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What's next for the build? And a new project car is coming!
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18 nov 2020



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 3 månader sedan
Get Your PuRity T-Shirt ❤️ mightycarmods.com/collections/clothing/products/purity-t-shirt
Nick Gingrow
Nick Gingrow 3 månader sedan
It would be amazing if you could do another run of books for the holidays! Can't wait to see what's next!
kvt pwr
kvt pwr 3 månader sedan
@Cooper Jay Studios g
Matt Sutcliffe
Matt Sutcliffe 3 månader sedan
What if ya like rotaries? That's purity too😁 please do a rotary!!! You could triple or quad rotar that bitch. F1 sounding Mazda. YEEEES and its pure JDM goodness.
Martin Buhler
Martin Buhler 3 månader sedan
Got mine woo hoo
Emzy 3 månader sedan
10:49 When golf fast is the same fast as an LS swapped E30 😂
88 88
88 88 5 timmar sedan
Marty and Michael can you guys show us some footage of regular driving of the Beemer, and pullaways etc. Really curious to see the acceleration. Maybe even some track time 🙏🙏🙏🤞
Jordan McCauley
Jordan McCauley Månad sedan
Fog machine removed: BMW e30/e28 fans have re-entered the chat.
Covert Garage
Covert Garage 18 dagar sedan
I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars
Tomoe Yamaguchi
Tomoe Yamaguchi 2 månader sedan
To me this will forever be known as dirty activision beemer
Dwayne Harralson
Dwayne Harralson 2 månader sedan
Put side pipes off the cutouts
Covert Garage
Covert Garage 18 dagar sedan
I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars
Dmitry Makeev
Dmitry Makeev 2 månader sedan
It's been a truly incredible 13 years! Proud of you guys and enjoy every project so far 🤜🏼🤛🏼
Covert Garage
Covert Garage 17 dagar sedan
Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.
Oleksandr Shvets
Oleksandr Shvets 3 månader sedan
You're great maaaaaad guys! Thanks for the purity content💪
Brian Co
Brian Co 3 månader sedan
Thank you for not selling out like the Roadkill guys did. You all are AWESOME!
Andrew Pulford
Andrew Pulford 3 månader sedan
Mighty boy turbo?
The Michael Vortex
The Michael Vortex 3 månader sedan
upgradedBACON 3 månader sedan
Someone say hot cam? Definitely a must need for this car!
1ManManyCars 3 månader sedan
Marty - ive never had a high powered rear wheel drive car like this Mod Max - Am I A Joke To You
LT7 Automotive
LT7 Automotive 3 månader sedan
Thanks guys. Covid sucks and MCM is a bright spot. Stay safe all and we'll keep watching.
scarnage175 3 månader sedan
love you guys!!!
Skiboot Dier
Skiboot Dier 3 månader sedan
I absolutely love this show.. I particularly enjoy the music!! 🎶 when they were doing the E-30 LS-Swap build. Put out a CD of the background music and I would buy it.
rayhaan301 3 månader sedan
literally love all you guys have achieved over the past 13 years!
a98pmalcolm 3 månader sedan
Nearly at 3.5m subs and you 2 are still doing everything and the show is getting better and better. Ontop if that making your own music its all pretty amaizing. Keep up the awesome work fellas!
Joshua Swart
Joshua Swart 3 månader sedan
It would be cool to see the Gemini build
Purexryse 3 månader sedan
While the engine’s out might as well put a cam in it?
flaminraymon 3 månader sedan
k series swap plsssss
FuTiLexMoDz 3 månader sedan
lool 13 years??? i was 10 when yall started
ZE_GERMAN 3 månader sedan
Are these Purity Shirts available in White or black only?
Brandon Young
Brandon Young 3 månader sedan
I have found your next car! Its super low volume and only available near you. So Jealous!!! www.autotrader.com.au/car/11565044/ford/focus/vic/mount-eliza/convertible
NateNZ 3 månader sedan
"This is fast, we did a run in... um.... on the track" 🤣
Parker Latham
Parker Latham 3 månader sedan
Wheres the oem wheels? Id like em 😂
Strongboy 72
Strongboy 72 3 månader sedan
Can't wait for the new projects guys no rush you guys are the best!
Dr. Abraham Van Helsing
Dr. Abraham Van Helsing 3 månader sedan
Have you considered doing car mats with the chopped logo on yet?
Tim 3 månader sedan
Forget the shirt, where can i buy this car but with the budget of the t-shirt 😭
Martin j
Martin j 3 månader sedan
A fkg truck, yer that pure
Nick Wakeford
Nick Wakeford 3 månader sedan
When do you give this a crack in the E30 svdown.info/post/video/rHueqdmBkIiOyM0.html
Steve Claydon
Steve Claydon 3 månader sedan
Big love boys. I was a massive fan 10 years ago exactly. Then I somehow missed it. Bought a filthy 318i when I was 17 years old. Dreamed of a M3. Got a E92 M3 and then a new M3 Competition. Just turned 30 and getting back into every episode. The Pursuit of Love 👌🏻
Kian Mohr
Kian Mohr 3 månader sedan
Is that an RB with a holden rocker cover in the background? VL Turbo Build???
nick lemaire
nick lemaire 3 månader sedan
Hello good sirs how long did it take before you started to earn back an how long was it till you starting to go in to the black financially speaking. And I’m referring to being a you tuber show /hosts
Jamie Wiltzen
Jamie Wiltzen 3 månader sedan
😂 golf fast
NGC1433 3 månader sedan
My god, a man isn't allowed to engineer even the poly bushings where I live.
jean simon vidal
jean simon vidal 3 månader sedan
No food talk at the end?
