JDM Kei Truck Turbo Conversion 

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In this epic episode, we complete a full custom turbo conversion on our little Kei truck from Japan and then take it out for the first drive, and you're coming along for the ride!

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20 jul 2021



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 11 dagar sedan
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Hotfuzz247 4 dagar sedan
@Driftgames and @triple8competitions should do a build off up the paddys
rldwphpza 7 dagar sedan
strange times indeed, and the music fits
The Expert Noob Hobbyist Doucet
Goes to show you really can turbo anything.
Stephen Davidson
Stephen Davidson 8 dagar sedan
I love the change up for this video. Y'all are car video OG's.
Viktor Bundalevski
Viktor Bundalevski 8 dagar sedan
Just the thing to wind down after work the music is fitting too, tnx guys.
Justin Caruana
Justin Caruana 13 timmar sedan
Love this video and everything you both put out since the garage! Any chance for a Subaru brumby overlander project?
Yaroslav Geller
Yaroslav Geller 16 timmar sedan
Guys, how this intercooler can provide a high air cooling performance in such an unusual position?
Hunterrific 22 timmar sedan
Great music on this video, very 'porcupine tree' like especially on the drums. Wonder if moog recorded the drums part himself.
Gale Paulson
Gale Paulson Dag sedan
looks like "Turbo Yoda" (al) has spiked your Lemon Squash" good on ya
Andrew Meadows
Andrew Meadows Dag sedan
Is that can of wd40 part of your no sponsers.
Luqman Hakim
Luqman Hakim Dag sedan
WPL D12 you should try this toys too .
S FERG 2 dagar sedan
Cool!!!! Blo-off valve sounds like the gopher in Caddy Shack. LOL
Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts 2 dagar sedan
Very nicely done guys!
swift1n3 3 dagar sedan
this was such a great video and feels like it captured a bit of the "old" driveway vibe. more ... smiles and laugh shots like the old school cutaways and transitions in the driveway where rake ( and his red r34
Mercy Alatasi
Mercy Alatasi 3 dagar sedan
Nice work boys, I wish my car can turn it to turbo I really love watching your videos keep up the good work boys 👍👍
Greg O'Keefe
Greg O'Keefe 3 dagar sedan
at 8:40 theres like a single frame of the turbo lol
ant Perkins
ant Perkins 3 dagar sedan
One of the best vids u guys have done … loved it !!! 😀
Samuel Jackson
Samuel Jackson 3 dagar sedan
A little question for moog and marty: Were any injector mods done? ( planning to turbo a diesel pickup so I want to know if it is needed)
Iron Reed
Iron Reed 4 dagar sedan
A turbo and no yelling, love it! Maybe a little more aggressive tire and another mud crawl video?
BackYard Creations
BackYard Creations 4 dagar sedan
Go hit the blues with it now!!! I smell the jimney getting a turbo upgrade soon ;)
VacFink 4 dagar sedan
I really appreciate the experimentation and effort put into both videos. The music was especially nice here, reminds me of Explosions in the Sky maybe with a little bit of fun with a Hologram Electronics Microcosm???? Right now in the world we're in a moment of calm and contemplation topped with a nice dose and woosh of joy and friendship... everything I could ask for and more. Good job gents. The new merch is tasteful and has a nice aesthetic, I look forward to sipping from my new mug.
Azar477 4 dagar sedan
That first drive ❤️
Clayton Tilbrook
Clayton Tilbrook 4 dagar sedan
You unlocked the turkey feature perfectly!
lookingthroughice 4 dagar sedan
So how much HP was added, great fabrication job. 👍🍻
Aheitchoo 4 dagar sedan
Ya man!
CometKitty90 4 dagar sedan
The music is seriously amazing on this video. Is it available anywhere other than this vid?
DougalR 4 dagar sedan
Cracking Vid fellas. Relaxing and nostalgic to watch.
MikeyMike0954 4 dagar sedan
We rock the same brooks ;)
Yapudo 4 dagar sedan
nice work, but have you done a tune? or stock ECU support turbo as factory?
WickedOne 4 dagar sedan
Great stuff as always. Love the editing and the Post-Rocky tracks. Peace
Sam Jorgensen
Sam Jorgensen 5 dagar sedan
Music reminded me of Cloudkicker
ededdynova 5 dagar sedan
sick sounds like a micro rally car :)
Jeremy Brovage
Jeremy Brovage 5 dagar sedan
Great video! i felt the journey unfolding, and the music made it so perfect. It's like Disney's Fantasia for those of us who love mods. Thanks!
