Our Civic Hits the Dyno (EP 13) 

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It's been a long road to get to this point, and today it's finally time to put the Civic on the Dyno and see what it can do!

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18 maj 2021



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 2 månader sedan
We have an all new hoodie for you, cause it's getting a bit chilly: mightycarmods.com/collections/clothing/products/retro-speed-hoodie
Cow juice
Cow juice Månad sedan
bmi russian
CrzTank 2 månader sedan
Real dyno numbers now!!
Basicmike08 2 månader sedan
Can you do some 80s synth wave kind of blade runner stuff? :P
carl smith
carl smith 2 månader sedan
I'm ready to buy it now so it don't end up over a cliff lol
KINN 1 2 månader sedan
MARTY Please can i swap you a cap for a Nissan Super Turbo Jack Skint and can’t in the bin it Please 👍👍
James Cornally
James Cornally 7 dagar sedan
"I think it's going to make 77kW" Dyno operator stops the run 1200rpm short of rev limiter: "Oh my god it made 77kw"
Christopher Franz
Christopher Franz 9 dagar sedan
I'm always astounded with how tall Scott is... every damn time
Grey Buckleton
Grey Buckleton 12 dagar sedan
I really don't know if he is going to crush it or turbo it.
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez 20 dagar sedan
That power is real?
John W
John W 20 dagar sedan
5:50 Got to remember that moog is 6’ 2” Tuning fork is a beast
Tennessee Lawns
Tennessee Lawns 26 dagar sedan
Lol vtech + boost = lots of chopping.. Can't believe yall have not done this yet!!
Dennis Marquardt
Dennis Marquardt 26 dagar sedan
That’s a lot of effort for less power than it originally had… I love it.
Adrian The Car Guy
Adrian The Car Guy Månad sedan
Hows this possible? 77kw = 105hp +15% fwd power loss that means the engine makes around 119hp. That's way less than the stock 160hp. Something is obviously not right?
Enzo Rivera
Enzo Rivera Månad sedan
Timing belt sounds a little to tight
deieznuts Månad sedan
Aftermarket vtec solenoids don’t work
António Palma
António Palma Månad sedan
100hp? Thats a really tired engine.
Joshua Belo
Joshua Belo Månad sedan
It couldnt really have only made 77kw?
JJ Sorenavki
JJ Sorenavki Månad sedan
Drag cartel cams stage 3+ an a Turbo :P
David stroman
David stroman Månad sedan
shouldnt this motor be making closer to 130hp? thats just sad sad 103hp. thats the same rating a 93 civic with the crappy vtec would make. at that hp i would say let moog just throw it in the bin.
Ernesto Cruz
Ernesto Cruz Månad sedan
They should of put a pvc roll cage
Mitch Goyen
Mitch Goyen Månad sedan
Marty looks lowkey sad the civic isn’t his no more
Bobdingle25 Månad sedan
103 horsepower lmao. *my Civic runs circles around V8's*
Beth Zarin
Beth Zarin Månad sedan
The secret sauce to taste the optimum horsepower out of your Honda is to make a really nice thick and firm battery ground that connects both to the frame and the engine block in one wire, a splice that connects to the frame first, then the end connects to the engine block. It will work like magic, adds another 10-15 hp and gets better acceleration.
sirvtir Månad sedan
and this is why when you call a dealership spare parts department they won't do anything without your vin
Dwayne Harralson
Dwayne Harralson Månad sedan
I've never seen Moog so happy to get a car he "hated" lol
Lomax D
Lomax D 2 månader sedan
77kw in horsepower is 103bhp? In the UK the stock B16A2 makes 168? I don’t understand 😂
Diarmuid Keane
Diarmuid Keane 2 månader sedan
103hp... Ohh Bois.. In Ireland we get 200hp easy
Hotwheelsfanaddict Rios Santana
This series has been the hardest to watch. I fast forward through most of them just to see the final results. There was so much shit talking that was unwatchable.
schattenbund 2 månader sedan
WTF why 77kw this engine?? i have a 1.4 is EJ9 he makes 76KW on the dyno. your Vtec are bad what is wrong with the engine??
