap with usually no rust cause they dont need to salt their roads. And i would never expect any car enthusiast to know every car out there so i figure did give them a simple run down of the car incase they weren't familiar. i mean i live on the over side of the world from them, i have never been to Australia, only thing i know about the car scene out there is these guys and all they drive is subaru's, ricers and some of the most respectable vehicles that just where not born to go fast. anything else you wanna pick holes at?
MKKMNN 3 månader sedan
@Furkan Internal Combustion - Tiny Little Pieces
MKKMNN 3 månader sedan
@Furkan me too, can't find it :(
MKKMNN 3 månader sedan
@Jordan Leach didn't find it
StreeLgaming 3 månader sedan
Guys, 1 thing tho. I would recommend to fabricate a cover plate for the bottom part of the Flywheel/gearbox housing. You don't want anything flying in there and destroying mad stuff :P
James Jameson
James Jameson 10 dagar sedan
A fucking LS wow how fucking boring
Liuksen Krasnobaev
Liuksen Krasnobaev 14 dagar sedan
Алексей, к слову к игре в онлайн казино нужно также подходить с умом. Конечно, когда вы играете в 1хбет то вы никогда не поднимите рубли, а например если придти к этому вопросу тщательно тогда будете представлять, что бывают такие как 1хбеты, придуманные на коленке и не отвечающие ни за что, а бывают игорные заведения с лицензией, там подкрутка автоматов отсутствует. Так что не надо судить только по левым сайтам. Лист лицензионных игорных заведений онлайн можно увидеть здесь: www.casinreg.ru
Abu Yaqs Cruz
Abu Yaqs Cruz 26 dagar sedan
On forza they make it look so easy😔 suppose this cost a fortune
Tasty Tears
Tasty Tears 28 dagar sedan
Rust? *Laughs in scandinavian*
Faisal AlAli
Faisal AlAli Månad sedan
LS & BMW !! 🤮
Cykaurot Månad sedan
2:30 knew it
Trap Johnson
Trap Johnson Månad sedan
That might be one of the first context appropriate foot assists I've seen. No, the second one.
RGEntertainment Månad sedan
I love videos like this. Car engines never fail to amaze me.
Chris Seidler
Chris Seidler 2 månader sedan
"Gonna put something special in it" Yeah, right....................
SimpleCarGuy 2 månader sedan
My 2011 BMW e92 project car I’m working on my channel right now is way more rusty than this 40 year old bimmer. God I wish I didn’t live in the Midwest!
Mem rivan
Mem rivan 2 månader sedan
Why you didnt put the v10 bmw engine... that would be an epic e30
Craig Stevenson
Craig Stevenson 3 månader sedan
Such good music that fits the car build 🤘🤜
Petrolhead 3 månader sedan
Which is a differential installed there?
Bradford Blowthe1
Bradford Blowthe1 3 månader sedan
No way all that is coming back out to fix the rust 👍
RK YEG 3 månader sedan
Imagine if TLC, The Learning Channel not the girl group, had content of this quality.
RK YEG 3 månader sedan
I have wanted to put an LS engine in every car I have owned.
Addam Siewdass
Addam Siewdass 3 månader sedan
15:15 absolute gold
Tyler Auger
Tyler Auger 3 månader sedan
What was the song at the 20 minute mark? 😯
Connar Downes
Connar Downes 3 månader sedan
take resonator off!
Odin Ponzi
Odin Ponzi 3 månader sedan
Which modern engine fits the e30 like a glove?
Marko Kaljula
Marko Kaljula 3 månader sedan
Hey Marty! What's that watch you're using, I love it 😁
Skiboot Dier
Skiboot Dier 3 månader sedan
What is the weight distribution with that Chevy engine? Factory is 50/50..
BR1 XH 3 månader sedan
U never fixed the rust
RacingWithParamotors 3 månader sedan
20:10 Static-X?!
crazymonkey626 3 månader sedan
Tiny little pieces - combustion
Knallen 3 månader sedan
for the people who can't always get the help of someone profesional when they find rust like that on a car, dont worry. buy/rent or borrow a welder and get some sheet metal and a plier. You literally cant make it worse, so just give it a go. Bad welds and a ugly job is 10x better than rust
Scott Verge
Scott Verge 3 månader sedan
I can't be the only person that would love to see a Tesla swap at some point form MCM?
ferrarikingdom 3 månader sedan
Yuck first engine swap you guys have done Im disappointed in. Smh s65 v8 would’ve been great and it’s actually a bmw engine
Jack Fahuna
Jack Fahuna 3 månader sedan
No need for music
FazyLuck 3 månader sedan
Chuck a rotary in it like I’ve done with my E30 project!
