Our Honda Civic Build *DISRESPECTED CIVIC* (EP2) 

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We picked up this nugget of an unfinished project car off the internet. And now it's time to begin the transformation to get this car back to it's former glory!

This episode is disrespected nose - meaning it has limited editing, music and VO.

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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt. Some of the products featured in this video may be supplied by sponsors. For a list of our current sponsors please go to mightycarmods.com

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14 mar 2021



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 4 månader sedan
To celebrate our Civic we’re giving away FREE MCM CALENDARS with every Tshirt (we ship worldwide) Get yours now! mightycarmods.com/collections/clothing
roomwithapointofview 2 månader sedan
You should do a rear disk brake conversion, and in most years the Integra fronts swap in with larger disks.
Joshua Sanchez
Joshua Sanchez 4 månader sedan
Make it a turbo b16
ryan lachmansingh
ryan lachmansingh 4 månader sedan
Guys of @mightycarmods as a long time EK tuner i can tell you.. If you are changing the drums for discs, search for a brake booster of a civic that had a b18c4 in it, the normal brake boosters only give you a 70 front to 30 back ratio in braking power. The brakebooster of a b18c4 fits perfect on your car and has a 60/40 ratio so you get to feel a big improvement on the balans when braking. Regards from the netherlands and if you guys have more questions feel free to send me a message!
Jonny Grunnill
Jonny Grunnill 4 månader sedan
Don't bin the rear exhuast it's a mugan twin loop expensive as fook where I live
Kris Hayden
Kris Hayden 4 månader sedan
I just paid full price for a calendar. Can I get a free Tshirt?
Chevy Cruz
Chevy Cruz 2 dagar sedan
@FCSracing... AWD the EK...
Louie JJ
Louie JJ 7 dagar sedan
Grey Buckleton
Grey Buckleton 15 dagar sedan
Dude I was upset when you threw that twin loop mugen muffler in the bin.
Freppster 20 dagar sedan
This episode feels så - 90 MTV. Probably because *in the bin!
Fischbroetchen2k Månad sedan
Well this happened and here I am sitting and calculating my finances to determine if I will be able to buy a sticker for 2 bucks to put on my falling apart Polo 1 litre without going into debt.
Odeo Månad sedan
Castle nuts are not fun
Apollo Cosmic
Apollo Cosmic Månad sedan
That "iN tHe BiN" joke got real annoying real quick
Charles Adams
Charles Adams Månad sedan
The genuine suprise and disbelief at KFC chips not Maccas 😂
Cian Butler
Cian Butler Månad sedan
See all those old bits? Where did they end up?
M R Månad sedan
Might as well just put the whole civic in the bin while your at it
Clovedoper Månad sedan
That muffler looks like a genuine Mugen Twin Loop 😭😭😭
Mobmaster3000 2 månader sedan
In the bin got old real quick
Borys Nijinski
Borys Nijinski 2 månader sedan
“IN THE BIN”…I lol every time!
Tyrone Marty Stock
Tyrone Marty Stock 2 månader sedan
That Honda Civic is just Wonderful with the VTech Engine
Fotis Yerosimou
Fotis Yerosimou 2 månader sedan
Wtf is up with the "in the bin" phrase? It's so annoying
GPTV 2 månader sedan
My window tint on my crv was stinking, a really weird smell, remove the tint see if the smell goes away.
GPTV 2 månader sedan
Was that a mugen twin loop exhaust you put "in the bin"
Jens Rasmussen
Jens Rasmussen 2 månader sedan
I will be esay when you Got a lift
Adam Thomas
Adam Thomas 2 månader sedan
Think they missed to edit an "IN THE BIN!" at 3:46
Cody Stepanian
Cody Stepanian 2 månader sedan
Zip ties holding the body parts on... typical Honda things
Sethery 2 månader sedan
Where's that going Martin?
Ben martin
Ben martin 2 månader sedan
Hey boys got my own turbuh civic d15
Chris Kraak
Chris Kraak 2 månader sedan
Under appreciated moment. Marty: have you heard of the expression *#$* (goat noises)? Moog: No.
sam_barrett 2 månader sedan
Throwing the twin loop in the bin -.- worth alot if its real!!
Jake loeppky
Jake loeppky 2 månader sedan
My car came with the same marks. Now my door is streched and wont go back perfectly. Leaks at highway speeds and you cant bend it back since its now fatigued.
Jake loeppky
Jake loeppky 2 månader sedan
Lol everything you guys binned i would have bought or sold. Im a broke ass.
Logan McDonald
Logan McDonald 3 månader sedan
