My NEW CAR!! (Bought sight unseen off the internet) 

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We bought this car sight unseen, off the internet. It was the cheapest one we could find but what we didn't know is that it was broken. As usual, that's when things got interesting...

Then it's off to the track for a good old thrashing.

Welcome back to another year of MCM. It's going to be a big one!!

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25 jan 2021



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Kommentarer 4 902   
joseth tang
joseth tang 9 dagar sedan
Love the Videos, expecting you guys to do a forgotten hot hatch, Megane RS..
Fischbroetchen2k Månad sedan
The fun part is the bullshit critics, in germany it´s pretty much the meta to have a relative "bland" looking car thats juicy under the hood. While the kids and "self expressing individuals" are running around in their visual modded cars that most likely run an half a liter engine thats half broken und downgraded by some ebay intake and an old oven pipe as an exhaust because "it sounds cool". So, I guess those critics are most likely Golf 3 drivers that like to spent their saturday night on the Mcces parking lot not driving around because they spent all their money on their expensive paint job or some non german dude that still thinks red paint makes a car faster.
Isabella Leiwoy
Isabella Leiwoy Månad sedan
I can't get enough of these guys. I enjoy every content they make, Kinda make me wanna move down under and try the life there.
Tyrone Stock
Tyrone Stock Månad sedan
That Audi RS3 is really fast
Seamus R
Seamus R 2 månader sedan
Just wait until they find out about the mk6 2.5 i5 golf
P Savel
P Savel 2 månader sedan
Audi has been building amazing 5 cylinders since the 20v from the quattro coupes. They can be turned up well past 900awhp and they sound amazing. One of the best sounding engines to date imo.
Johnny Pril
Johnny Pril 2 månader sedan
Went through my 1.8t A4 and now own a 3.0 A4 both B6’s I left the Honda game do for Audi’s and I don’t regret it
Tyrone Marty Stock
Tyrone Marty Stock 2 månader sedan
That Audi go really fast Moog and Good job choosing the right car 👏👏👏
CompToyZ 2 månader sedan
Shes beautiful!
Quentin Decaunes
Quentin Decaunes 3 månader sedan
I really wish to see you in a rx8 ^^' even a stock one.
Brandyn Hernandez
Brandyn Hernandez 3 månader sedan
The mighty car raceteam!
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 3 månader sedan
Wow such a nice car very nice 😍😱 this lighting set up is perfect 😱 this car is going to keep it price forever
QUEL NEGRO 4 månader sedan
Too much electronics in a car is just bad.
Elmo 4 månader sedan
ǝʞɐʇsᴉɯ ɐ sɐʍ ɐᴉlɐɹʇsn∀ ɯoɹɟ pɹɐoqʎǝʞ ƃuᴉʎnq
Davis Dze
Davis Dze 4 månader sedan
Oof, buying an audi second hand is a terrible mistake
Paul Healey
Paul Healey 4 månader sedan
Moog says I brought the worst golf r, I brought the worst RS3, bla bla bla, I wish I could buy a wreck in that condition
ASCENSION 4 månader sedan
RS3 What a performance! *as he gets passed by a go-kart*
XprettylightsX 4 månader sedan
The dealer he purchased it from.. more specifically the mgmt. should be ashamed of themselves. Lying is a terrible thing to do to your customers. I hate thieves and liars.
KOz1caa 4 månader sedan
Channel is wicked as ever!!!
Tess 4 månader sedan
I know what I'll be buying for my guy once this crypto bullrun is over...
Jay Dunbar
Jay Dunbar 5 månader sedan
Problem with a horse, they are as expensive as a car. I would argue they are just as fun, but of course plenty of city slickers would probably disagree.
Brandon Iwabo
Brandon Iwabo 5 månader sedan
what year is this car?
jimmy stavnshøj
jimmy stavnshøj 5 månader sedan
sounds like a sick hen layed that egg, lots of emotion and drama, lovin it 😍
I like that it's not an attention seeker. Doesn't look boring to me.
