How To Install a POD Filter 

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Increase your performance and your noise by installing a performance air filter on your car. In this snappy video, Marty and Moog from Mighty Car Mods show you how!
►DYNO TESTED HERE: svdown.info/post/video/hnOCqciFhoufkrc.html
►COLD AIR INTAKES DYNO TESTED svdown.info/post/video/rqmHpc1_hZdpyKc.html
►TURBO AIR INTAKES DYNO TESTED svdown.info/post/video/nXWiY9yjZY2pta8.html
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt. Some of the products featured in this video may be supplied by sponsors. For a list of our current sponsors please go to mightycarmods.com

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11 okt 2020



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 4 månader sedan
Support the show and grab a classic MCM T-shirt in blaaaack! mightycarmods.com/collections/clothing/products/mighty-car-mods-tee-shirt
Herbert Moorhouse
Herbert Moorhouse 4 månader sedan
.... Have you got em in BLAAACKK ?
Numinous 4 månader sedan
What was that? Is this a meme?? I've been vaccinated more slowly, LOL!
james dalton
james dalton 4 månader sedan
Short n Sweet just like Cheryl Said
blackcountryme 4 månader sedan
The printing is coming off mine, only washed at 40 as no way I'm hand washing shit
Nate Terrs
Nate Terrs 4 månader sedan
ooooh a whole series of 1 minute mods!
Chub Tastic
Chub Tastic 12 dagar sedan
Love the soda and swollen soda logged cheetos in the toilet with just a light splash of filter housing mmm what a delicious meal lol love the show like always
BoS Månad sedan
Isn't it illegal to have an uncovered pod filter in NSW tho??
BoS 17 dagar sedan
@Covert Garage no
Covert Garage
Covert Garage 18 dagar sedan
I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars
frazler Official
frazler Official Månad sedan
This is like modest pelican gaming but for cars 😂
Luis Jiménez
Luis Jiménez 2 månader sedan
"It sounds like ASS" i cant breathe lmao
spoogie357 2 månader sedan
Al Gore Rhythm be damned, THIS is what we need on MCM! =D
The Bootleg Girl
The Bootleg Girl 3 månader sedan
1:16 New Poggers?
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 3 månader sedan
B REWEY 3 månader sedan
Love the video keep doing more of the old stuff but make it longer you use to do and do some funny talk why doing the project
BLIP_ 3 månader sedan
Wacky-waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man! Wacky-waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man! Wacky-waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man! Hahah Im here after I heard that it was an experiment.
What Ever
What Ever 3 månader sedan
MayheM SharD
MayheM SharD 3 månader sedan
only watched the cos of the unicorn circuit, otherwise wouldn't have watched it as they already proved that pod filters are actually the same if not worse than a standard panel filter. Saying that they do give you nice induction noises, which I got on my corolla about 15 years ago by getting rid of the baffle and putting some storm water pipe to make a larger inlet, plus this message too longer to write then the episode! LOL
Yeah Nah
Yeah Nah 3 månader sedan
This episode is too long. You guys upload too much I can't keep up. Slow down. MCMCMCM TAX I'm angry because MCM bought car MNAAAHHHHH
Lenaïc Djc
Lenaïc Djc 4 månader sedan
Laughted so hard
Egoriussuperedinorog 4 månader sedan
Это было прекрасно👍
Lance Marriott
Lance Marriott 4 månader sedan
Jerrod P
Jerrod P 4 månader sedan
It took me a lot longer to realize than I'd like to admit that he said to Jack up your car for this type of job lmao
SULKNATIONtv 4 månader sedan
So good!
Rocket__Man1 4 månader sedan
k series + Gemini ?
Jon Davies
Jon Davies 4 månader sedan
No toes? CANCELLED! ;)
Honey BBQ Sauce
Honey BBQ Sauce 4 månader sedan
Chicken Nuggies in A dirty toilet FTW
otto leeverink
otto leeverink 4 månader sedan
Yes!!! This is how it should be
TY5ON JAM 4 månader sedan
Just like the old times.
Schmidt54 4 månader sedan
I can smell the old driveway calling :D
Samuel Martiskainen
Samuel Martiskainen 4 månader sedan
so nice to have oldschool MCM feel now I just need to install that eBay pod filter(Been sitting for months) for pod filter goodness :)
dan ledouche
dan ledouche 4 månader sedan
Clickbait upload.
