I’ve got an Unfinished Chocolate Cake, Here’s an Egg (EP8) 

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18 apr 2021



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 3 månader sedan
LAST CHANCE! MCM Track Day Stools are almost gone. Folds flat to keep in your car. We're doing 2 for $35 (approx $27usd) mightycarmods.com/collections/accessories/products/twin-pack-mcm-folding-stool-max-100kg
Mark M
Mark M 3 månader sedan
I’ve been watching for so long it’s time I got some stickers to represent. Thanks Marty and Moog for all the fun over the years and keeping it MAAAD
Stefan Buremo
Stefan Buremo 3 månader sedan
Can he fit....IN THE BIN!?
That green Crx
That green Crx 3 månader sedan
99 civic si rear t bracket you noobs 🤣 love you guys
Phillip Wickens
Phillip Wickens 3 månader sedan
Engine is in the wrong way skunk gose towards radiator no firewall 🤬😅😅😅😅
sason aframov
sason aframov 3 månader sedan
Boys which one proportional valve i need to swap ?? can you right down a umber pleasesssssss
Dorifuto 2 dagar sedan
Marty and moog have definitely kissed before
Nicholas Wong
Nicholas Wong 15 dagar sedan
Paula Singleton
Paula Singleton 29 dagar sedan
The optimal freckle thoracically rely because century interspecifically switch toward a meek museum. bawdy, obscene hook
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez Månad sedan
Yeah Honda dealerships are trash there no help!!!
Zach Davey
Zach Davey Månad sedan
The ending though 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tyrone Marty Stock
Tyrone Marty Stock 2 månader sedan
That Honda Civic going to be awesome
Chris Tippett
Chris Tippett 2 månader sedan
"Electric ratchets really come into thier own" *swings off ratchet like a pork chop to get engine mount bolt in*
Liam Dumont
Liam Dumont 2 månader sedan
I feel like Moog just sht all over Marty's parade at the end c'mon man let the guy live
Dylan Baxter
Dylan Baxter 2 månader sedan
Miss my old civic. Ek1 black on black, tinted, low and a b18c7 with the lsd. Thing was nuts 😂 Used to be a turbo k swapped ek round Brisbane too 👌🏼
Dylan Baxter
Dylan Baxter 2 månader sedan
It’s a pressure switch you’re removing, and pressure sender that you’re installing 👌🏼
Aston Forster
Aston Forster 2 månader sedan
The Wish Bone sticker 'in the bin' has me in my feels... bring back our hemp popcorn!!! 10:46
Adam Thomas
Adam Thomas 2 månader sedan
Where's the nut shot? 🤨
Michael Hartley
Michael Hartley 2 månader sedan
U need to turbo that thing turbo civics are mental
Zayyah 2 månader sedan
Been watching Marty Car Mods since i was 12 years old, im now 22 and still watch before bed 😭
Pcxmods GR
Pcxmods GR 2 månader sedan
9:57 the best word Moog ever said!
dachanist 2 månader sedan
pe·nul·ti·mate /pəˈnəltəmət/ Learn to pronounce adjective last but one in a series of things; second last. "the penultimate chapter of the book"
Mils Garage
Mils Garage 2 månader sedan
*Super clean* 💪
Mils Garage
Mils Garage 2 månader sedan
Always so many unknowns with other people's projects. i'm still finding nice little surprises in my G after 2 years of ownership lol. Awesome work guys. You always make the best content 👍👍👍
Panos Tsf
Panos Tsf 2 månader sedan
as a greek i jizzed my pants when moog said "tzatziki"
Gert 2 månader sedan
Literally fucking crying of laughter “a box full of shit I had outside” damn near pissed myself hahaha
Rock girl
Rock girl 3 månader sedan
Honestly Marty actually seems super enthusiastic about this build and its great.
Clay dog
Clay dog 3 månader sedan
You guys are SVdown originals been watching you guys since drive way days 👍🏻🤙🏻
Shanjeev Reddy
Shanjeev Reddy 3 månader sedan
All I can muster is a ❤️emoji. That ending was gold.
Rock girl
Rock girl 3 månader sedan
"we've already got a baguette at home... it's all... Fresh and French" haha
ABK Special Projects
ABK Special Projects 3 månader sedan
This is a question for Dave! Could you not have wire jumpers on each car to activate maps so you could swap between cars with out the need to plug in to a laptop? Keep up the good work guys
Rock girl
Rock girl 3 månader sedan
numbers (online schematic from dealer with online catalog etc.)
Amazing Comments
Amazing Comments 3 månader sedan
Come on guys... waiting for the next episode here
Rock girl
Rock girl 3 månader sedan
"we've already got a baguette at home... it's all... Fresh and French" haha
Craig Francis
Craig Francis 3 månader sedan
Where is the "In the bin" merch at?
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 3 månader sedan
"Some people...somewhere...probably have to whack a skunk off for a living..." - Moog, The Legend.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 3 månader sedan
Honestly Marty actually seems super enthusiastic about this build and its great.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 3 månader sedan
How do you grief?