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 2 månader sedan
"In the bin" still not old makes my mrs giggle every time 👍 V-tec Turbo 😁 When you doing another EV car ?
John Hart
John Hart 2 månader sedan
Pinkie nail at 13:00-13:01...
JAMAICAN BUILT EJ6 2 månader sedan
What's the flywheel figures? No way that's a b16b sound more like b16a2 with the 160ps B16b is 185ps
Toto Abicyclette
Toto Abicyclette 2 månader sedan
and then put a Mini engine in it ?
IMNOTA 2 månader sedan
I wonder how much power it really makes tho. Because let's be honest it ain't making only 77kw, neither is it making 100 or whatever were their other guesses. The shittiest b16 ever made 150hp stock, which is 110kw, and I think they have a b16b which makes like 180hp (like 130kw), so if it makes anything under 110 with all those mods, it's complete junk.
Dan A
Dan A 2 månader sedan
Wait, something way!!! Off for only making 100hp, what’s the actual number of the motor
Олег Макей
Олег Макей 2 månader sedan
15:39 subtitles -we're bts🙃
ayeoorandyx5 2 månader sedan
Can i have the rear seats please?!
Paul Pichugin
Paul Pichugin 2 månader sedan
I had the same honda... if you take some of the intake off and give the firewall a small "adjustment" with a hammer, the alternator can come out the top, much easier.
Imback Inthegame
Imback Inthegame 2 månader sedan
15:26 🤣
silencium12 2 månader sedan
Isn't a B16 supposed to make 105-ish fwkW? Did they properly tune it? I don't get it.
Ian Griffiths
Ian Griffiths 2 månader sedan
Really loved watching this series but I'm a little confused boys. Standard 1.6 civic VTI's run 160bhp (119kw)? I feel like I'm missing something? 77kw (103bhp) is the base power of a standard 1.6 civic engine i.e. 1996 Honda Civic EJ6 Coupe. The finished car came out looking stunning though lads! Much respect.
Ronald Mabire
Ronald Mabire 2 månader sedan
92.9 kw
MrNightpwner 2 månader sedan
all that work for 103 hp?
David Brennan
David Brennan 2 månader sedan
Marty car moogs. Mighty car mods
Tyrone Marty Stock
Tyrone Marty Stock 2 månader sedan
Good job Marty and Moog 👏👏👏
ACE Venture
ACE Venture 2 månader sedan
Those hp numbers are too low... Something is not right with that setup... I made those numbers with a sohc vtec motor with bolt ons and a good tunner... 💯👎
mini-geek 2 månader sedan
howard hobbs
howard hobbs 2 månader sedan
Just a good note. BC I've been a fan of you guys since almost the beginning I built my closest clone to this civic on GTA5 online. Among others
udovdh 2 månader sedan
Where's Turbo Yoda?
Gauge Magadia
Gauge Magadia 2 månader sedan
That doesn't mean that someone else will throw this Civic off a cliff........hahahaha
TalkinAboutTheDude 2 månader sedan
a bloke can rest easy now
gamby16a 2 månader sedan
That engine needs some tuning. My bland US spec B16A made 151whp with bolt-ons, cam gears and fuel tuning. A B16B should make an easy 160 to the wheels. 104 is strangely low.
Affiliate Lifestyle
Affiliate Lifestyle 2 månader sedan
Something properly wrong with that B16 A if it's only making 103 BHP. Vtec sounded weak as. These are mean't to run 160 bhp standard. I owned an EK4 VTI for 5 years. I was expecting 145+ BHP with it being an unknown motor. Dissapointed as!