Glenn Gardner
Glenn Gardner 5 dagar sedan
Possibly one of the most boring videos I've seen
First Last
First Last 5 dagar sedan
Dang you and your turbos on 4x4's! but it does bring up a point.. superchargers don't fit on every engine... and turbos are easier to mod... This "Bud" is for You! just Turbo doesn't do much in low range..
Paul Pichugin
Paul Pichugin 5 dagar sedan
8:41 - Is Moog the Turbo and Marty the air filter?
Paul Pichugin
Paul Pichugin 5 dagar sedan
Ahhh the serenity of power tools and welding... love it.
Mitch Leask
Mitch Leask 5 dagar sedan
I think this is going on my favourite prog rock tracks list
MrSlash00r 5 dagar sedan
One of those videos where I wish I had more thumbs so i could give more likes. The music too .. sooo good!!
Johnny Walker
Johnny Walker 5 dagar sedan
Such a calming sound track but yeet I’m amped
Timothy W.
Timothy W. 5 dagar sedan
I missed this in my feed, but caught the raw mechanical meditation version. I do admire the editing. I very much like the tunes. I still prefer the fabrication. It's MY mechanical meditation.
Kris.Ivanovv 5 dagar sedan
Epic boys
The Geekiest Guy
The Geekiest Guy 5 dagar sedan
I love it when it sounds like a couple of squirrels are being stuffed into the engine. Literally the best turbo sound. 👍🏾👌🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾🦆🔥
Two-Stroke Life
Two-Stroke Life 5 dagar sedan
Hopefully you guys put a fan/fans on the back of that intercooler otherwise it is probably doing more harm than good.
Andrew Coste
Andrew Coste 5 dagar sedan
Name of the song?!
Sanvir Dessai
Sanvir Dessai 5 dagar sedan
MCM summed up in 9 minutes
stephen welby-jenkins
stephen welby-jenkins 5 dagar sedan
Very Floyd Vibes 👍
Mattigar 5 dagar sedan
Respected Nose
Da vid
Da vid 5 dagar sedan
Congrats on your first, totally self built turbo thingamajigga. ✌️
Diego Pérez
Diego Pérez 5 dagar sedan
Page up! Page up! Page up! Page up!
Neil Martinez
Neil Martinez 5 dagar sedan
You might realize additional power/weight benefit by reducing the weight of the tip bed. Perhaps replacing the side panels with a metal mesh. Unsure if it's aluminium or steel, but if steel, clearly aluminium would help too. Otherwise, good on ya! You must be proper chuffed!
Johnathan Doe
Johnathan Doe 5 dagar sedan
Side mount really needs a scoop or a fan or it’ll do sweet f a. You can test how little or how much effect it’s having on your iats by running a bypass pipe in its place.
Brian Lane
Brian Lane 5 dagar sedan
This is one of my favorite videos by you guys. The music was relaxing and complemented the amazing video shots
medium sized cal
medium sized cal 5 dagar sedan
Moog's writing rock operas now, eh? A true renaissance man.
Lisa dolatowski
Lisa dolatowski 5 dagar sedan
8:40 Nice editing, looks like he is waring a filter for a crash helmet, lol!🤣
GS 5 dagar sedan
I'm getting God is an Astronaut / Explosions in the Sky vibes!! Cheers mates on the phenomenal production! 🍻 Hard to believe this all started with 2 best mates, a driveway, and just car insurance.
Yuni Kitadai
Yuni Kitadai 6 dagar sedan
The translation of JDM to 日本の国内市場(The domestic market of Japan) isn't really correct... This makes you look like you're talking about economics, and not defining the make of the car. It should be 日本仕様(Japanese Domestic Market model). Just my 2cents.
Tin_Man_Ton 6 dagar sedan
Love this show so much. That was a relaxing watch.
Greg Mac
Greg Mac 6 dagar sedan
Just rewatched this after the bts vid... Even better the second time around lads, and Marty, keep being humble, but your skills are getting right up the man. More smiles
Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 6 dagar sedan
Want the how and why of what we did in this conversion? Check out the behind the scenes video here: svdown.info/post/video/nXabaZSqhWVx16s.html
modscotsman 6 dagar sedan
Love the background music. Very mogwai esque
EeJay 6 dagar sedan
That is just awesome. Would have loved to see the exhaust being done up on the back of the cabin.
DJ-two-timing-timmy 6 dagar sedan
3:58 love that bass drop through my headphones
Sebastiaan van den Brink
Say hello to the gobbling TurKEI?