Tom Duffield
Tom Duffield 3 månader sedan
When moog pointed him finger at the camera and said 'but not as important as this' a VW advert instant started played with a massive vw logo on the screen 🤣🤣🤣
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 3 månader sedan
I coulda swore the VIN was also stamped onto engine blocks, as well as a few other locations like hidden in trunks.
The Michael Vortex
The Michael Vortex 3 månader sedan
J Sol
J Sol 3 månader sedan
Moog is just about done. Marty never giving up. Lets goo!!!
Anders Holst Kjellsen
Anders Holst Kjellsen 3 månader sedan
I`m pausing the video so many times because it`s to much talk than work as it used to. Like Taylor Ray say: Enough talk, lets get to work... Also dont teach others to just send it with parts that doesn`t fit, like the oil pressure sender. Yes, it is a small thing. But that mentality can be expensive and it is just not correct to show to others who doesn`t know better. Other than that I love the builds :)
Jovani es
Jovani es 3 månader sedan
Just toss it “IN THE BIN”
tnexus13 3 månader sedan
Not as important as THI(advert)S!
S. Ulfert
S. Ulfert 3 månader sedan
LOVE the shirt! xD i fap - international federation automotive purity
andreas 3 månader sedan
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 3 månader sedan
Is it me or is Moog enjoying this series? 😂😂 Hugs. Love you guys!
Col Campbell AI 2024
Col Campbell AI 2024 3 månader sedan
Engine VIN plate removed?? OEM parts are trivial when you're already changing stuff with aftermarket. Dealer won't _help you find parts_ but they _will sell them to you._ Provide them numbers (online schematic from dealer with online catalog etc.)
Col Campbell AI 2024
Col Campbell AI 2024 3 månader sedan
If they really won't sell you parts, they're actually just being knobs & should change the sign out front to Knob Dealer.
David stroman
David stroman 3 månader sedan
I still dont get it with the VIN stuff? isnt it stamped on the block you are using? my integra had the vin stamped below the engine identification
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 3 månader sedan
Those "In the bin" still make me chuckle.
NISMOIZKING 3 månader sedan
B16 mini vs b16 civic🤔
Neil duncan
Neil duncan 3 månader sedan
Absolutely love watching you guys. I have watched your progress on the civic. I'm from Michigan. I have done a ton of work on my ride (1984 datsun S12 v8 swap). Whenever I disassemble and repair/modify anything (suspension, driveline, bleeders, etc) I use antiseize on the threads. I never see you guys use it. But I am assuming you folks never get salt on your roads. I have owned my Datsun since 1994. So some things fixed need to be serviced again. Antiseize helps in disassembly. Great for spark plugs as well. A Mighty Car mods sticker is prominently displayed on the rear hatch window!!!!!
janvi shah
janvi shah 3 månader sedan
Y’all are amazing . Thank u for Giving back to Community .
Will From Twickenham
Will From Twickenham 3 månader sedan
How do you grief?
Wanderer 3 månader sedan
Love the dedication Marty, wish Moog had 1/10 your passion for getting the job done. Give Moog a few more of those kicks to the ass to perhaps get him going. For the last few videos all I have seen is Marty giving it all to get the job done, while asking Moog if he wants some cheese with that whine.
sniperlif3 3 månader sedan
I coulda swore the VIN was also stamped onto engine blocks, as well as a few other locations like hidden in trunks.
Alex Katana
Alex Katana 3 månader sedan
Now that Marty turned into a honda guy do we get more vtec jokes?
Terry2can 3 månader sedan
The dangle of the skunk
Terry2can 3 månader sedan
Martin ya only human to wack off ya skunk fella😂😂
Cory Cruzan
Cory Cruzan 3 månader sedan
I think it would go a long way adding skunk cams... Y'all rule!!!
skuz34 3 månader sedan
i cant wait for this project to be over. i couldnt care less about civics but i watch cause i like to support mcm but damn civics are boring as fuck
Gérard Cousineau
Gérard Cousineau 3 månader sedan
In the bin. 😱😵😳
Morten Bakke
Morten Bakke 3 månader sedan
hands on members... is that some kind of activity you do by yourself, or possibly with a good friend?
Trevor Kruse
Trevor Kruse 3 månader sedan
Those "In the bin" still make me chuckle.
Joseph Czelusniak
Joseph Czelusniak 3 månader sedan
I want a "In the bin" shirt..
samuel duarte
samuel duarte 3 månader sedan
* breaks plastic clip* Friend: here you go , I think you need this Me: LISTEN , IT BROKE , I FUCKED UP , I GET IT
HondaCRX 3 månader sedan
9:56 Wait a minute, you guys eat tzatziki? Greek tzatziki? I mean we eat it with souvlaki, I'm a greek guy so I was like ''familiar content alert'' lol
Archy Grey
Archy Grey 3 månader sedan
The problem with buying unfinished project cars is that there is always tons of little bits missing
Yusuf Petersen
Yusuf Petersen 3 månader sedan
'We could use an engine leveler"..."The one thats right here?" proceeds not to us it..hahahaha
Paul Nielson
Paul Nielson 3 månader sedan
Do an old Holden Like a Torana or Hq
Marty Burgess
Marty Burgess 3 månader sedan
Marty is a member of IFAP. Nuff said! 🤣
Lewis Voltaire
Lewis Voltaire 3 månader sedan
The monologue at the end was incredible lol
Brett Doster
Brett Doster 3 månader sedan
The cable ties holding the bumper on. Yesss
Jonathan Doane
Jonathan Doane 3 månader sedan
It's going to VTEC straight into the bin.