Tate Swanson
Tate Swanson 4 månader sedan
I laughed for 90 seconds straight
Matt Povah
Matt Povah 4 månader sedan
Ha ha ha awesome - fast in fast out
Unfocused Mods
Unfocused Mods 4 månader sedan
Best video ever!!!!!!!!
Dionamuh 4 månader sedan
1:28 See you'z all next time. Sounds like DankPods... or should I say DankMods?
FlyFisher 4 månader sedan
This is the most informative 1 minute and thirty seconds on the internet..... no really, it was........
casey round
casey round 4 månader sedan
We needs more videos like this i do miss the good old mcm days 😁
Nikolai Sikes
Nikolai Sikes 4 månader sedan
I don't care to install a pod filter, I just wanna watch you guys!
Jeff Manseau
Jeff Manseau 4 månader sedan
I never jack up my car because I LIKE TO DO THINGS RAW
Robert Cox
Robert Cox 4 månader sedan
Phoenixofwind 4 månader sedan
Speed Run!
Mystical Zeus
Mystical Zeus 4 månader sedan
I just out my order in for a Puzzle, SIGN IT FOR ME, PLEASE!
SANDMAN 4 månader sedan
Here's a challenge, I've been told by numerous people you cannot turbo a 2008 volvo v50 2.0l petrol. Apparently nobody can map it afterwards. Can you turbo one and map it? Keep in mind that's without ripping out everything you cant map.
Mike Thornley
Mike Thornley 4 månader sedan
Honestly, when I saw this video was 90 seconds long, I assumed it was going to be a short but passionate rant on why you should buy a pod filter and throw it in the bin.
zombee Sama
zombee Sama 4 månader sedan
thought it was a tiktok video haha
Morten Hartvig Kristiansen
Had to double check the year of this video, thought it was from 2006
Adam Mann
Adam Mann 4 månader sedan
Seriously is that the best you can do? 89 seconds of crap........
Teague Budd
Teague Budd 4 månader sedan
Hello from Nova Scotia,Canada! Huge huge fan of your show and skils. Cheers, Teague and Panda the dog!
Marty Handley
Marty Handley 4 månader sedan
Awesome, prolly a bunch of dopey twats asking about installing a pod filter......so the boys graciously nailed it.....and it sounds like shit and there won’t be any hp gain, just stupid noise......hahahaha....that’s why I live this channel.....
Arturas P
Arturas P 4 månader sedan
dont forget to add sand to your pistons, - it takes months for the pod filter to allow sand to scratch the pistons, why wait?!
Luke Zivkovic
Luke Zivkovic 4 månader sedan
Goes to show how far they’ve come, loved this little snippet from the old days.
redslate32 4 månader sedan
Wait... Why lift the car?
DJ Jiff
DJ Jiff 4 månader sedan
hahah yes yes
Jan Laïs
Jan Laïs 4 månader sedan
I did legit laugh to the tears! Thx
Kitsunemimi 4 månader sedan
Now THIS is what I've been waiting for!
Camilo Miño
Camilo Miño 4 månader sedan
I like this video, it brings back memories of the beginnings of MCM, simple, cheap and easy modifications.
YP 4 månader sedan
Ngl, read the title as "How to Install a POND Filter" and thought, hmm, never seen anyone use a car intake to filter their pond. Then I saw it was MCM >.
Lütfullah Karahanlı
Lütfullah Karahanlı 4 månader sedan
Basically do what marty said at 0:10 😂👌🏼
Matthäus Gleim
Matthäus Gleim 4 månader sedan
OMG that oldschool tune @0:22
FierceMotorworks 4 månader sedan
wait, why did you need to jack up your car?
Melted F8ce
Melted F8ce 4 månader sedan
No need for the bracket.
KrayzieYoshi 4 månader sedan
This was actually a genius video! Look at the views, shows how many people can’t do this 😂😂😂
trevorpom 4 månader sedan
They forgot to disconnect the battery!!!...amateurs...XD
Classic Bumers
Classic Bumers 4 månader sedan
Barranomaly 4 månader sedan
man since I bought a volo nearly all 4 cylinders sound like ass and yes it was the cheapest one on car sales. I bought it for $650 and aside from being 5k km overdue for a service, a mild cold and sub 2k rpm missfire, 336k km(pretty typical for a well maintained volvo), smoker car, dog owners car, ripped drivers seat, trim cards are shot, dodgy auto shifter button ( that is a real pain in the ass),cruise control not working, minor urban warfare dents, and roo hit damage to the bonnet, flaking clear coat on the top surfaces that get baked by the sun, split cv boots. She is a really good car and that i5 shriek is a amazing
Michael Posadas
Michael Posadas 4 månader sedan
Universal/ebay coilover sleave review please :)
jimybo20 4 månader sedan
The videos these days are too long and drawn out. You can tell they’re just after the SVdown revenue. 🙃🤪
Dan Kennedy
Dan Kennedy 4 månader sedan
This is nice
CJ's Media Group
CJ's Media Group 4 månader sedan
That was brilliant, old school ways with new tech. Please pop one of these out ever so often like those nuggets 😁
Princess Peach
Princess Peach 4 månader sedan
Old skool!
