Our V8 BMW E30 is BACK with MORE POWER 

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A little while back we bought an 1989 BMW E30 Coupe, probably paid too much because everything was broken. We decided to engine swap it with an LS3, TR6060 and Skyline R200 rear diff. It's an AWESOME car to drive as is, but with a little more power it should be EPIC.

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7 jun 2021



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Kommentarer 1 348   
Kinyera Inno Arnolds
Kinyera Inno Arnolds 2 dagar sedan
which is the best? LS3 engine or 1UZFE?
Dollar Store Quality
Dollar Store Quality 7 dagar sedan
"Cubes is King on the streets" or as we say in the states "there's no replacement for displacement"
IMNOTA 8 dagar sedan
22:00 Nice idea with the wooden dowel, but most people just flip the engine over since like 8 times out of 10 people do a cam swap with the engine on an engine stand.
MassiveTrackHunter 18 dagar sedan
Always love the tracks on your videos. Amazing compilations. This is a proper hot rod beemer! Love it!!
Nelesh Barathlall
Nelesh Barathlall 29 dagar sedan
Sell me this car 😜
Rishee Sharma
Rishee Sharma Månad sedan
Would like to see an electric/steam hybrid though
Caynn Fittler
Caynn Fittler Månad sedan
Need a 4 link and some slicks on there mcm nice build boys
Blurb Margenny
Blurb Margenny Månad sedan
Mightycarmods = Forza RP in real life
Nut Månad sedan
is this an m3?
\m/ MayheM \m/
\m/ MayheM \m/ Månad sedan
I'm glad you didn't skip the "IN THE BIN" clip!
Xnemiz Månad sedan
7:47 why music?
Frederick Dangleberry
Looked like you were ripping it's spine out when the cam came out!
The Ranch
The Ranch Månad sedan
Still wondering where the 180 is 😔.
FF skinner
FF skinner Månad sedan
I wish cars from my part of Canada looked like that after 30 years… there’s no rust than car left after 30 years 😢
Patrick Mangan
Patrick Mangan Månad sedan
Wait did they just randomly throw all the push rods together in one box..........
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Månad sedan
Ahhh! Classic MCM is back on the menu! Disrespected nose is... good in small quantities...
Tasty Tears
Tasty Tears Månad sedan
Ahh yes, the beautiful E30 that got ruined by some.. game company for an ad.
Kealan Browning
Kealan Browning Månad sedan
Is that thing still 4 stud with an ls in it? How do you get away with that
Bocaj Månad sedan
Is the MW at the end showing their preference towards modern warfare and that black ops was shite? 😂
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Månad sedan
My girlfriend calls you guys the “in the bin guys”🤣🤣🤣
Antti Alajuuma
Antti Alajuuma Månad sedan
Send it. YUUUH! :D Nice Grind Hard Plumbing reference
Mitch Macik
Mitch Macik Månad sedan
E90 next please !!!!
Mitch Macik
Mitch Macik Månad sedan
I own an 06 E90 , can you do mods so I know where to start ?
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Månad sedan
Glad to see this back without the lame COD sponsored mods 🙌🏽
TunaNoCrust Månad sedan
Oh man, i want to LS swap my E30 SO BADLY. Man You guys rock, your taste of vehicles are epic.
Professor WaffleCones
7:25 Why is he just tapping a bolt with a hammer? Looks like the bolt is already tightened lol
BaRFy B Månad sedan
How do you go about registering a car with an engine swap ??
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Månad sedan
Gotta vs benny in his LS Is200 with this thing
Robert Schemonia
Robert Schemonia Månad sedan
Turbo Yoda felt a great disturbance in The Force at 13:10...
Pauly Lewis
Pauly Lewis Månad sedan
Yay, "In the Bin" must become standard. Also, LS swap the world!
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Månad sedan
15:00 Marty give a sad story how LS engines have become rarer in Aus. Whilst Europeans have never seen one.
alch3myau Månad sedan
This BMW bs explain a lot . ;)
Barna K
Barna K Månad sedan
great music as well!
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Månad sedan
@09:55 RX7 spotto!
Victor M
Victor M Månad sedan
I like the little history lessons.
Victor Mugadza
Victor Mugadza Månad sedan
My girlfriend calls you guys the “in the bin guys”🤣🤣🤣
Petbool Månad sedan
I'm glad the disrespected noze episodes are over :D i really enjoyed them, but i really prefer well produced episodes like this one. thank you guys, you're doing amazing work !
