Spoon your SKUNK until he MUGENS - CIVIC Build (EP5) 

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This Civic already stinks so we may as well add a Skunk. We saved this nugget from automotive apocalypse and now we are fixing it. But the more we do, the more problems we find. Luckily we bought a 2nd hand Skunk and fed it some Mugen with a spoon...

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30 mar 2021



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 4 månader sedan
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roomwithapointofview 2 månader sedan
"Why do people like Civics?" At this point, if you have to ask, you wouldn't understand. The real question is why do people hate them?
TheRealMrCods 4 månader sedan
Got mine, thanks
car guy newb
car guy newb 4 månader sedan
I making a suggestion for mcm to do a v6 camry build for laughs
car guy newb
car guy newb 4 månader sedan
Do a v6 camry
Teeth Laboratories
Teeth Laboratories 4 månader sedan
I live in America, and I own a heavily modified 2011 Civic EX-L and a 2011 Crosstour AWD. I could have bought any car in the world but I bought a 2011 Civic EX-L specifically. I love Honda because they are an engine company first and a car company second. I love where the Honda scene started. Modifying any one you wanted, making any car you wanted, your own. This why I will continue to own, drive and build Honda. My modified 8thgen civic is my love, only second to my wife. The Type-R 8th Gen is the most gorgeous car in the world. I've swapped my USDM engine with a JDM R18 engine. The engine has upgraded CP pistons and rods, a skunk crank. It's got full suspension adjustment mods, with Koni Yellow shocks paired with H&R Springs. Full Stainless exhaust with magnaflow exhaust and a vibrant resonator. It's got an upgraded fuel system, pump, lines, injectors. It's got a WeaponR Intake manifold with a short ram air run. I'm moving the gas tank to the trunk so I can run a drive shaft down and AWD it. I've got the parts to twin charge (turbo Garrett 3076R and super: rotrex c30-74) and AWD convert it but no time to wrench anything. It runs a link ecu and it's tuned to only like 200 atm for going to the parts store when I need to. The plan is to have an AWD twin charged 500+HP 8th gen. Then once the sleeper has been driving around for a year making people cry and giving me many tickets. I will Type R face lift it and take it to shows. I want to do this because everyone shits on the R18 platform, yet like 3 people actually ever took one apart. If they had they'd have realized it's the perfect low cost racing engine. @ 10.6:1 Compression. It's got piston oil jets, forged rods, and even forged and coated pistons from the factory.
21jimmyo 17 dagar sedan
In America, Hondas are known for their reliability, fuel economy, and decent handling even in bone stock form. They are also easy to work on and parts are everywhere and relatively cheap.
My bruv
My bruv 17 dagar sedan
Toney Tracey
Toney Tracey 25 dagar sedan
If you guys roll it at least something will be right
George Whiley
George Whiley 28 dagar sedan
I don't like Civic's much either but to get the boxes of new performance parts, that most young guys could only ever dream of getting, for a joke , is harsh IMO....I guess Boosted John doesn't have the funds
Daijoubu Månad sedan
Doesn't the plug needs some sealant? Bead of gasket marker
Benny jetsaroundtheworld
There isn't too many cars left you can throw a turbo on yourself in the garage in less than a day
deieznuts Månad sedan
My Awd swapped b16 civic made 555 hp Enough said..
Thomas Kellum
Thomas Kellum Månad sedan
I love hondas because: they're easy to work on, parts are cheap and readily available, and high hp/liter engines are just super fun! I think Moog nailed it though, here in the US we don't have many cheap turbo nuggets floating around, so this is kind of just what we have available to us as an entry level vehicle with "tuning options".... I remember when I first started watching you guys I was SOOOO jealous of all the little turbo cars you guys had available!
FLIPxBEAR Månad sedan
I know it's all fun and games... But the Honda hate/sarcasm is getting old... Years of this shit from the car community just because a few like to rev their engines at every light and shift at redline like its a rotary.. I remember a time it was tough saying you are a Honda owner cuz you would just get looked down on and made fun of
Tyrone Marty Stock
Tyrone Marty Stock 2 månader sedan
That Honda Civic is really fast
Jusso b
Jusso b 2 månader sedan
When that engine blows, I’m blaming it on those blanking plates, hope use enjoy watching the world burn!!!