jouruji 4 månader sedan
A-spec PODbait!
Hard_Boiled85 4 månader sedan
These POD systems don't really add anything other than noise, and suck hot air into the car - better off staying with the factory sealed airbox.
wayfaring stranger
wayfaring stranger 4 månader sedan
That is no a POD filter... 😋
Logan Vinson
Logan Vinson 4 månader sedan
one of the few MCM vids that i watched more than once. Just had to see that foot and tongue action one more time
J B 4 månader sedan
So did a sponsor force them to make this?
Jack Frozt
Jack Frozt 4 månader sedan
sr20 engine!!!!
Naggstek 4 månader sedan
I just put in a super JDM VTECH pod filter and doubled my brake horsepower. This vid was super helpfull, thanks MCM!
esc8engn 4 månader sedan
wow. shortest episode ever. also, i kinda liked it.
viper110110 4 månader sedan
Love it
Sweet Rand
Sweet Rand 4 månader sedan
Need to remove a bit of rust from your roof? First thing jack up your car!
BROKEBOYGlen 4 månader sedan
Ha these guys are funny they did a mythbuster on POD filters 8 years ago about how they suck lol
Leigh Daley
Leigh Daley 4 månader sedan
Instructions unclear, car now on fire
Royce Stricker
Royce Stricker 4 månader sedan
What floor jack is that?!
Toby Dart
Toby Dart 4 månader sedan
-but does rake love it-
Matt Jones
Matt Jones 4 månader sedan
Every episode should be less than 2 minutes long.
FedoraSmoker 4 månader sedan
Fuck this was nostalgic
bmh67wa 4 månader sedan
This video was way too long.
RJ 4 månader sedan
Charsept 4 månader sedan
So really it's just for sound huh?
javier escontrias
javier escontrias 4 månader sedan
Its not a race guys. But if it were, we got chopped.
Joshua G
Joshua G 4 månader sedan
Could be the funniest 15 second bit you have ever done in the opener there. Amazing.
Johny MadBall
Johny MadBall 4 månader sedan
WTF?!?! Was that!? Come home to watch a new MCM and it's a minute and a half long and showing how to install a pop on pod filter. Killer episode gents. The time it must of taken to edit that alone had to of been extensive. Thrilling............, still love you boyz! Got both my posters hung, been meaning to send an email with a pic, I'm sure you will be just as thrilled to see how I hung them on the wall, hey! Maybe I can make a video on it. Would you guys subscribe to my channel then I mean it would be riveting, wouldn't it? C'mon boyz show JohnyMadball some love! I have a whole 14 subscribers now if I wake up to 16 here in the next couple mornings, I will know! LOL
1Westy 4 månader sedan
Chicken nuggets in the toilet????
SJ OD 4 månader sedan
Jdjfhdj Bdhdjnd
Jdjfhdj Bdhdjnd 4 månader sedan
They are longing this one out
Kanto 4 månader sedan
Thank you so much
Arnold de Vries
Arnold de Vries 4 månader sedan
Very nice response to the $2000 no talking challenge, skipping the intro and getting to the chase! This could even be a podcast without video.
Aron Bennett
Aron Bennett 4 månader sedan
Quick and hilarious.
Cameron Webb
Cameron Webb 4 månader sedan
old school MCM love it!
Robin Hadley
Robin Hadley 4 månader sedan
Why all the thumbs down 🤔 This is raw MCM. Wouldn't mind seeing them revisit some old how to videos.
Didtok Nan
Didtok Nan 4 månader sedan
But it's not April 1st.
agfx000 4 månader sedan
TheCoBBus 4 månader sedan
The name should have been how to install a POD filter #125123
L 4 månader sedan
Wtf is in your toilet....?! 🤢
textmachine09 4 månader sedan
Deja vu.
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