Atomy111 3 månader sedan
What's next? Throw it in the bin or sell it and get something else :D
Ryan Marshall
Ryan Marshall 3 månader sedan
I really want to see you guys do some 4x4 stuff, like an old janky custom Hilux vs a new Ranger with bolt-ons *hint hint*
monkey 3 månader sedan
Great work boys keep it up
rxcosmo76 Mills
rxcosmo76 Mills 3 månader sedan
When i was 15 this would have been great. You guys have ;lost your way. Very disapointing.
Graham Wilson
Graham Wilson 3 månader sedan
Bla bla bla show the car!
djaveragejoe 3 månader sedan
Blue Turd
Tyler Nestler
Tyler Nestler 3 månader sedan
Am I able to change 2 of your medium shirts to larges?
Ubirter 3 månader sedan
Numbawan from 🇵🇭!!!
Music with Mooz
Music with Mooz 3 månader sedan
This car vs Fairlady
Mike Higgins
Mike Higgins 3 månader sedan
Does that mountain bike hanging on the wall get used ? If not can I have it here in scotland ?
Jake Botelho
Jake Botelho 3 månader sedan
After watching this channel for 10 years now. Watch other channels get there start. I have to say, some shows come and go loose there interest but I still get happy to watch another mcm show. That’s for still being real and not a corporate sell out, who looses there content fo sponsorship, roadkill comes to mind
Peetu Piispanen
Peetu Piispanen 3 månader sedan
Purity. fuck yeah funny as shit.. I have lung cancer.....and my heart is fucked up
SubboyGTR 3 månader sedan
MR2 (MRS) with a K24 conversion to go up against the Exige?
daveyio87 3 månader sedan
I've been watching you guys for years, i can't remember how long now. I like your builds, Super Gramps probably is my favorite build series. I do miss some of the mods vidoes you used to do on vehicles. Just adding cool stuff, making it your own. Reguardless i'm glad you guys are doing well and continue to get more popular each year!
Mark B
Mark B 3 månader sedan
You guys really are one of my favourite channels, from feature length films , to 10 minute update videos , been watching your content for a long time now and still somehow it’s got a fresh feel to it , keep it up lads , from a long time fan from uk.🇬🇧👍🏻
Deadish Elf
Deadish Elf 3 månader sedan
Could y'all do a car with the 3800 motor?
Chrispy Cream
Chrispy Cream 3 månader sedan
Love you guys
kaminoshi713 3 månader sedan
Your shop lighting always impresses me
Tom Burnside
Tom Burnside 3 månader sedan
pupils dilated and talking fast af haha
Go away I have comments to make
I want 1.3 turns lock to lock in any car I drive :P
Connor Reid
Connor Reid 3 månader sedan
K swap a rwd vehicle
CaptainB H
CaptainB H 3 månader sedan
Rear battery is factory standard for e30
Ryan Steinmetz
Ryan Steinmetz 3 månader sedan
Get a Texas Speed cam!@
Ryan Steinmetz
Ryan Steinmetz 3 månader sedan
Tom Clarke
Tom Clarke 3 månader sedan
I'm glad the gimmicks are coming out. I don't like BMW's, but any small car with a big motor I'm with it.
MrNaf1 3 månader sedan
Always enjoy your content guys, it’s strange when I think about it and some times feel like your my mates 😂 but would love to meet up for a chat one day I ever make it to Australia from the U.K. or if you guys come up here again, currently with out a project car due to having a little boy and trying to get a mortgage but hopfully get another project car in the next few years but your videos help feel the void and makes me jealous at the same time lol 😂
TravisFabel 3 månader sedan
Why is the video quality so crappy?
Gorkem Cosgun
Gorkem Cosgun 3 månader sedan
Sunroofsuz bmw olmaz 😀
M3rlin257 3 månader sedan
The real question is how can I buy this maddd build? (you guys have given me so much inspiration for my E30, she needs a lot of work but it's one of my favorite platforms)
Pete Steadman
Pete Steadman 3 månader sedan
Amazing!!!! The e30 and e45 are the best shape beemers. Make sure you get the proper carpet and not that crappie fuzzy felt in new BMW’s have. ✌️
Robert Fleming
Robert Fleming 3 månader sedan
A.J. W.
A.J. W. 3 månader sedan
Loved this vlog style video! Great updates!