Jeremiah Schwenk
Jeremiah Schwenk 2 månader sedan
In the US it's a lot of people's first car and they are significantly cheaper than most alternatives they last forever easy to work and aftermarket parts are super cheap
Adam Thomas
Adam Thomas 2 månader sedan
31:03 the voice of the mysterious and mythical cameraman 😲
Joseph Gardner
Joseph Gardner 2 månader sedan
ive never worked on a car before. i mean i had a couple of old timers help me put in a clutch plate in an old 92 f150 and i can rotate tires change oil and change brakes and rotors but ive never taken an engine apart and i want to learn what car in america is cheap to rebuild and i can find aftermarket performance parts for cheap and i can easily work on it?
Wyvern 2 månader sedan
came here to hear a story about someone kicking an ibis in the balls. was not disappointed.
Zakky Boy
Zakky Boy 2 månader sedan
I can’t remember if they ended up showing the wheels
Serioga Markovas
Serioga Markovas 2 månader sedan
best part of the video 18:47, 29:20 (sound warning on this one) you're welcome
every_day_rider rcg3
every_day_rider rcg3 2 månader sedan
Cheap parts is why I'm a honda guy I can I have my some what "race car" and still support my wife and two kids
A M 2 månader sedan
I’ll never look back
A M 2 månader sedan
Why? I used to be a Holden person for a Corolla for a run around , I had no idea what any of that stuff was , this thing hammered so I wanted real vtec got a Honda , my em1 b16 all motor is equivalent to a ss commadore nose to nose but with quarter of the fuel needed and used , plus if u push a set up ek or em or eg on a tight track or tight corners u can enter at redicoulouse speeds it’s really fun I have fun every time I drive mine compared to wasting money just keeping Holden’s on the Rd and break all the time
WT5R 2 månader sedan
In the UK trust me that is a 'GOOD' example EK regardless of what model it is the body is solid
MuppetSmash 2 månader sedan
29:30 ur welcome
Peewees Lawn Care
Peewees Lawn Care 2 månader sedan
Been watching y’all since I was 13 lol
Sokoloft 2 månader sedan
2021. The year where companies that are in business to take your money won't actually take your money.
Liamv4696 3 månader sedan
Dealers not talking to you unless you have a vin, is likely the whole "we can't guarantee they're the correct parts" Which is understandable I suppose.. On the other hand - If you're good with the parts program, you could put a bit of effort in.. and just explain that you can't guarantee fitment etc. I know that if I put CE9A & SNGF into my Mitsubishi ASA parts program, it shows me the catalogue for the Evo 2 & 3, and then all you really need is the production date, for when there are parts with variants that changed over the course of production.
Pepperoni Unicorn
Pepperoni Unicorn 3 månader sedan
I honestly always thought the reason why Americans in particular loved Honda's so much was they were cheap, a mountain of parts were available from Japan and they probably got their Mum's civic when she was done with it, I like the aggressive VTEC don't get me wrong but I still fail to see the big hoo-hah about them...
rogers1977 3 månader sedan
To answer Moog's question around the 10:45 mark about why people love Civics, maybe I could offer my experience as an EK Civic owner. I've owned the same 2000 Civic (coupe body, SOHC VTEC) for the last 10 years, and would never dream of selling it. I love my car for the simplicity of it. It's not a complicated car, but something about that gives it charm. I honestly never originally wanted a Civic, I wanted an Integra. But I test drove this, and I just fell in love. The simplicity of it has also been a blank canvas with limitless possibilities. I kind of made mine an expression of who I am, not that exciting when it was stock, but just enough charm to make me want to make it something more.
sharpSounds 3 månader sedan
Need those blanking plugs with the chopped fingers tbh
Batman 3 månader sedan
I love many cars. Mostly japanese stuff from the 90's and early 2000's but also various european cars from the same era like Volvos and bmw's. And of course Hondas have a place in my heart because they are just awesome little cars. Cheap and easy to work on, big supply of parts and extremely well documented. They are light and feel good to drive. It's honestly my car of choice for a track car. I just love the idea of an N/A civic with a half cage tearing up corners. And I suppose the love or hate culture surrounding them makes them even more interesting.
Marcus Yallow
Marcus Yallow 3 månader sedan
No wallboro455 or Australia equivalent
Marcus Yallow
Marcus Yallow 3 månader sedan
Yes and its not nissan
Chuck Under Fire
Chuck Under Fire 3 månader sedan
It took me 3 minutes to figure out that the distributor cap had SF on it instead of what looked like people in the middle of 69.