Imagine being in 2021 and using Ryobi. Even Black&Decker would chop them. Get on board with Milwaukee. 🤣 much love boys. #Evoviiiboihere 🥰
Sokoloft 3 månader sedan
Biggest mod you can do to that car. Replace the ignition barrel. I guess you can take a flathead screwdriver and a hammer and have a key to the car. They're the most commonly stolen in California from what a cop in socal said. He streams on Twitch. Matter of fact pulled over a guy in one that was stolen with house keys in the ignition and a Nissan title in the glove box lol.
Daniel Siebert
Daniel Siebert 3 månader sedan
They make impact screwdrivers (not to be confused with the impact driver you used lol) that are specifically meant for breaking loose things like those honda rotor set screws. Very cheap online and way better than drilling them out :')
Chuck Under Fire
Chuck Under Fire 3 månader sedan
For the record I freaking loved that VW... definitely didn’t belong IN THE BIN
mercvsagent 3 månader sedan
Video summary: IN THE BIN!
di'praivd ice
di'praivd ice 3 månader sedan
"in the bin!" annoying after some time, but you unconsciously smile when you hear it... 😆😝😅 awesome guys...
TimberWulf 3 månader sedan
I think we just found a new meme
Jesse W
Jesse W 3 månader sedan
I loved my EF civic hatch and two accords, they were great cars. But a Miata stole my heart!
Matus m
Matus m 3 månader sedan
Please, just use IN THE BIN! in more vids :D Its amazing :D
Danny Cunliffe
Danny Cunliffe 3 månader sedan
We need a in the BIN tshirt
RubyRoks 3 månader sedan
Brow Landon
Brow Landon 3 månader sedan
Ur going to need a bigger bin mate
Regular_John117 3 månader sedan
Will this fit my honda ?
Thomas Andersen
Thomas Andersen 3 månader sedan
A shot per every "In the bin", 1 minute in, I'm out!
glenben92 3 månader sedan
3:45 So many "in the bin"s you were bound to miss one!
Ytsuxxx No
Ytsuxxx No 3 månader sedan
Brayden Cheatham
Brayden Cheatham 3 månader sedan
Ya'll have to take it to a VW meet this time.
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 3 månader sedan
Where is this going IN THE BIN where is half of the car ahhh IN THE BIN man you crack me up looking good so far it might have got them marks on roof from roof rack maybe
Alexander Perminov
Alexander Perminov 3 månader sedan
Maaaan, did you seriously throw away the Twin Loop Exhaust? 0_o
4bangerlove 3 månader sedan
In the bin skit. I really like it
m 3 månader sedan
dont understand what is apparently so funny about saying in the bin?
labedra 3 månader sedan
Where the whole car gonna go? ........ In da BIN!
stirling waite
stirling waite 3 månader sedan
If you take a shot every time he says "IN THE BIN!" then you might die.
Manda Enns
Manda Enns 3 månader sedan
Can you make a shirt that just says ‘In the bin’? I would buy it in every available colour
hooj 3 månader sedan
Wasnt that a Mugen Twin Loop exhaust? Might be worth something if so 👍 also IN THE BIN! t-shirts needed 😆
H's Honda
H's Honda 4 månader sedan
4x4 turbo it
QUEL NEGRO 4 månader sedan
"In the bin!" lmfao Marty❤️
Marko Hosio
Marko Hosio 4 månader sedan
do you guys by any chanse watch vechor? "in the bin"
MrMacGiollaChainnigh 4 månader sedan
"In the bin" is my new favorite thing
I spoke to the base
I spoke to the base 4 månader sedan
Was that a twin-loop I spy 🕵️‍♀️
Oliver Christoph
Oliver Christoph 4 månader sedan
Oh my god.. this 'In the bin' bit was quite funny and then it turned to be really annoying.. just, yes, just it started to become really cool. You guys are so funny turning content into real entertainment. I love you!
Connor Delaney
Connor Delaney 4 månader sedan
I laughed every time Marty's face popped up and says "in the bin"
Rory, Innit
Rory, Innit 4 månader sedan
Disrespected scrotum
Dean Pratley
Dean Pratley 4 månader sedan
I think the whole car, needs to go...........in the bin!
RagingWhiteman 4 månader sedan
In the bin t-shirts coming soon.
Kurtis Mogg
Kurtis Mogg 4 månader sedan
Who's eaten your steering wheel?
James Boyle
James Boyle 4 månader sedan
I liked the wheels that was on it. Wish I could of had them if you binned them. But sadly am in the UK lol
Adolfo Morales Rivera
Adolfo Morales Rivera 4 månader sedan
filthy drum brakes
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai 4 månader sedan
That ek is basically the same as the eg 92-00 chassis is the same
Christopher Ebeling
Christopher Ebeling 4 månader sedan
You could just throw the whole thing in the bin... I've found thats the best way to improve Hondas, throw them in the bin and buy literally any other car.