TheMattbrownbill 5 månader sedan
I owned a fast Audi once, never again, so badly put together, and the dealers couldn't fix it. Only car I have got rid of that still had a warranty. Complete money-pit....
Gerhard Scheepers
Gerhard Scheepers 5 månader sedan
jocrp6 5 månader sedan
Audi & VW chox on cox!
ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ
ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ 5 månader sedan
I like it. I think it looks sick.
Berne van Rooyen
Berne van Rooyen 5 månader sedan
The production value on this video is mint
Cruz McKenzye
Cruz McKenzye 5 månader sedan
I don't know y people say it doesn't look good.... It looks amazing to me and it's way way wayyy wayyyyy!!!!! BETTER THAN A NEW CIVIC TYPE R.
Mika Legault
Mika Legault 5 månader sedan
When they turned that engine on and started to rev it up... OMG that sound! Majestic! Simply majestic!
Darren Geary
Darren Geary 5 månader sedan
SLEEPER!??? It's got an RS3 badge on the back lol
Rafał Chojnacki
Rafał Chojnacki 5 månader sedan
Buy Alfa romeo giulia :)
Biggity 5 månader sedan
When are you building an actually fast car 1000hp+?
my4cars 5 månader sedan
That I5 sound!!!!
Steven N.
Steven N. 5 månader sedan
Should of gotten a 2020+ AMG
Daniel Lausberg
Daniel Lausberg 5 månader sedan
i Don't get your videos showing up in my feed anymore...WTF youtube!! Just turned all notifications back on..
DaytonCarCare 5 månader sedan
Are those X-Bows passing you?
DaytonCarCare 5 månader sedan
I'd have to agree Audi performance models look rather sedate vs sports cars but so comfortable to drive. Driving my 01 S8 vs the 94 Porsche 968 with supercharger (I drive now) is such a different experience. Although the the Porsche is a manual and easily spins the rear tires, the S8 is so comfortable and great for long drives but will take the corners and accelerates in manual mode with the feel of a smaller sports car.
DaytonCarCare 5 månader sedan
For the price you could build a nice A4 Avant with a V10 ;)
NightKids2k 5 månader sedan
there is the emotion, "pops the hood", u see a bunch of plastic, still no emtions ;-( without looking, i bet the car has no LSD :)
Abber Sabsabi
Abber Sabsabi 5 månader sedan
How much did you sell it for
Nils Weber
Nils Weber 5 månader sedan
Its Not an Volkswagen its an Audi
Pat Ward
Pat Ward 5 månader sedan
Dahlmasen 5 månader sedan
I love the RS3, I have an A3 and I love it, but it is a bit too small for kids and 2 dogs😅 But it is one of my dream cars👌🏻
TrexyTame 5 månader sedan
11:39 “I got to do all of that on warranty” Aaaaaaaaand it’s void
Chris McCammon
Chris McCammon 5 månader sedan
Ok so first ever video with no open credits? I dig the new credits so I was going back check when you started using it. I guess it wasn't this one LoL
Chris McCammon
Chris McCammon 5 månader sedan
@Пена Дня stop spamming comments looking for followers.
High-Tech Redneck
High-Tech Redneck 5 månader sedan
A broken Audi? No way
Mitchell Lower
Mitchell Lower 5 månader sedan
Audi the flash Murray Subie
great white buffalo
great white buffalo 5 månader sedan
No one spilled their drink, is just a trash car, made by a trash company. The happiest day in an Audi is the day you sell it
LJJ236 5 månader sedan
These sound off their tits when they fly past you at full chat 😍
Finn 5 månader sedan
wish we could have these in North America
Andrew Sartin
Andrew Sartin 5 månader sedan
unpimp ze auto.