Arndt J Herrmann
Arndt J Herrmann 6 dagar sedan
This vid is art. 👌🏻
Dane Mulder
Dane Mulder 6 dagar sedan
What turbo and kit wanna fit something like this to a future project
Steve Grant
Steve Grant 6 dagar sedan
this is great to just have on in the background while working as well, really love the vibe of this one
Sol 6 dagar sedan
So good! Love this format. Really enjoyable to relax n watch xxx
James Onscotch
James Onscotch 6 dagar sedan
Please change the rego to "Kei 9P"
Alex Powell
Alex Powell 6 dagar sedan
This is one of the most wholesome videos I have ever seen in my life
Chris Pofahl
Chris Pofahl 6 dagar sedan
That was a mechanical concert experience.
Gawain Brown
Gawain Brown 6 dagar sedan
Oh the smiles, high five
Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela 6 dagar sedan
Smiles per gallon 😀
ulis riyanto
ulis riyanto 6 dagar sedan
Good job guys
jason white
jason white 6 dagar sedan
I think I would have done this too with one of these hopefully u made a snorkel section for off roading mate
Thomas Fx
Thomas Fx 6 dagar sedan
Very very cool choice of vehicle and new video format. I missed hearing Mart-tin! but I’ll get over it. 😎
james jr
james jr 6 dagar sedan
That was awesome
George Whiley
George Whiley 6 dagar sedan
Thanks for making Australians apear to not all be complete knobs
CptHaddock 6 dagar sedan
Soul soothing… thank you boys
Muhammet Uçar
Muhammet Uçar 6 dagar sedan
Nice bov
Ajay Wiltshire
Ajay Wiltshire 6 dagar sedan
Great mates doing great work - this is what it’s all about.
winteronice 6 dagar sedan
The level of CAD useage is phenomenal. Cardboard Aided Design is a skill. Also I can just hear the detailed explanations and banter even tough it's only music. Such a piece of art.
Nic Bishop
Nic Bishop 6 dagar sedan
Loving the Post Rock vibes
Crézy Chameau
Crézy Chameau 6 dagar sedan
I am annoyed at how easily Moog can select what mood i'm in just by choosing what music i'm listening to ^^ Super nice video, a full build series would not have had a lot we didn't already see, and it was still super nice to see everything fall into place and the satisfaction at the ending is huge !
z zzires
z zzires 6 dagar sedan
Seems bout right. Moog goes in dry marty uses the lube! Good man marty, that shit makes all the difference in tool life
Stormynitez 6 dagar sedan
Where can I get these tracks!?! I was just wondering If I could use them for my twitch stream into!? Absolutely fire!
Bloke 6 dagar sedan
Is this your entry for a local art competition boys...I dig it
Jp Senna
Jp Senna 7 dagar sedan
Please don’t do this all music format again, unwatchable pseudo asmr
Peter Simkins
Peter Simkins 7 dagar sedan
10 minute Turbo.🐌 Awsome! 👍🏻
browndobe 7 dagar sedan
Classic MCM video...love it, much better than the battle vids of late....
Bas BlasterXP
Bas BlasterXP 7 dagar sedan
Somewhere Turbo yodo is beening extra proud this day.
Evan Kennedy
Evan Kennedy 7 dagar sedan
These guys don't even have to talk and their videos are better than 99% of the other videos on SVdown. Having said that, the music is amazing, and probably harder to produce than editing a video with talking. 💯🔥
Harsheel Mishra
Harsheel Mishra 7 dagar sedan
Ok so i got a question what if we turbo charge a car n put the force air to the factory air box, not tune it will the mass air flow sensor be capable of injecting enough fuel n work without a tune
Rob Cantle
Rob Cantle 7 dagar sedan
Would make an awesome electric conversation also.
MarkG71 7 dagar sedan
Thank you. You guys always take it to the next level!
T-Jay Brocklehurst
T-Jay Brocklehurst 7 dagar sedan
Must have been nice to do the build without talking to the camera? Bet you can enjoy the experience abit more i maybe wrong but well in lads keep it up 👍🏻🤙
Mad Mick
Mad Mick 7 dagar sedan
Different is not always better . . . but this is, great work.
Alexander Rach
Alexander Rach 7 dagar sedan
How do you make a car video with no dialogue that is somehow a story about passion and friendship?
Iestyn Jones
Iestyn Jones 7 dagar sedan
Great format!
Hazla 7 dagar sedan
Do n15 SSS pulsar!
flying munk89
flying munk89 7 dagar sedan
This video was just asmr for my eyes. Put me in a good chill place
Mitchel Armstrong
Mitchel Armstrong 7 dagar sedan
Mad Pink Floyd vibes
Ricardo Baksh
Ricardo Baksh 7 dagar sedan
Gotta see you all turbo a carburetor motor
Smelly Little Kiwi
Smelly Little Kiwi 7 dagar sedan
The laugh says it all🤣👍
He Loves Pepper Spray!
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