Nugget Civic FIRST START (EP12) 

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This is the moment we've been waiting for - will the B16 engine we swapped into our Civic actually start or will we have to throw it IN THE BIN?

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9 maj 2021



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 2 månader sedan
Grab our all new Captain De-Cat Shirt! mightycarmods.com/collections/clothing/products/captain-de-cat-t-shirt
Vlad 2 månader sedan
Dc5/ep3 seats is a popular, but bad choice. It is lifting up driver in a car, and cannot be lower, that making bad ergonomics. Sorry for my English
Tyler Christian
Tyler Christian 2 månader sedan
@Yousef Jeremiah yup, I have been using Flixzone} for months myself :)
Yousef Jeremiah
Yousef Jeremiah 2 månader sedan
a trick : watch series at Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching lots of of movies recently.
Richard Wiech
Richard Wiech 2 månader sedan
I just got my IN THE BIN shirt I love it! And it went straight (IN THE BIN!)
T C 2 månader sedan
other then a certain Mclaren this is the only build I have enjoyed 2021...slow and steady wins this race "IMO"
stumpy0227 19 dagar sedan
ORCAS like Willy, are DOLPHINS!!! Actually the largest dolphin. Lol.
Zach Buhler
Zach Buhler 23 dagar sedan
I know its a little late but Mazda 3 also has an electric power steering pump.
JYT_MiNi06 Månad sedan
"Is it mapril?" WHAT?!🤣
Joe Rocket1979
Joe Rocket1979 Månad sedan
Buy a mini lathe and make the bits you need.don’t need converters where I live,my gov don’t care about the epa.
Matthew Black
Matthew Black Månad sedan
I'm a bit late to the party. Been purposely not skipping ahead, even to the BMtroubleU stuff. Anyway, here's my estimate of the dyno number. Two thirds of three fifths of fuck all. Goodnight.
Spo0n _
Spo0n _ Månad sedan
Marty kinda looks like he ripped a fat one out of a can he found behind the side panel
SoC80 Månad sedan
That kinda looks like my volvo - project doggo (drive the dog in it) that I'm trying to improve and fix :D
rogers1977 2 månader sedan
I literally have these seats in my EK Civic (leather version) with an even shittier rail modification to make them fit. They're really tall, so I hacked some foam out of the seat bottom, and I honestly feel like I need to hack more out.
Hotwheelsfanaddict Rios Santana
Why did you guys hate so much on the Honda?
Norma Trimble
Norma Trimble 2 månader sedan
I would love to have it I’m working on my 96 Honda Civic right now
donald 2 månader sedan
So excited when it started!
Jordan Ung
Jordan Ung 2 månader sedan
Please change your smoke alarm
Tyrone Marty Stock
Tyrone Marty Stock 2 månader sedan
Marty and Moog that Honda Civic looks Wonderful
UPbuild 2 månader sedan
I’m a running a bit behind with this build, but I can see it coming together 💪
Ravi Khan
Ravi Khan 2 månader sedan
That was some good fisting
Rogue Æmpire
Rogue Æmpire 2 månader sedan
Free Willy is actually about a dolphin, not a whale.
ZajcevGaming 2 månader sedan
cool build but i dont trust civic they bump at you while you drift becouse thay are fwd and want to be rwd good its not red xd , this cars are reare now so i glad you save one
RoguePlank 2 månader sedan
11:05 why is Peter Andre helping you fix this old civic?
Drake 2 månader sedan
No comments on 300 bucks and fisting ?
Matthew Venet
Matthew Venet 2 månader sedan
Puffer fish penis more like 😂
Emmanuel martinez
Emmanuel martinez 2 månader sedan
So big D whale... we need big D whale merchandise ASAP
Puder McGavin
Puder McGavin 2 månader sedan
That is a sunfish with some donkey balls
LiL Wheezi
LiL Wheezi 2 månader sedan
wheeeres the new episode im dying here
Neil Simmonds
Neil Simmonds 2 månader sedan
Tuesday, still no new episode 😩😩😩😢😢
Nico Dc5
Nico Dc5 2 månader sedan
Theres no episode this week?
Gavin Wright
Gavin Wright 2 månader sedan
Are they working hard to wrap it all up in the next Ep? Might be funniest if they just put it all in the bin. Wrecker engine wasn’t exactly a known quantity to start with. And it stinks.
TheLimitedPing 2 månader sedan
Wilson Tan
Wilson Tan 2 månader sedan
Marty and MOOG... may I know where is the new EPISODES?