Angealies 3 månader sedan
Do i have a story for you about a honda civic sedan. My brother had a green automatic 1997 honda civic sedan. He had it for years and drove to school and later on to work. I saw him and his car everywhere! I love my brother, I really do but he's not a car guy and his car took a beating because of it. No one taught him how to maintain the car and he just drove it. As result, The oil and filter were never changed when he had it and he seized the engine after years of abuse. If that doesn't say anything about these cars i don't know what will. The take away from the story is, Maintain your car and it will take care of you. That said, I believe they're great cheap reliable cars with parts readily available and good gas mileage, Not a bad first car for a kid.
Keith Duncan
Keith Duncan 3 månader sedan
I had an 2004 ex (em2) and 2006 si (fg2). I didn't modify them. they were pretty cheap and just worked.
The Michael Vortex
The Michael Vortex 3 månader sedan
Alexandru Chicheanu
Alexandru Chicheanu 3 månader sedan
"Give 'em a kiss and send 'em back out." I miss Rex Hunt
jon othen
jon othen 3 månader sedan
I had one civic it was an ep3 type r and I hated it wouldn’t own another Honda
Mrtroxs99 3 månader sedan
I feel attacked😂
ImUrOBGYN 3 månader sedan
As soon as you first put that cap in sideways, I knew I was going to have to fly to Australia... 😬🤯
Craig 3 månader sedan
Parts guy was a prick he could have easily helped just didn't want to. this is coming from a parts guy too
Pdbuilt 3 månader sedan
I would love to be around moog To talk about aliens and conspiracy theories 😂
Ivaylo Ivanov
Ivaylo Ivanov 3 månader sedan
I feel the same way about the cap :D
Evan Kingery
Evan Kingery 3 månader sedan
I love hondas because they are like legos, fun to work on, great aftermarket support and typically good on gas mileage for what they are. Also VTEC is great. I drive a 1990 EF sedan with a LS swap, currently doing a lsvtec swap w a b16 head. also have a 84 crx I'm putting a swap in. They're so light. Handle like go carts and are fun for how little money you really have to put into them at the end of the day, vs a popular other car of Japanese origins.
Paul King
Paul King 3 månader sedan
"Kicked an Ibis in the dick" ROFL.
Bucks121 3 månader sedan
I hate honda's, only watching because its MCM
Cody 3 månader sedan
_Im trying to mugen all over Marty_
Garland Bailey
Garland Bailey 3 månader sedan
Hondas have the most aftermarket part out there for mods from simple mods for your daily driver to aggressive track cars. Very easy to work on after you own one thus the thousands of how to do videos.
livinthedream92109 3 månader sedan
I was 100% convinced that at 29:05 he was demonstrating the Pump-n-Sump from 28:17.
Zachary Heefner
Zachary Heefner 3 månader sedan
Those plastic intake manifold gaskets do not seal for shit. They do well at blocking heat soak to the manifold but are not good especially on boosted cars. Speaking from personal experience with my boosted s2k
El Freddo
El Freddo 3 månader sedan
That last four minutes was intense! Didn’t see that coming!
Mijn Mening
Mijn Mening 3 månader sedan
160 hp is not slow, at least to us mortals it aint...
Simon Easter
Simon Easter 3 månader sedan
I think Moog has become an Audi snob.he just does not seem interested in the civic at all.
IMNOTA 3 månader sedan
If you can find part numbers online, the dealer will get you the parts without even asking for the vin. Since you have the part number they know you know what you're doing, and if you don't know what you're doing and you order the wrong part, they're covered since you were the one to provide the wrong part number.
mark scully
mark scully 3 månader sedan
if they won't let you order parts on the engine no !!!!
mark scully
mark scully 3 månader sedan
really well built really easy to tune much better suspension design than any equivalent from another manufacturer what more do you want
megakiller999 3 månader sedan
Can you really not order parts without a VIN in some places? In America I get asked for a VIN, but I usually just say "don't have it" because they are long as heck over here and the guy on the other side of the line is just like "alright" and gets me the part.
Ian Klingensmith
Ian Klingensmith 3 månader sedan
AHHHHHHH!!!!!! BOLTS NEVER COME OUT THAT EASILY!!!! FUCK U GUYS!!!! Jk.... seriously though 🤬
Robert Fearns
Robert Fearns 3 månader sedan
In the bin! T shirt coming?