Burealis 2 månader sedan
Only 103HP on a stock B16A? Oh boy, that engine is hurt... xD
Zikira 2 månader sedan
101 hp ? b16a should have 160 hp.. with inatake and exhaust improvemnts can hit around 190 hp without much effort.
no one
no one 2 månader sedan
Wow that engine makes as much power as a d15 with ni vtec wtf did you guys do
Mark Qball
Mark Qball 2 månader sedan
100 hp to the wheels. ROR raff out roud
Rider Mark
Rider Mark 2 månader sedan
I like the BinVic
Clive Williams
Clive Williams 2 månader sedan
K swap it if the b series misfires 1s.
elplopplo 2 månader sedan
103HP? My old stock B20 non VTEC made that
Kris Anctil
Kris Anctil 2 månader sedan
Shouldn't you fellas have been researching the VTEC engine during your travels of these episodes?
[Trump] Fan Cardano Stake Pool
14:59 Marty's rendition of vtec. Love it :D
Cláudio Vieira
Cláudio Vieira 2 månader sedan
77kw at the wheels, that engine is trash. It should give at least 100kw at the wheels. U guys didn't event test that engine properly for compression. Not because you forgot but I'm guessing because u didn't even care. The road test on the next video is clear that the engine is week AF. And the 77kw guessing, come on. Too much of a coincidence 😉
John L
John L 2 månader sedan
Sorry if this has been discussed but this engine must be pretty tired. When new the b16 made at least 160hp at the flywheel and a driveline lose of 60hp seems unlikely.
Barney Wobba
Barney Wobba 2 månader sedan
Tommy MalDisposto
Tommy MalDisposto 2 månader sedan
More respect for Hondas please. 🥇
veenoable 2 månader sedan
Will it fit my Honda?
UPbuild 2 månader sedan
This looked stressful! Glad you got it working though, as if you wouldn’t haha! 👍
Egregious Blunder
Egregious Blunder 2 månader sedan
I often wonder where all these cars go once MCM is done with them. I'm imagining some kid who is a car enthusiast buys his first car only to find out it was on MCM!
Antony Wolfen
Antony Wolfen 2 månader sedan
Moto_V 2 månader sedan
The Michael Vortex
The Michael Vortex 2 månader sedan
Decay of a pixel
Decay of a pixel 2 månader sedan
Just watched this after watching Cleetus dyno Mullet. They got a whopping 1400hp out of that engine and it was almost normal for them. These guys make me sit on the edge of my seat hoping the Civic makes more than 77hp. And they are just as excited about it. That's why I love this channel.
MrTangoWhisky 2 månader sedan
Not being with the V-Tec is disrespecting the Mini! 🤣
Jay Are
Jay Are 2 månader sedan
Guy Priest
Guy Priest 2 månader sedan
Swear to god i saw Moog in Belmont a couple of days ago
William Southworth
William Southworth 2 månader sedan
Hey it could have been worse that Audi/VW you bought/spent $money$ on? Ha Ha!
Kyle Milford
Kyle Milford 2 månader sedan
Super excited for the turbo Civic build!
Shankmeyster 2 månader sedan
K24 turbo next
Maurice Cole
Maurice Cole 2 månader sedan
Moog page up with B16 turbo now
Stephen Moore
Stephen Moore 2 månader sedan
The Aussie Honda mafia won't take kindly to this disrespectful behavior A line has been crossed , The vag (inal) community will be the casualties of moogs actions, 😊
nulldua 2 månader sedan
dont mind me still waiting for the epic civic wheel reveal like a dumbass not realizing you guys put it on like 6 episodes ago
Tulle Rönnmyr
Tulle Rönnmyr 2 månader sedan
In the next episode, Moog calls Turbo Yoda to ask what parts will fit on his Honda. Al answers, says "Honda parts mate" and hangs up. Then Moog pushes an entirely different Civic off a cliff
Amir Pomen
Amir Pomen 2 månader sedan
No page up? 🤬 Thumb down!
Acc3l3ratoR 2 månader sedan
Ha Ha .. My d series D15b 3-stage Vtec makes more power than that...and its stock!
commodore1979 2 månader sedan
my vs ecotec made 99kw stock
Steve Langdon
Steve Langdon 2 månader sedan
Should make more power than that, is this just a goof for Moog to win?