Juan Luis Valencia Jr
Juan Luis Valencia Jr 2 månader sedan
Waiting for the next episode be like 💀☠️😵
Adam Deraghme
Adam Deraghme 2 månader sedan
I love this show! I’ve seen every single video you guys have out there… BUT… lately theres no music while you’re building the car just the talking, the older vids where a bit more fun to watch and listen to… Still love the show, just being nostalgic
Adam Deraghme
Adam Deraghme 2 månader sedan
@Benjamin Puljak it was suppose to be a word game where you write what something and end it with something like … chum… just a game m8t
Benjamin Puljak
Benjamin Puljak 2 månader sedan
@Adam Deraghme not sure why you have the cryptic ellipsis like this ... but no problem
Adam Deraghme
Adam Deraghme 2 månader sedan
@Benjamin Puljak thanks for the explanation … buddy
Benjamin Puljak
Benjamin Puljak 2 månader sedan
its disrespected nose pal. just this series they aren't doing any video editing, so like the music and effects. but next build they are going to do it like they normally do
Indian Chubby
Indian Chubby 2 månader sedan
i think they just gave up on the Civic lol
Christian Habib
Christian Habib 2 månader sedan
Anyone else refreshing their page for the new video hahahah :p it's been a week boys!!!!
628RWHPstang 2 månader sedan
Just checked for a update? You guys develop a drug problem or something ? Wtf is taking so long
keegkrino 2 månader sedan
Where's the new episode?
L Bibbs89
L Bibbs89 2 månader sedan
Everything OK over there at MCM HQ? I'm getting withdrawal symptoms waiting for ep13. 😭 Every Monday morning I start my week with your new episode. Week doesn't start without MCM.
Joseph Breen
Joseph Breen 2 månader sedan
Where is this week's episode? A need ma fix lol coukdnt sleep last night waiting for it
Václav Khun
Václav Khun 2 månader sedan
You should do a fullbody skunk livery
GodSpeed 2 månader sedan
steve french
steve french 2 månader sedan
you mates are slacking hard....
Orlando Delgado Verdugo
Orlando Delgado Verdugo 2 månader sedan
Stinky seats? Doesn't that make it skunk seats also? 🤨🤔
Kevin Butler
Kevin Butler 2 månader sedan
Love you guys, hate FWD builds.
Strongboy 72
Strongboy 72 2 månader sedan
"Marty let me fist you." Moog-2021.
Maxwell Sabin
Maxwell Sabin 2 månader sedan
I need to go to bed in America wheres my new video?
Derek Wollbaum
Derek Wollbaum 2 månader sedan
Love the show guys, but can we get Moarange done! This is one build I wish you could get time back from, I swear Moogs hair gets grayer and grayer everyday with this build and mine too. I have an idea for Cheryl's Box!!! Wanna hear it..... Moog does... How about Cheryl's Snatch?? Huh huh? Cuz she goes into the Goodies room and "Snatches" the much desirable items for her Box. Much love from Canada. Ps I can't get your wd40 spray lubes here.
JohnnyRottenest 2 månader sedan
Please do a BMW N54 engine next. It’s 225 kW stock, but you can easily double the power output with interesting bolt-ons.
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson 2 månader sedan
Its been 6 days guys. Think moog (would like to think that) has finally given up on this project
gaseous clay
gaseous clay 2 månader sedan
My 3yr old asks me " daddy put on in the bin?"
Brady Wells
Brady Wells 2 månader sedan
Anyone else spot the whiteboard at 7:18? Hahahah
Tom Ramsdell
Tom Ramsdell 2 månader sedan
show the bike on the wall (do a reveal)
Sotia sonz
Sotia sonz 2 månader sedan
thats gonnna be a beast on the track
lana 02
lana 02 2 månader sedan
Kaveesha Ranasinghe
Kaveesha Ranasinghe 2 månader sedan
Free willie is about a dolphine
DeathDarkSoul 2 månader sedan
not really a big civic fan but this whole journey has peaked my interest keep up the good work fellas
Edward Incierto
Edward Incierto 2 månader sedan
Finally she’s running!! Awesome! Please do a Nissan Sentra/Sunny B13 with GA16DE please! Stay safe guys!
Luke Mill
Luke Mill 2 månader sedan
live comentary on Formula drift japan?
Outlaw Dingo
Outlaw Dingo 2 månader sedan
Hector from f&f would be proud😂
Mark Plenty
Mark Plenty 2 månader sedan
I’m glad you haven’t thrown the car “IN THE BIN” 😂😂👌
toy razee
toy razee 2 månader sedan
keep at it guys, whatever the car, fast, slow, small, fat, she's yours. And that makes it worth it! But but but daaanng this episode was too shoorrt.. :(
MuZted 2 månader sedan
Wtf is the essay on that white board
Home Grown Customs and Auto Repair
With all the k swaps going on I dig the purity in this build
Chuva 2 månader sedan
That fish is called a pikvis
Jose Brose
Jose Brose 2 månader sedan
From 8.41 it looks like martys transformed into a shifter and moogs just having a chat with him!!