EcoBoost_Matt 5 månader sedan
We don't even get this in Hatchback form in Canada, unfortunately. It's all about trucks, and crossovers here in Canada. I wish we had the BMW 140i here, because i would jump on one of those most likely, however i'm most likely going to pick up an RS3, or TTRS. Looking forward to this build :-)
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 5 månader sedan
Had one for three years now in Daytona Grey. Great car, looking forward to this!
STANCE™ FTW 5 månader sedan
What is the name of the background music at 03:14?
skinneone1 5 månader sedan
Please no burble tune... snap, crackle, pop is for cereal...
A MHD 5 månader sedan
Get a horse 😂😂😂
de Moritz z
de Moritz z 5 månader sedan
I like tha sedan much better but the rs3 is on of my favorite cars
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 5 månader sedan
dickheadery Audi drivers (all models) are by far, the most prevalent. Coming a very close second are Golf drivers. I know you might say it isn't the game its the players. Never t
kolim jone
kolim jone 5 månader sedan
Whoever thinks the RS3 is a boring car is a moron. These cars are great daily’s. I love the RS3.
Loaded Dice
Loaded Dice 5 månader sedan
Marty should buy a Ford Focus XR5 to battle this
Ben Glasby
Ben Glasby 5 månader sedan
I want one.
Old Gregg
Old Gregg 5 månader sedan
My dream daily
diecast jam
diecast jam 5 månader sedan
Something has just occurred to me, what happened to your Focus? Have you ever came across a car that you like and want to keep, apart from the Mini, I mean you do still have the Mini, and that question was to Moog, I know Martin still has his Scooby, cuz I mentions it each episode, that's not a dig BTW, it's very endearing that he's built a car himself that he likes so much.
kolim jone
kolim jone 5 månader sedan
just phenomenal on snowy roads.
Rohit Mascot
Rohit Mascot 5 månader sedan
No way that's the stock sound! 😱
Charlie Hermes
Charlie Hermes 5 månader sedan
Love it!
Jordan 5 månader sedan
From the U.K. so confused for a sec about 0-100kph not mph 😂😂
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 5 månader sedan
Marty needs to get a Delorean! (HEY MCFLY)
Dalai_Drama 5 månader sedan
Maybe bimmer next?😍
Dalai_Drama 5 månader sedan
Love euros😍
SirPhoenix Knight
SirPhoenix Knight 5 månader sedan
buy a MK6 R and Slap a RS3 conversion to it.. best VAG build ever. also Golf R's should be running Staggered tyres as well since they are both 85% front Biased for the All wheel Drive.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 5 månader sedan
I'm so in love with the hatch version of this car. Living in the states is such a bummer sometimes.
izoyt 5 månader sedan
5banger will always sound better (older models of focus st/rs with volvo engine comes to my mind, would love to own that back day, when driving focus sport model-great handling car, but low quality and realibility), no rocket science here. But dsg also always sound like ass, literally, with all that farting etc, i really hate that. Since this is a rs "golf" version (saying goes audis starts with model 4, with longitudinal engine and all that, which i know it's bs, but hey..), "quattro" means haldex, right? this will be tuned, too ?
Surf Nomad
Surf Nomad 5 månader sedan
I have been conducting some research. I keep a running checklist of the people who change lanes or pull out from a side street without looking causing me to brake heavily or perform an evasive manoeuvre in order to avoid a collision. Statistically speaking there are 2 vehicle types that are notable standouts when it comes to this type of blatant dickheadery Audi drivers (all models) are by far, the most prevalent. Coming a very close second are Golf drivers. I know you might say it isn't the game its the players. Never the less I would love to see a challenge between this thing and the Golf that resulted with both of them in a crusher being turned into something useful. I think a huge block of twisted metal that forms a permanent part of the crash barrier for the Summer Nat's burnout pad might be appropriate but I am open to suggestions.
Yaroslav Kitaroha
Yaroslav Kitaroha 5 månader sedan
what kind of honda is this?