P Savel
P Savel Månad sedan
For the love of god, please put some real FLCAB'S in those lollipops! The stock webbed rubber ones are the WORST ones you can have in there. Even the OEM solid rubber m3 ones are an upgrade. Poly or delrin ones are probably the best bet for street use, but you can also grab some eyeball arms from treehouse racing, or moosehead engineering. They're spherical bearings so while more precise they take more of a beating on the street. They replace the entire lollypop bracket entirely.
G J Bisson Racing fabrication
Where have you been? I have looked for you guys on SVdown for a year and a half when you went missing. I thought you got rid of your channel. And out of the blue today they send me a notification on this video.
Mango McPoo
Mango McPoo Månad sedan
Devin Friske
Devin Friske Månad sedan
Whoa does the local market for Aus get metric bolts? Or were these guys just using “close enough” sockets? Peace from the country that still rocks an inferior system of units Been a fan a long time!
Mika Legault
Mika Legault Månad sedan
10:35 Being from Canada, in Québec, I can definitely agree with thoses words!
James McCulloch
James McCulloch Månad sedan
Gotta vs benny in his LS Is200 with this thing
Flashing Juke School
I love both of you but PLEASE do not interrupt Tony while he is talking about ANYTHING.
Rhysk94 Månad sedan
Also a cammed LS3 behind a manual should make 350rwkw at a bare minimum all day every day depending on dyno etc etc
Rhysk94 Månad sedan
Finalllly doing something decent with a LS, not just something slapped in a chassis.. Cam changes it and makes it 10x better regardless of all the LS haters etc etc Love ya work guys 👌
motorfanatics Månad sedan
Bimmer love doesn't stop.👍 Well, until we look into the engine bay. 😂
KhuntfromNZ Månad sedan
@09:55 RX7 spotto!
R4ZZ3LD4ZZ3L Månad sedan
You forgot to throw away the valve covers aswell in favour of holley ls valve covers. They piss off the coil brackets and bolt straight to the covers and just look mint👌🏼
J. Barrett
J. Barrett Månad sedan
They kept cutting Tony off when he was speaking.
Travis Knott
Travis Knott Månad sedan
Make "the fixing good" a tshirt!!!
Dalee Stanelle
Dalee Stanelle Månad sedan
Does anybody know the song that starts at 7:45 and drops at 8:00? Can't seem to find it anywhere
Michael Cross
Michael Cross Månad sedan
Tony is a legend. Please have him on again, his knowledge is amazing!! Powerhouse right there.
Aga Antonio
Aga Antonio Månad sedan
I know this is off-topic, but what wrist watch is Marty wearing? Thanks!
Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods Månad sedan
Garmin marq driver
Johnny Bauer
Johnny Bauer Månad sedan
Wow had to pick my brain for a second hearing the word " orbital " then I remembered it had something to do with seadoo 20 years ago.
trytthisnow Månad sedan
Beautiful car, wrong choice of engine.
Chris Morris
Chris Morris Månad sedan
"only January 89'" that's over 20 years haha
Henrik Månad sedan
but EV !!!! Come OOOOON!!!
mat k
mat k Månad sedan
yea...but it isnt a coupe.... its a two-door sedan
Android Tester
Android Tester Månad sedan
This makes me wish i had money to make my e30 work lol 😢
Andrew Roman
Andrew Roman Månad sedan
Hope you didn't look at the cam bearings. LS cam bearings aren't bad unless you look at them.
LiamR Månad sedan
Australians be like... SHAZZY
Shad Quirk
Shad Quirk Månad sedan
Can we get a channel just dedi to Tony building/rebuilding engines?
TheMattbrownbill Månad sedan
Spooky... My cylinders are 666 cc each. And that's a pushrod straight six. Not exactly new technology 🤔
The white e39 in the back thoo!!?
Eduardo Diaz A
Eduardo Diaz A Månad sedan
14:20 Mexico!! Mexico!! 🇲🇽
fast last
fast last Månad sedan
WoW I Just Had A V8
Tepid Water
Tepid Water Månad sedan
This is what this build was supposed to be
Aiken Fisher
Aiken Fisher Månad sedan
you guys rule!
Jesús Magdiel Cota Corral
have u notice the intro sounds a little part like power rangers intro?