Robson Rover Repair
Robson Rover Repair 3 månader sedan
These wee updates feel like the old school stuff so it's nice to see, maybe a "mighty mini mods" series for you both, eg just taking your daily to get tyres, or kebab trips, etc, that kinda stuff is always great. Also what about the resutuant with the ongoj g global bastard?
Evaldas Senavaitis
Evaldas Senavaitis 3 månader sedan
Did he say "Gerai Everybody" at the start of the video?
Jerome Ubaña
Jerome Ubaña 3 månader sedan
Track day!!!
TheRedneckGamer1979 3 månader sedan
BLOWER!! big assed blower and flappy scoop out of the hood!!
O. Mi.
O. Mi. 3 månader sedan
i smell a turbo
Don Chimpo
Don Chimpo 3 månader sedan
Qtr mile
Matias Langaard
Matias Langaard 3 månader sedan
Inline 6s were what these things were made for, other than V engines. So it'd only make sense to put a barra engine in it, right? :B
Gerald La Fleur
Gerald La Fleur 3 månader sedan
Would love to know what the lap times the e30 would do compared to the Subarus you just finnished..
Agatemaster 199
Agatemaster 199 3 månader sedan
I like how they remember where they started when we had less grey hair
Asher Fawcus
Asher Fawcus 3 månader sedan
Haha went through the new tunnel getting lost along the way thinking this looks familiar it must the one in the e30 vid.
Doctor Moore
Doctor Moore 3 månader sedan
Super proud to be helping the show buying merch tbh. Me and two mates have a similar thing going on in our spare time (we call it Nepalish garage cos they are Nepalese and I'm not). We get together and help each other fix our cars and modify with the pennies we got. Im the guy constantly going into debt buying new irresistible nuggets to salvage and work on! We dont have much coinage to show and dont make a penny off it so far but enjoy life to the max modifying and racing cars and bikes! MCM 4life!
Pawel Wolski
Pawel Wolski 3 månader sedan
Cool that the spy thing is done with.
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies 3 månader sedan
I wish I had a sponsorship with Haltec and they just give me $3800 worth of ECU/wiring/dash
Theknifedude 3 månader sedan
Mighty Car Mods was the 2nd SVdown channel I subscribed to(VisioRacer was the first).I’m 77 yrs old, live in Idaho in the USA and have been interested in cars forever. Do you guys want some Idaho license plates? I’m currently driving a Miata RF which belonged to my wife(Passed away on St. Patrick’s day). I also have a GMC Sierra/Duramax just in case it snows. I ordered a Tesla mod 3 performance, changed it to a mod Y performance and then thought about how little driving I do and canceled it. I have reserved a Cybertruck. I’m 300,000+ so all I have to do is live long enough. I got some Tesla stock thinking if it went up enough I could afford it. But it’s done so well I think I’ll sell the house and sleep in the Cybertruck. Are you planning any Kei to The City type videos soon? Anyway, keep the videos coming.
Algirdas Zemaitis
Algirdas Zemaitis 3 månader sedan
Clearly Subaru marketing team was watching your videos :D you can search "Subaru purity" and you will find 2022 subaru brz promo video :D Please thumbs up so MCM would see this :)
M A 3 månader sedan
Hate it
E36titan 3 månader sedan
Marty if the E30 is the German S13, does that mean the E36 is the S14 and E46 is S15- because I totally agree with you
Joshua Bartlett
Joshua Bartlett 3 månader sedan
Just mad respect for you two. Fair play keep it up.
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 3 månader sedan
Nice this is so cool going to be epic
Tasty Hotsauce
Tasty Hotsauce 3 månader sedan
13 years well spent boys. Would love to see another road trip soon, rake would love it.
Kent Cacal
Kent Cacal 3 månader sedan
I've been watching for several years already.... I'd be amazed if theres a 1st Gen Kia Sportage Engine swap and tune
King Belial
King Belial 3 månader sedan
Now this is the direction that I like. Especially when I heard Supergramp.
Youthfulplayer 3 månader sedan
Marty bringing up the tunnel shot. My face melted when I saw that, killed it guys
1000 FZR
1000 FZR 3 månader sedan
Genuinely loved how honest this video was. Keep up the awesome work.
Pops Smith
Pops Smith 3 månader sedan
It’s been a fun project, want to see it on the track soon!
Chris 3 månader sedan
So weird hearing the difference between American and Australia for cars. Here in American I swap whatever I want into anything and it's legal. Sometimes even just with headers.
Jarrod Osborn
Jarrod Osborn 3 månader sedan
Great video boys
Dr. Cool
Dr. Cool 3 månader sedan
anyone got a link to the License Plate Replacer thingy?
Andre van der Westhuizen
Andre van der Westhuizen 3 månader sedan
What ever happened to Al and woody and Mechanical Stig
Houseoffinch 3 månader sedan
You 2 are just awesome! It's been so long, 13yrs is crazy.
Eddy1Cannoli 3 månader sedan
you're putting a cam :) yayyyy lol
Chris Hardy XD
Chris Hardy XD 3 månader sedan
Bro this is fucking cool as hell
OskaiyBus 3 månader sedan
take it to a burnout pad surely
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