Graham Song
Graham Song 3 månader sedan
Please never put that music in your videos again, thanks
Motheo Lebelo
Motheo Lebelo 3 månader sedan
Epic work guys
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 3 månader sedan
I miss seeing Turbo Yoda & mechanical sting on the show get the lads to pop in I know theor busy on their own shows but lads have a bit of fun together
ZE_GERMAN 3 månader sedan
Doesn’t matter what kinda car lover you are. Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Euro, sooner than later you will end up with Bald Eagles 🦅 Caw Caw!!!
dckstr 3 månader sedan
That fistbump sync @ 22:06 thoooo 🔥
BETA Boyz 3 månader sedan
That knuckle bump after tightening the intake hose clamp was badass
Trevor Nolting
Trevor Nolting 3 månader sedan
Twin Turbo the LS to beat 2 sexy
Jake Harper
Jake Harper 3 månader sedan
Hell yeah, I just found the end video to the build and seeing the intricate little mods done so that everything aligns perfectly. I must say I like the little mods that are fitted with the new baffled oil sump and oil filter relocation kit as it well and truly helps with ease of access for minor servicing. The classic rtv gasket sealant internet joke cracked me up 🤣
Corey Conway
Corey Conway 3 månader sedan
Should of done bmw e60 v10
Joshua Foster
Joshua Foster 3 månader sedan
Damn auzzies and their kilowatts 😂😂
Revelair Fan Man
Revelair Fan Man 3 månader sedan
Who cares if LS swaps are common? That little BMW turd is going to HAUL ARSE and that’s all that matters!
Crow 3 månader sedan
Ah yes, an LSThreeE30
Bulik 616681
Bulik 616681 3 månader sedan
I thought they gonna put 2JZ))
Evan Peck
Evan Peck 3 månader sedan
The fact that these two haven’t made a cameo in any of the fast and furious movies is a crime
Lewis 3 månader sedan
I'd love for you guys to work on a car this old from the UK or somewhere else that's cold and wet... you two seriously don't know how lucky you are when it comes to crust!
Devlin Oshay
Devlin Oshay 3 månader sedan
Holy crap! An American V8 on MCM? The whole world has gone crazy... for about the 4th time this year.
General Pinochet
General Pinochet 3 månader sedan
stop with the LS shit
Lucian Florin
Lucian Florin 3 månader sedan
Bang an e34 on left of e30... :D:D:D:D:D
Николай Галкин
Я понимаю что это "баварский трактор " и все дела. Но почему не от пескоструить и заварить?
The Official James Martin
The Official James Martin 3 månader sedan
its been like 2 years since i saw mighty car mods... didnt sub back then just rabbit holed my way here then and back again now! SUBBED! AND YOU HAVE SOME A LONG WAY SINCE THE Super charged mini and the old man subie!
Леонид Бодров
Леонид Бодров 3 månader sedan
Зашел с русскоязычного канала посмотреть что свапают, думал джэй будет ((
James Davey
James Davey 3 månader sedan
Loving the 80s vibes with the tunes Moog!
Clinton Van Wyk
Clinton Van Wyk 3 månader sedan
"M20B25 biggest engine other than the M car" BMW South Africa: "ahhh e30 333i?"
Мереке Сактаган
Matt Snyder
Matt Snyder 3 månader sedan
MOOG! I need to know the track at ~21:08 PLEASE
Arktos 3 månader sedan
Same, I need to know as well
FreakkyJack 3 månader sedan
American V8?..... i was hoping for something jdm..... or a M62B44 / S62B50 supercharged! i dont know man.... :/
Ryan Boucher
Ryan Boucher 3 månader sedan
What are moogs pants. 5:01
Nicholas Johnston
Nicholas Johnston 3 månader sedan
I was chanting ls swap and then got hype
Flagship Garage
Flagship Garage 3 månader sedan
Old bimmers have such good chassis, perfect for mods 🤟
Stove Guy
Stove Guy 3 månader sedan
That is a narrow car. Like my 66 mustang. Install an IFS kit and you can put a monster motor. So easy.
fo3 3 månader sedan
As an aussie classic BMW owner I fully support this and don't listen to the nay-sayers. What people around the world don't appreciate is that you work with what you can use. BMWs in Australia were twice the price and hardly ever came with big engines or man trans. We've got about 5% of what you can get in Europe or USA and good luck finding a s50 or s52, and because the bell housing is integral to the german trans, good luck finding a manual since the m20 or m30 days. We can get a small amount of LSx so that makes sense. Even turboing a BMW i6 is a pain due to the RHD steering column. Personally I want another BMW but this time a touring, like a e46 330i touring or a e39 540 touring but they never sold them here (E:only 320i for the e46 or 530i max for the e39) and they're all auto. I'd love a 330 or 530 or a 540i manual trans touring but they don't seem to have ever been offered here - we just got smaller engined and/or overpriced autos so we don't have the bmw build options anyway. MCM have done 1-2 LSx so it's not boring for us, the barra don't fit (and they've done barras before), 2jz would be boring as it's been done a lot before elsewhere.