Bald Paul
Bald Paul Månad sedan
Head bolts in the bin. Sloppy mechanic community send me the bolts. And head gaskets....
Henry Su
Henry Su Månad sedan
"Fixing Good"
UPurKILT Månad sedan
I well hope they bought a.... TEXAS SPEED BIG FOOT'S DICK cam.... that would be so epic.
SVTWRC Månad sedan
@3:45 here in USA especially the Nothern parts of NAmerica, tie rods and ball joints just don’t come off that easily. Made me sick just watching that little hammer swing remove those tapered titans of torture we so loving call the pain in the balls joint.
PheelTheJoy Månad sedan
It's actually making quite a bit less power by the end of the video wouldn't you say?
Julian Grondin
Julian Grondin Månad sedan
BTW you did not need to remove the heads ''if'' your install valve spring if you put air in the cylinder from the spark plugs , the air pressure will keep you valve shut! you can DIY your self a adapter ;)
Kristian Mills
Kristian Mills Månad sedan
Ahh now where back on the E30. can we have a video of the car computer setup and how it works, would fully love to see how you guys changed the mapping setting with the custom console.
Tim Williams
Tim Williams Månad sedan
Any comments on the RPM ACT in the USA? Things like Haltech won't be aloud for sale there or anything car mod for that matter. sounds crazy but its coming up next.
Austin DeBrito
Austin DeBrito Månad sedan
This is the only show where I don't fast-forward through the intro.
gavin Hh
gavin Hh Månad sedan
I'm deeply in to this car. Very very cool
elias nahlous
elias nahlous Månad sedan
Anyone else rego check this and see it’s registered under an e46.... ahahaha
Ngl, I totally forgot about this one.
David Abbott
David Abbott Månad sedan
The world needs more guys like Tony !!
craicbosca Månad sedan
Can you guys start doing some other European cars like Alfas, Fiat, Peugeot or Renault?
j a
j a Månad sedan
Marti really has to start letting whoever he is working with finish a sentence. You are constantly interrupting and trying to finish everyone’s sentences. Let them finish what they are saying and get a though out..mate.
Dean Burger
Dean Burger Månad sedan
Please do the K-series electric steam hybrid buildd
Koen van der rijt
Koen van der rijt Månad sedan
god I love this show.. and I don't even give 2 hoots about cars
Loved the video from start to end. Long time supporter here
Cristian Deluna
Cristian Deluna Månad sedan
That green FB at 10:18 though 👀👀👀
Capt Shiny
Capt Shiny Månad sedan
I wonder if this will get the ultimate BMW upgrade of flashing yellow lights at each corner?
Nand0s Månad sedan
Jimny engine swap time please!! I currently have 2 nugets one running m15a and the other m18a4
Jordan Joestar
Jordan Joestar Månad sedan
This is an unappreciated LS3 rebuild video.
Dan Gariepy
Dan Gariepy Månad sedan
If you guys are gonna be messing with LS you should get some Cleetus McFarland in your life. should be able to get 400kw out of that engine pretty easy. Also check out Taylor Ray his LS Miata is mental and its NA
tortron Månad sedan
Rust guy has never seen a baking tray tek screwed over rust? Must be his first day on the job
LonelyFalcon Månad sedan
What happens to moogs 180sx
Roy von Third
Roy von Third Månad sedan
I like this Shaylan guy. He seems nice.
Roy von Third
Roy von Third Månad sedan
Mnay people believe that rotary's are unreliable.
kayugee Månad sedan
rocket bunny body kit please :D
GALAXIE 500XL Månad sedan
I see you guys make the same mistake as a lot of other SVdown mechanics make. When you put the wheels back on the car, you lift them over your head. The car is sitting on a lift. Why don't you let the car down a little so you don't have to lift that heavy wheel and tire over your head? Your back will thank you someday.
Allthathp Andnotire
Allthathp Andnotire Månad sedan
I just cammed my ls3 in my w202 Mercedes. Went with the tsp stage 3 n/a cam. It’s pretty fun now. Did it in the car with the heads on and also didn’t use the wood dowels because I like to party lol Good luck with this.
tyrone stevens
tyrone stevens Månad sedan
Ls the world
benarriaga Månad sedan
I love these guys. I hate that someone made them feel bad to be bald. Bald is beautiful kings! Show off the beauty! Fk society!
Ronin Månad sedan
almost old school mcm. great episode