How To Fix Your Car Door Trims (JDM MIRA) 

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Learn how to restore your sagging, stinking door trims and cards with this complete DIY guide. Whether you've water damage or just need a fresh update, we'll show you step-by-stephow it's done on our mad little JDM Mira!
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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25 aug 2019



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James Enlow
James Enlow 8 dagar sedan
Thanks for the knowledge!! Looks great!!
April Crotch
April Crotch 17 dagar sedan
19,000th like right here👍
Lorenzo A
Lorenzo A Månad sedan
What glue sprays are best for these masonites? Would like to know what you guys used of if anyone knows the best one. (Restoring an 80's car).
Agent Soshi
Agent Soshi 3 månader sedan
MDF, falls apart when it gets wet, harmful to work with, annoying to clean up, but somehow the perfect medium in certain circumstances
splashysiren 6 månader sedan
Are my door cars? No. But ok I'll watch it anyways :)
Connor McIntyre
Connor McIntyre 7 månader sedan
I replaced the fabric on my door cards in my Mk4 Jetta 5 years ago just after I graduated college with a tropical floral pattern... My parents were not impressed, lol.
Andrew Harley
Andrew Harley 8 månader sedan
Hey guys great video! What or who did you get that material from?
Andre Parris
Andre Parris 8 månader sedan
Where did you guys get that car?!!
J41D3N AUDI S3 9 månader sedan
“They stink of soy sauce and bong smoke” I think my car just got offended 😂
Anish Weerasooriya
Anish Weerasooriya 9 månader sedan
rrrandommman 10 månader sedan
Doug Macrae
Doug Macrae År sedan
so what happens after your done.... who gets the car?
Saiful Nasque
Saiful Nasque År sedan
Lol.where do you guys get this perodua kancil car?from malaysia.lol
Kip Loretta
Kip Loretta År sedan
Where can i get that premade for my car door!!! Who can laser cut that stuff??
MeZmeriZe_ År sedan
Should have used coreflute instead of mdf. Coreflute is at Bunnings for 8 bucks a sheet and it's waterproof and won't fit and you can shape it with scissors and a Stanley knife and it covers well. Oh and it's less than a third of the weight.
Review King
Review King År sedan
that looks shit its all lifted at the bottom and dirty
Taylor McCarthy
Taylor McCarthy År sedan
Black like we're supposed too, we're the bad guys 😂😂😂😂
Dino Hodzic
Dino Hodzic År sedan
definetly waste of time...99,9% cars dont have flat door panels, a 5y old can do panels like this..
FullTimePRO År sedan
Rob hand delivered it, and then went back to Japan.
Drew Swanson
Drew Swanson År sedan
im getting motion sickness chill with the camera movement haha
Barry Fields
Barry Fields År sedan
That 80/20 rule is exactly why there are so many 80% restored cars have been setting on block in people’s back yards for years!
muhamad khairin
muhamad khairin År sedan
Can u guys list out the materials for details, tqvm from Malaysia 🇲🇾
Ryan Wingate
Ryan Wingate År sedan
Love you guys, but PLEASE be done with the Mira videos soon. There are more fish in the sea.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan År sedan
G'day lads, thanks for the quality content! Keep it coming.
VantageNoir År sedan
Old school MCM, love it.
VantageNoir År sedan
Nah, the Mira's better.
Mystninja År sedan
Carpornfiber door trims would look mad too.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan År sedan
nice perodua kancil
ReidMCG År sedan
Weed is super illegal in Japan. How did the bong smoke smell get there boys? ;)
RyTrapp0 År sedan
As far as DIYing door panels, "two-tone" is easy enough - where the two differing materials meet, you cover with a piece of trim material or molding, just like an OEM does. If it's trim material, you would ideally sew it all/get it all sewed together down this joint since all 3 pieces of material are overlapping. If using a molding of some sort(anything from a thin chrome strip to a full length arm rest - it just needs to cover the joint), you can possibly get away with just an adhesive as long as you choose the right stuff(there's a specific industrial adhesive for EVERYTHING today), or poke holes through the card and put short screws in through the back of the molding(don't poke through!), or attach spring tabs, or fold over tabs, anything like that to the molding to stick through the door card, whatever attachment method is most appropriate. It's no different than using the pinchweld material to trim the bottom of the door panel here. Also, put a thin soft foam layer between the door card and the cover, it'll fill it out and give it a bit of a perceived value boost. You can experiment with thicknesses, but between an 1/8"-3mm and a 1/4"-6mm would probably be the 'safe' zone. You can even get sneaky and use thicker pieces on one part of the panel and thinner pieces on, say, a second material, or you can leave a gap between two pieces of foam and pull the cover down to the card with some thread to emphasize a visual seam. These things really aren't that difficult to get creative with - especially once you figure out how to build door structures that match a custom door card that maybe has large custom arm rests(shape a block of hard foam into the shape you want, coat in resin, cover with layer of felt or similar material[T-shirts even work], coat in resin, let harden, coat in body filler and sand it to shape like bodywork, then paint it or upholster it; attach through the door panel to the custom inner door structure, likely using screws). If you can do basic bodywork, basic composite work(in other words, you've worked with a hardening resin before), you've cut/drilled wood with a power tool at some point in your life, you have the basic skills to make door panels from scratch. Making something like an upholstered center console from scratch really isn't that much different - but, you start talking about upholstering seats from scratch, especially doing custom foams too, that's some straight wizardry, I don't even know where to begin with that stuff...
bilinas mini
bilinas mini År sedan
2 views, 85 likes. MCM notification crew puttin’ in work.