Nate Maier
Nate Maier 3 månader sedan
where is the oil filter?
produKtNZ 3 månader sedan
All this for a shitty video game tie-in... sigh
mazz's maker space
mazz's maker space 3 månader sedan
Shoutout to us Polish in the crowd, Kransky is good ;)
Jake Downey
Jake Downey 3 månader sedan
Thank you for showing rust, love you boys
MC LD 3 månader sedan
🥺this was such a long journey
SimplePictures 3 månader sedan
You have no steering if this bolts out, but still needed to Hammer to get of splines 😂😂
Isaiah Wood
Isaiah Wood 3 månader sedan
Absolutely murdered the tracks on this
Paul-Ove Eidem
Paul-Ove Eidem 3 månader sedan
This ain’t a BMW anymore...🙄
Ruben Garcia
Ruben Garcia 3 månader sedan
What song starts playing at 18:00?
Fabian 3 månader sedan
Ahhh the LS, the most hated and the most loved engine!!!! If it was up to me, there would be an LS in every vehicle my wife and I own, including our Honda s2000 and Scion XB. Sorry S2000 purists but an LS would be sweet!!!!
YuRich 3 månader sedan
Хорошая работа, парни! From Russia With Love!
NWJF 3 månader sedan
Rear mount turbo on the horizon. Bet.
Chris Pariaug
Chris Pariaug 3 månader sedan
24.04 naked foot warning
Chris Pariaug
Chris Pariaug 3 månader sedan
Great Video and music choice ... you boys need a hoist in your shed ... but I appreciate your dedication to your shade tree mechanic roots
Remko Kentrop
Remko Kentrop 3 månader sedan
And there was me hoping you'd stick to a Euro engine. I respect the fact it's cheap and powerful but I just feel meh towards LS swaps. Thumbs down for me.
abc 123
abc 123 3 månader sedan
I bought a gearbox adapter off brintech once... What's the point of having 0.01mm precision designing a part when you're going to send it out with plasma cut holes for bolts and dowels? Nothing tapped, nothing drilled, didn't fit.
Tyler Stilwell
Tyler Stilwell 3 månader sedan
11:32 checks his hammer hahaha
Josh Pearce
Josh Pearce 3 månader sedan
an LS? ......... nah boys...... what about the 335i twin turbo n motors??? or the n63 turbo v8? shit
Scott Ord
Scott Ord 3 månader sedan
It's impressive to get the toe all set that early.
Rahhhhhnman 3 månader sedan
While an LS swap makes sense in a pile of ways.....it's quite boring and lacks style
Cretkensigh 3 månader sedan
Aint no cure for cubes.
cloudyclouds 3 månader sedan
What torque wrench is that? Looks fun
Ahmad Tajy
Ahmad Tajy 3 månader sedan
JDM German car. AUDM American Engine. Where's the purity man?
Nabeel Juma
Nabeel Juma 3 månader sedan
11:26 should’ve been a slomo shot boys ! ;)
Sam Brockie
Sam Brockie 3 månader sedan
Nice, I’m running a 1UZ V8 in one of my E30s also running a R200 Nissan LSD, but I went E36 5 stud. Love that the diffs are everywhere and like $200 for a LSD while the E30 LSDs go for $1200
bruh moment
bruh moment 3 månader sedan
ngl was expecting a barra
SgtThUND3R 3 månader sedan
Atem S.
Atem S. 3 månader sedan
just wow!!!
Jeremiah Story
Jeremiah Story 3 månader sedan
Metal version of 2Sexy anyone....hmmmmm? 🤘
Chase Wheatley
Chase Wheatley 3 månader sedan
Moog put some killer music in this episode! Definitely need an album on Apple Music or something!
R H 3 månader sedan
Out of curiosity is there a reason you switched from hexagonal bolts to allens?
Jacob Piercey
Jacob Piercey 3 månader sedan
Will Watling
Will Watling 3 månader sedan
Is no one going to mention the absolute state of those welds on the manifold ?
- rɘact '
- rɘact ' 3 månader sedan
I would swap M52B28 stroker.
Tulle Rönnmyr
Tulle Rönnmyr 3 månader sedan
Has Moog ever released the song playing at 21:45?
James Andrew
James Andrew 3 månader sedan
Tiny little pieces - internal combustion
Shubham Anant
Shubham Anant 3 månader sedan
Pls more content like this....
Samuel Paniagua
Samuel Paniagua 3 månader sedan
I hope you guys don't ditch that body kit, I've never cared for BMWs let alone E30s but that bumper has me thinking about one
Chris Briggs
Chris Briggs 3 månader sedan
Time for some new poly bushings. Those old factory style rubber ones arent going to last long.
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