EvoBeard 2 månader sedan
Wasn't this supposed to be a B16 (160hp) engine? Even with drivetrain etc loss, it should still be more than 100whp, especially with the mods. Or am I missing something?
Cyloyd 2 månader sedan
I’m confused too lol
ClockRocket 2 månader sedan
So Moog declared victory on a base tune... I call bs. Marty should have called BS. If they said they had done several pulls and that was the best they could get out of the Civic, fine. But that seemed like the first pull.... on a base map....
Denis Velic
Denis Velic 2 månader sedan
...only 77kw on a v-tech?
Ole Deuce
Ole Deuce 2 månader sedan
In toyota the cam gear can lock out if you move it to far on the bench
ROLS733 2 månader sedan
How could a B16A2 only do 77kw? It should do more than 118kw. Can anyone explain?
Questchaun 2 månader sedan
So eh?! Y'all gonna fix the valve lash?
Russell Brown
Russell Brown 2 månader sedan
Your music you put in your videos is seriously top notch. You are great at these videos, and obviously you are great at your day jobs too! Do you make albums or anything available to the public?
deeiks12 2 månader sedan
13.9V is still on the low side, no?
TPM 2 månader sedan
A b16b making 103bhp? Somin ain't right here
Lucas Willem
Lucas Willem 2 månader sedan
Ine BIN!
drunkin gammer
drunkin gammer 2 månader sedan
do a k swap turbo the fk out off that bitch thats what he did not want done to it haha
Drifting Dan
Drifting Dan 2 månader sedan
Nobody else gonna mention how low the power is? Can a Honda nut please educate me on why this isn't 140bhp+
Malcolm Cullen
Malcolm Cullen 2 månader sedan
5:00 - Moog as a hobbit.
Finnspeed 2 månader sedan
VTEC just kicked out, YO!
yizzer2 2 månader sedan
Congratulations on your D15B power level B16A2. a stock B16A2 should make 130HP at the wheels.
yizzer2 2 månader sedan
@EvoBeard the b16a is only efficient when stock. The OEM intake ports are tuned to deliver excellent low to midrange power, these camshafts are not. They drop the CR to around 8:1 on a stock engine. To use these cams you use 12.5-13:1 compression and have a dynamic CR of 10.5:1. The least they can do is use adjustable cam gears and advance the intake cam by about 15 deg.
EvoBeard 2 månader sedan
@yizzer2 that makes sense, there's a similar veign in opening up the exhaust/exhaust manifold to larger bore and gaining less power on many of their engines. I get why DC2 make more use of the intake manifolds than the Civics now. Still, to lose what, nearly 20kw there's surely something else going on with regards to fuel intake or the air/fuel ratio or something?
yizzer2 2 månader sedan
@EvoBeard it's complicated, the dynamic compression ratio. Anyone who put skunk2 cams on a stock engine has experienced this, the engine making less power. To make it short the intake valve is open for such a duration that it bleeds compression ratio as the engine revolves, these camshafts are made for 11:1 ++ CR and 9000 RPMs, and ideally 1.8 liters, The stock block which is no different from an LS (B18A) except for rod length and deck/stroke height. Only has 10.2 :1 compression and can reach 8200rpm safely On top of all that the engine management was unnecessary, Honda did a great job tuning their engines. A stock ECU (P30) or hondata s300 would have been fine for this application.
EvoBeard 2 månader sedan
Yup, what's up with that?? They're missing out on the proper experience of that car and VTEC itself with that lacklustre performance. It's supposed to make 100hp per litre, and it's not a 1ltr Engine...
Brenn Mcclell
Brenn Mcclell 2 månader sedan
Where was the tune??? :( a little disappointed the lil civ didnt get the chance to show you what she was really capable of.
Donni TM
Donni TM 2 månader sedan
We didn't hear any page up...please page up
elukok 2 månader sedan
The best thing about this episode is that you can now start working on videos about some legit interesting cars and stuff again instead of such shit box.
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