MeanStinkGarage 3 månader sedan
call the civic Joe Meteorite.. or Slo Meteorite
WickedEngineer 3 månader sedan
ifap :)
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jonathan perry
jonathan perry 3 månader sedan
Unfortunately the EPA is trying to ban things like aftermarket ECUs here in the US
Kotsa 3 månader sedan
That sounds normal with the mounts if you're going from a k swapped car back to a b/d/h series car
justin jutsu
justin jutsu 3 månader sedan
I'd love to see the whole MCM garage and see the previous cars!!!
hopesfall 3 månader sedan
Just google to find a random Civic VTI VIN number to use when ordering OEM parts
Totel Recall
Totel Recall 3 månader sedan
PFI would have this in, one day and make it 400hp lol
Matt Ruth
Matt Ruth 3 månader sedan
All the revs
robo 3 månader sedan
moog on the engine crane had my nerves on edge
Miles Duggan
Miles Duggan 3 månader sedan
It's still a shit box. Don't give up. Box
Simon G
Simon G 3 månader sedan
22:58 "In the Bin!"
David Sut
David Sut 3 månader sedan
As soon as moog said we got something special I was like YES TURBO..but alas no
Jon Morrison
Jon Morrison 3 månader sedan
I woulda went b18a1 not b16, but my first civic was a 1.6 and still pretty fun
Jon Morrison
Jon Morrison 3 månader sedan
I’m pretty sure it was a d16y7 that my first civic had. I blew it up and bought a right hand drive b18a1 civic hatch swapped civic
get_in_behind_dog 3 månader sedan
"Air con?" "No, race car"
F estie
F estie 3 månader sedan
Put the aircon on!!!!!
Ryan DeHamer
Ryan DeHamer 3 månader sedan
Juan Echeverria
Juan Echeverria 3 månader sedan
Halltech = Good day!
Ryan Etzel
Ryan Etzel 3 månader sedan
Phillip So
Phillip So 3 månader sedan
You need steel caps boots 🤣
sedrikdenis5 3 månader sedan
“We could use an engine leveler if we were professionals” as they have an engine leveler on the engine jack! 😂 😂 😂
quaxchannel 3 månader sedan
I love Marty's enthusaium!
Frank Wiebe
Frank Wiebe 3 månader sedan
Marty seems like he forgot to take ritalin in this episode lmao
Sam Prohim
Sam Prohim 3 månader sedan
great choice on the wheels. i love the p1s! i cant wait to hear this thing run!
ShinyHunterCharizard 3 månader sedan
this show belongs "in the bin"
Jaybee 3 månader sedan
Imagine not even filling those mounts with Liquid Nails. /s
STRAT-0-HOLIC 3 månader sedan
Marty the next day going to start up 2sexy "the @#$% is wrong with this thing" then the realization hits.
MikeBingo1 3 månader sedan
Oh shit. I just realised what the shirt means.
The GorillaBiker
The GorillaBiker 3 månader sedan
The old sandwich analogy 😂😂😂😂
Jey Lee
Jey Lee 3 månader sedan
torque mounts keep the engine from pretzeling the other mounts. crazy important when you start horses...or killerwhutwhuts. Even with the obvious alcohol assisted strangeness at the end, I really enjoyed this epi. fully supporting my dudes down under, keep up the great vids guys :D
Jey Lee
Jey Lee 3 månader sedan
adjustable (N00bwr3ncH) wrench usage alert!
Jey Lee
Jey Lee 3 månader sedan
those tires look way too skinny for the wheels. I'll assume that's a trend, and/or something to do with the strange laws over..err...under there. also, it's not THAT bad, lol, you know you guys love the content value of a car that's half baked...ooh good name for it! Half Baked.
Mark Reyes
Mark Reyes 3 månader sedan
So, there's gonna be a driving video where they go through all those scenarios and they're gonna use the sound bites from Moog over the real sound.
Carl Wallis
Carl Wallis 3 månader sedan
Love watching you guys your both awesome but what I am going to say is going to upset Honda people but they are the worst sounding JDM cars ever made fact, let the hate begin 😂
Erik B
Erik B 3 månader sedan
No cameras and no Martin around and the car/project was sold Loved that last bit !
Chad Hicks
Chad Hicks 3 månader sedan
Can’t argue with that sandwich analogy, it was pretty spot on lol
Disrespected Evo
visningar 1,7mn
Disrespecting Our Civic (EP11)