Johnog 2 månader sedan
You should paint this white and give it mad decals!
Gabsy5 2 månader sedan
Its sounds like mine fn2 after the catalytic converter has been stolen out
spookanide 2 månader sedan
You guys are nuts for finishing this one.
Sharn du Preez
Sharn du Preez 2 månader sedan
Can we just turbo the thing now please!
Dutch Parisien
Dutch Parisien 2 månader sedan
I hope you are getting the response
Dutch Parisien
Dutch Parisien 2 månader sedan
frog9181 2 månader sedan
now to build the bottom end, recam it, boost it and strip the interior so it's actually fast.
TPM Films
TPM Films 2 månader sedan
That actually sounds sick 😂
Ian Murphy
Ian Murphy 2 månader sedan
Willis Santos
Willis Santos 2 månader sedan
Love this build series. And how you guys have been teasing us with the rims. Are they in the bin (marty's voice) or did I missed it lol
Work Shop
Work Shop 2 månader sedan
lets goooooo
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson 2 månader sedan
I never knew Blair was left handed ♡ ♡ ♡
Raymond Hebert
Raymond Hebert 2 månader sedan
Might as well just bought a kit car instead... wait, maybe the civic technically is a kit car? 🤔 hmm
Jared Buschschulte
Jared Buschschulte 2 månader sedan
Joshua Afek
Joshua Afek 2 månader sedan
Ben Blakemore
Ben Blakemore 2 månader sedan
Victor Dobrovatov
Victor Dobrovatov 2 månader sedan
Now you just have to design a t-shirt with that list of completed work on it.
CHL 2 månader sedan
Sounds like my neighborhood in Chicago from 7pm to 4am every night. Lots of great taqueria’s and the best produce you can buy!
Daniel Keener
Daniel Keener 2 månader sedan
Just got my rare import, possibly the first “in the bin” shirt, delivered here in the states. I couldn’t be more excited! My kids will know to pick up their junk when I’m wearing because everything they leave out goes...
Bradley Wilson
Bradley Wilson 2 månader sedan
Can we get the whale on a T-shirt please
Ryan Schneider
Ryan Schneider 2 månader sedan
Those are dc5/Rsx seats
Johan Nilsson
Johan Nilsson 2 månader sedan
I dont get it how you still do this shit.. moog looks so tired.. no ones really motivated anymore. guess you got enough youtube money.. just relax, drive some motorcycles and the cars you have, hang out with your familys and just shut down this crap before you are burned out.
Shawn Hasenbalg
Shawn Hasenbalg 2 månader sedan
14:38 those are honda rotor screws
Shawn Hasenbalg
Shawn Hasenbalg 2 månader sedan
Does entire series about a turdy Mira, dosent like civics , I think its you who is backwards m8 lol
nakki sormi
nakki sormi 2 månader sedan
"In the bin"....it isn´t funny,stop that...you used to be cool!
Erik Cabrera
Erik Cabrera 2 månader sedan
Those extra screws in moog’s shoes it’s probably what the shifter is missing
Guillermo G.
Guillermo G. 2 månader sedan
Would love to find that engine around here and swap it in my ole '93 LX. All you can find are K24s from CR-Vs
MoVieZafterMidNiGhT 2 månader sedan
Atlantis is 555km long, aka Rockall Bank/Island.. beneath the surface..
bubbajoexxx 2 månader sedan
build a real car not junk
bubbajoexxx 2 månader sedan
mosquitto with a fart can honda rust bucket
EvoBeard 2 månader sedan
"Martynomics" lmao, sounds very similar to what my mates refer to as "Beard Time", which is a separate entity of time and space created solely for me by people that know me.
Stuurdie Rotzooinaar
Stuurdie Rotzooinaar 2 månader sedan
Gettin dizzy from the camerawork, stopped could not finish it.
Norse Viking Æsir
Norse Viking Æsir 2 månader sedan
Um, it's front wheel drive so yes, you need an alignment before the Dyno...
Arnold Avila
Arnold Avila 2 månader sedan
I installed Acura RSX seats in my EG!
nibbsie 78
nibbsie 78 2 månader sedan
Sound reminds me of daihatsu charade i had with headers and exhaust, think i still have headers and exhaust in shed somewhere..
Tvon 2 månader sedan
Please paint it in the original silver
Russell Jimenez
Russell Jimenez 2 månader sedan
This would have been a lot easier if you hadn't put a haltech in it, and hadn't done away with the distributor. Many 600hp B Series use the dizzy with no issue. Many big power B Series also use the stock ECU with Neptune or Hondata. The factory parts don't always need to be upgraded just because they are "outdated", especially if they work better than the "modern" stuff.
"What does this say?"
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Buying a military cargo truck
"What does this say?"
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"Körde rakt in i en björk"