Robert Evo Step
Robert Evo Step År sedan
Great work guys, love the retro mcm feel, definitely brings back some memories!
Emily An
Emily An År sedan
Welcome to mighty car mods! Today we will be showing you how to fill up your car with petrol. The first step is to jack up your car
bilinas mini
bilinas mini År sedan
No new door card cover material? Really? So what your saying is that even after all that, it still stinks like soy sauce, bong hits and sweat.....So much for the diamond stitch
Mike Ashenfelter
Haha. Moog said bong smoke.
Emily An
Emily An År sedan
Love the video! Old school! But the ads... oh man 5 by the 10 minute mark.
Joanna År sedan
2 views, 85 likes. MCM notification crew puttin’ in work.
Itz Ivy
Itz Ivy År sedan
This is a great guide guys, but I have a question about my UK spec XR2I door cards. My cards run up from the bottom of the door and curve out towards the glass, is there any way to replicate this bend? Tia
Itz Ivy
Itz Ivy År sedan
Joanna when you have a retro car, it’s always best to keep it as original as possible 👍🏻
Joanna År sedan
You put so much time and love into that car, why do you re-attach the old dirty and damaged leather covers from the original door trims? Would it not be nicer to fabricate som
Joel Emberson
Joel Emberson År sedan
love this old school style mcm vid!
Balázs Monori-Kiss
before reassemble I use transparent paint on the door card to prevent any water or moisture damage. nice little car, grats :)
Thats Gangsta
Thats Gangsta År sedan
The Mira really is a little ol nuggèt
xcel idea
xcel idea År sedan
nice perodua kancil
Jon-Paul Guseli
Jon-Paul Guseli År sedan
Why don’t you do a Suzuki Swift or a BMW 3 series??
Downfan79 lordcoffeedeathmetal
are your door cars?
zaque.mwhc År sedan
Is there a specific reason you choose not to use a patreon? I feel like I've watched most if not all of your videos, is it in there somewhere?
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson År sedan
old school format and tunes 😍😍😍
T3K År sedan
speaking of balenos I used to own one it was called the esteem in the US, it was a fun little car until the engine started knocking 😂
Grant Bortner
Grant Bortner År sedan
I love the OG videos like these!!!
Leon Bray
Leon Bray År sedan
Went to Bunnings to buy a heat gun skin and they are all sold out. Sold out in in 3 other local stores. Tool store guy's comment - "Guess you watch Mighty Car Mods". Hope MCM gets commission on sales
nixsound År sedan
Why don't you guys do patreon?
DutyCalls År sedan
No new door card cover material? Really? So what your saying is that even after all that, it still stinks like soy sauce, bong hits and sweat.....So much for the diamond stitch Alcantara two tone suede with piping.....lol
Wow I didn’t know psyched substances were into cars
BeKindRewind År sedan
You put so much time and love into that car, why do you re-attach the old dirty and damaged leather covers from the original door trims? Would it not be nicer to fabricate some new leather covers?
Benjo År sedan
youve got a crease right behind the internal door handle. i wouldn't be happy with that.
TheTanGiant År sedan
"First, jack up your car" *Doesn't jack up car* God I love this channel
hodillac År sedan
One racetrack to go, and hold the onions please!
Mike Boatwright
Mike Boatwright År sedan
Thanks for all that you guys do to entertain us! I bought a 1990 Miata last year and ordered a Chopped fingers keychain to go with it. My daughter has been hounding me for it ever since she first saw it haha! I just placed an order for another one, plus some other goodies for her and me both. I'm proud to rep your show, and again, thanks for all you do!
MRSomethin1 År sedan
mucous also works well on door trims
Patrik Möller
Patrik Möller År sedan
Love your show, perfect mix between seeing people actually doing things and being entertaining. Keep it up guys, your awesome 😃😃
Ruben Teixeira
Ruben Teixeira År sedan
Suzuki Bolino? 😂 It's Baleno*
bscotty24bmx År sedan
Thanks for going back to this layout for a video. Makes me feel like you guys are still humble.