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 5 månader sedan
Too new a car for mcm guys. Wow got rid of a golf r to buy a golf with audi bagging. yes its 2.5L block but chassis is golf development of all vw audi cars for the last 8 years is the basic chassis is the same for most of their vehicles all share the same build platform with extra bits here and there for longer models like passat etc.....
Ned Henderson
Ned Henderson 5 månader sedan
Imagine being that engineer who's work got called an octopuses penis
Will From Twickenham
Will From Twickenham 5 månader sedan
You did what was once considered impossible you made a white room in 4k pleasing on the eyes maybe trying wearing all white to see if the content is still aesthetic afterwards. A nice car also
TDC flyer
TDC flyer 5 månader sedan
You do know what is the most "Audi" car one can buy, don't you? Buy an older Quattro station wagon, the older the better. The older they are the sturdier they are and the more you can do with it. Finding an old A6 straight 5-cylinder would obviously be pure gold, but those are very rare. I live in germany and I bought an old A6 quattro V6 for the winter and it's just phenomenal on snowy roads.
Potardo 5 månader sedan
As a fan of station wagons Im digging that longer hatch.
Joseph Thole
Joseph Thole 5 månader sedan
The RS3 is one of my favorite cars ever. The 2.5L has been a favorite engine of mine since 07 when I bought my MKV, Which I still daily 300k miles later. My A3 was one of my favorite cars I’ve owned, including my MKVII. This is a dream car for me. The sound of that 2.5 is divine and the look of the A3 is just perfect. I cannot wait to see what y’all do with this.
alan o leary
alan o leary 5 månader sedan
Beautiful car love fast hatchbacks
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 5 månader sedan
Bruh, we get corollas for 100,000 in Singapore 😭
Duderobi Patschie
Duderobi Patschie 5 månader sedan
12:25 I shortly thought marty drives but then I remembert this isn't Austria it is Australia.
scbonduk 5 månader sedan
As soon as you announce it’s an Audi you lost all respect from me. Absolute dog shit.
Drue van Dam
Drue van Dam 5 månader sedan
Why wider wheels (staggered setup) on the front in an AWD vehicle? Does Audi bias the rear mostly?
Matt McCarthy
Matt McCarthy 5 månader sedan
I'm so in love with the hatch version of this car. Living in the states is such a bummer sometimes.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 5 månader sedan
Can’t help but feel you look a little bored on the track compared to brz
aron owens
aron owens 5 månader sedan
My maybe one day dream car guys, thanks for featuring it!
Kirk Blackadar
Kirk Blackadar 5 månader sedan
The inline 5 is one of the best sounding engine notes for sure.. she sounds like a coupe Quattro and you haven't even opened up the exhaust yet
Corey Sleap
Corey Sleap 5 månader sedan
Not boring. No debate.
Charl Marais
Charl Marais 5 månader sedan
What is the milage on this beast?
Charl Marais
Charl Marais 5 månader sedan
Love the white background
Skrin13 5 månader sedan
hurray, finally audi😍😍😍
Skrin13 5 månader sedan
@soinhu foitu I'm waiting too
iamspyvspy 5 månader sedan
How much paid ?
Rulerpaco Valenzuela
Rulerpaco Valenzuela 5 månader sedan
Car sounds really good.
Rivaldi Supardi
Rivaldi Supardi 5 månader sedan
BLOODY LOVED THE CAR!!! Well done for choosing RS3! Can't wait to see what you guys going to do to it!
5280LFE 5 månader sedan
Should be a RS6!!!!!!!
ttv Dieffuse
ttv Dieffuse 5 månader sedan
Tasche CJK
Tasche CJK 5 månader sedan
ooph thats a dirty dirty sounding rev.. and i like it.
Callum Wearne
Callum Wearne 5 månader sedan
Was this filmed in heaven?
Stanley Cubrik
Stanley Cubrik 5 månader sedan
Can’t help but feel you look a little bored on the track compared to brz
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 5 månader sedan
Whoever thinks the RS3 is a boring car is a moron. These cars are great daily’s. I love the RS3.
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