papapetad 4 månader sedan
Saw one of those looped mufflers of mugen pedigree on the last gen prelude. They were supposed to make vtec cars sound way better. The H22 was quite a bit different to the low capacity screamer engines so i can't just say that it worked but it did sound good to me at the time, and I am fussy af.
MmeDesgranges 4 månader sedan
Whatever you do, don't clean any components before you re-install them!
Alex Farrow
Alex Farrow 4 månader sedan
I really hope you guys plan on doing some "IN THE BIN" shirts lol
crissyboy79 4 månader sedan
backbox looks like a fake mugen twinloop?
Helvetesfönster 4 månader sedan
The first rule of buying someone else's unfinished project is that you really need to put your hands on every critical nut and bolt that you can. You never know who gave up in the middle of a project or just "temporarily" put it together and you end up driving on a suspension that is about to fall out of the car. I've been severely bitten before.
Aaron M.
Aaron M. 4 månader sedan
"No, please no more. I have a family!" ..."iN tHe BiN!"
gaseous clay
gaseous clay 4 månader sedan
Started watching the engine episode. Then you tube played the rest in reverse order so the car us getting less built as I watch
TylerMayhem 4 månader sedan
I've owned about 25 hondas. Motorcycles though. They've top shit that's why I buy them. I like the 90s ones the most, Super over engineered and amazing. I've got a bunch of mc22s and a rvf400 nc35
Alex Mcalpine
Alex Mcalpine 4 månader sedan
In the bin. I have no idea why it's so funny every damn time haha 😂😂
Yo Joe
Yo Joe 4 månader sedan
Don't chuck that Mugen Twinloop exhaust.
b risky
b risky 4 månader sedan
i like how it's not all music and fancy camera angles, just a couple of guys workin on a car. like early roadkill
Adam Thomas
Adam Thomas 2 månader sedan
Yeah, whenever the title has "disrespected" that means it's their minimally edited videos... Long story about the title tho 🤣
AJDB 4 månader sedan
Mugen Twinloop!
Jonathan Roberts
Jonathan Roberts 4 månader sedan
Best nuggetry since mira
Rowan van Horn
Rowan van Horn 4 månader sedan
How many IN THE BIN's did Marty say?
Jer Gol
Jer Gol 4 månader sedan
11:17 and the deadpan reply had me giggling. 🤣
William Griffin
William Griffin 4 månader sedan
evilcnil 4 månader sedan
First time watching , must say, that "in the bin" crap is annoying .
Christopher W.
Christopher W. 4 månader sedan
What was the sheeps bahh expression?!
FiftyFiftyAmoney 4 månader sedan
Having PTSD watching this as I had to torch and cut out my entire rear end due to Wisconsin rust. Enjoy those bolts coming out freely and keep up the good content!
HaxoResc 4 månader sedan
Why do I always hear "Marty Car Mods"? :'D
kandlrex 4 månader sedan
That’s a nice Orange, however it doesn’t look the same as an XR5 Turbo which looks more like a candy orange which I believe is a 3 stage paint.
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez 4 månader sedan
Finer Details Detailing
Finer Details Detailing 4 månader sedan
The exhaust back box looks like a mugen twin loop might be worth abit of money if you sell it rather than “IN THE BIN”
CptHaddock 4 månader sedan
Top notch editing/cutting on this one
Alfonzo 4 månader sedan
I love you guys. But the "In the bin" drove me nuts lol.
Joe Gioia
Joe Gioia 4 månader sedan
So is this going to get an in the bin music intro mix
myc0p 4 månader sedan
16:50 Should get Rear Subframe Brace and Sway Bars while you are at it.
jonglo52 4 månader sedan
Think you need a T Shirt of Marty's face with 'IN THE BIN!' on it.
Deejay Potts
Deejay Potts 4 månader sedan
Don’t throw the muffler out that is a very rare mugen Back box 🤬🤬🤬
Ethan 4 månader sedan
This is MCM. Losing my shit in anticipation for every "in the bin"
TheTokuin 4 månader sedan
looks like the previous owner had a habit of locking his keys in the car
Tautvydas Bukauskas
Tautvydas Bukauskas 4 månader sedan
10:50 they should be all pointy, The bottom damper fixture bolt is quite often rusty as hell and snaps because there is no point in moving it for the first 20 years after the car went out of the factory lol :D...
Joe Rocket1979
Joe Rocket1979 4 månader sedan
Played out civic rubbish,put it all back in the 90's where it came from.and I'm sure they never locked the key in it and had to slimjim it.similar suspension as my 1990 integra.
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