Timothy Santos
Timothy Santos År sedan
mira vs. vtec mini
Ian Hughes
Ian Hughes År sedan
Russell English
Russell English År sedan
if I had a youtube channel for all my projects, I wonder if I would actually do the projects properly instead of half-arsing it. I guess it didnt work for Samcrac tho
LadyJessica861 År sedan
Rob hand delivered and went back to Japan. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Idroxyde År sedan
Door panels are a true nightmare in bmw E36's !!
Veritas Originale
GhostEi År sedan
Unless I'm wrong about this you guys need a drift car, unless you already have one lol
D Palmer
D Palmer År sedan
You put the stickers on between the suspension video and this one
Graham Spooner
Graham Spooner År sedan
Hi boy just a quick hello and to say love watching the show keep up the great work
Pinchweld looks terrible. Poor choice.
breakshot74 År sedan
what a mean thing to do to tease us with the freshly polised car in the background
Jallenbah År sedan
I defo prefer the original Japanese trim for the top of the door and leaning your arm on those old style metal doors on a hot day is some serious burn shit - I would definately have kept them on. Still, looks great.
Nick Burns
Nick Burns År sedan
Moog, did you do the music for this Video? (Garage 54?) svdown.info/post/video/q1-cdq59qaqevbM.html
Nick Burns
Nick Burns År sedan
Sorry *Blair Joscelyne had to Wiki the spelling 👍🏽
Nick Burns
Nick Burns År sedan
It starts at about about 1:20 and has that distinguished Blaire Jocelyn vibe going....
Paul Debaecker
Paul Debaecker År sedan
5:25 couldn't you just saw the two parts together?
wafiy hasyim
wafiy hasyim År sedan
Mcm is back!
TrueBlueEG8 År sedan
These are the kind of vids that got me hooked on this show. Love that little car, and she deserves every bit of effort ye put into her.
TheEquilibriate År sedan
Thumbs up 2 secs in after hearing that bassline! :)
David Ha
David Ha År sedan
U guys need to step up your game. Goonzsquad is fixing 5 cars, 3 dirt bikes and a boat while you guys are working on a door trim...
Rey Yakko GBodyPR
130 people suck goat balls
bobdoleluke1978 År sedan
Great video guys.
This World Shall Know Pain!
Old door cards have too much human slime
HayTam År sedan
Next vidéo : How to open a window
R.P.A Garage
R.P.A Garage År sedan
Good job but the spray glue is a shit.... 🤦‍♂️
jay AMD
jay AMD År sedan
just a tiny bit of observation, sorry if its been said already but it really looks like the plastic clips are a loose fit in the slotted hole i think using the next punch size down would be way more secure.
XcrissRS13 År sedan
Them bubbles though! x(
sick of crybabies.
Melameeeeeeeen, Is that enough e's I didnt think you came from the lowest states. Try melamine, Spelled and articulated as melamine, Pronounced mel ah myne.
Ryan År sedan
I want to see a MCM Patreon in the next month.
RexTex hardware & mods
Just use superglue..?
Krzysiek Szarmach
awesome job as always :) i'm waiting for my honda back to me after body repairs (and make it wider :D) then i'll start some detail repair before summers cars party in poland :D many thing will be done with your help from videos ;) P.S. sorry for my shit english :D
Dylan Kruithof
Dylan Kruithof År sedan
I miss this sort of content from you guys and my ute definitely needs a makeover like this 😊 keep up the great work
Spam Mouse
Spam Mouse År sedan
Before re-trimming the panel it would be wise to seal the fibreboard with a basic wood primer or similar first.
bboydrummer1 År sedan
Bloody fantastic. It was a real feel good episode!
William Stewart
William Stewart År sedan
An old wizards coat? Oh wait, that's another you tube channel.
Chris Pariaug
Chris Pariaug År sedan
Caught your black scrambler in the back ....looks nice boys!
Nathan Cooke
Nathan Cooke År sedan
Back to basics thanks gents! Dash flocking next? Update how to wash a car properly, cleaning windscreens with metal polish etc.. Moar DIY please there's only so much Chrisfix we can watch ;)
No, but my foreskin flaps like an old wizards coat. Can you show me how to fix that?
Gargenville År sedan
The first step is to jack up your car
Junior Schouten
Junior Schouten År sedan
The mira looks so clean! Respect project!
Darren Geary
Darren Geary År sedan
woulld ike 2 c u take the Mira out in the sun light. I wanna see the paintwork. please! pretty please!
Al T
Al T År sedan
dam ...i was hoping you'd get the foam, razor blades and rollers out and shape up some fully sick hektic chopped fingers door trims
casey round
casey round År sedan
Love the old skool style video guys
David d
David d År sedan
Pat Davis 2403
Pat Davis 2403 År sedan
“And Marty’s going to show you the tools you need” Marty: **squats next to line of simple tools Hasn’t changed in 11 years. Love it. *Never change boys!*
Jacques Smith
Jacques Smith År sedan
Nice Boys!
No Sew Door Panel Upholstery
$169 eBay Turbo Install