Walshy014 3 månader sedan
The 'in the bin' cut cracks me up every time 😂
Nick Tyler
Nick Tyler 3 månader sedan
Marty's word of the day.....gunnu, as in he's gunnu fix that Civic, gunnu install mad mods and gunnu do some mad skids
Peter Durovic
Peter Durovic 3 månader sedan
Honda love in my family started when my parents got a yellow first gen civic hatchback in college, brand loyalty ever since. In Canada we might have had Ladas and Hyundai Ponies but they were rubbish compared to Civics. When I got into the car scene it was a little disheartening to hear the Honda hate, but anyone revving to 8k at 2 in the morning with a fartcan is going to frustrate people I suppose. To answer you Moog, good on gas and reliable compared to some domestic stuff, especially in the 90s/2000s era for our specific market. I’m sure in the land of Jimnys and Daihatsus we’d be scoping out alternative small cars
Marten 3 månader sedan
First car was a 2002 civic sedan. Fucking loved it. Thing was unkillable, even though I did handbraketurns and all that. Miss that car
BighomieJ5x -
BighomieJ5x - 3 månader sedan
Hey guys ,I really do think that's the wrong oil pump, "PR4" is a part # for the non-vtec engines (B18A/B), you would need "PR3" (B16A1-4) or "P72" (B18C1) or "P73" (Type-R)
therealshafto 3 månader sedan
I currently have an ST205 Celica GT4 and a 98 Integra (essentially a civic). My Honda is closer to my heart than the GT4. As others have said, there is something about the 'feel' of the car. I feel like Hondas are the energetic puppy, happy to spring up and go for a run. Then of course super reliable. I also enjoy things that rev!
G Fan 1
G Fan 1 3 månader sedan
I like Hondas cause they're a bit crap, but in a good way
bowgoestwang 3 månader sedan
That plug looks the right way up here in North America.
liltliltliltlilt 3 månader sedan
It's the right way up for the rest of us 🤫
Aniq Roslan
Aniq Roslan 3 månader sedan
Mugen (Moo-gehn) means "Infinite" in Japanese
ZaneofAustin 3 månader sedan
yall should pimp an opel, or a saturn if you wanna get fancy
Blake Bennett
Blake Bennett 3 månader sedan
The first car I could afford to buy was a civic. And it was so capable. I love them. I have one now for fun. Parts are cheap and can be fun to drive. It's my daily because of gas. I have other cars but I sti.love my civic
Mark Plenty
Mark Plenty 3 månader sedan
You don’t need the vin, they can do it from engine number and exploded diagrams! Haha, Honda guys at dealerships... the amount of arguments I had with them! 😂😂
Chob 86
Chob 86 3 månader sedan
Lmao when moog put the mask on looked like a seen out of saints row all he needed was a dildo bat 😂
jevoniscool 3 månader sedan
Canadian perspective on the honda love: Performance japanese cars in decent shape are $20k, civic in decent shape $2k. Everything here rusts so if it wasnt made in the millions or the last 10 years it is just crazy expensive.
Swami-G 3 månader sedan
"You could spoon a skunk until he mugens" LOLOL
Martin Meaney
Martin Meaney 3 månader sedan
I could not let that blank stay upside down lol
Sander Callebaut
Sander Callebaut 3 månader sedan
This is so accurate. My Honda dealership basically only wants to help if you drive a bone stock Jazz and are at least 60 years old...
N Y 3 månader sedan
Translation = Crane your Skunk without limits!!!
Graham Sutherland
Graham Sutherland 3 månader sedan
It's ok that you put the blanking plate in upside-down. You're in Australia, so it's the right way up for us.
Juan Echeverria
Juan Echeverria 3 månader sedan
Because the hatch. In the Bin. 🇺🇸
eddohan 3 månader sedan
(Old) Honda's dont break down and really low maintenance costs!
Mystical_Zeus 3 månader sedan
So in the states we hate on people with civics because they are usually rice boxes. I like the old 90's hatch backs and curvy (or boxy but that's the only way I like a curved hatch) usually, or unless they have lots of meetup lines without being bulky like a widebody BRZ or GT86 or something with tons of aero. although WRC cars really do something for me. I like a sleek design with a curvy hatch. slammed hatch I prefer either way.
Rhys WookiE XXXL Crossley
Rhys WookiE XXXL Crossley 3 månader sedan
Dude was that intro partially made from the Power Rangers intro theme? xD
RS2 HOON 3 månader sedan
If I accidently installed a part with the logo not oriented properly, I'd have to strip everything back apart to fix it. That means replacing all the gaskets that are ruined now after taking it apart again. The OCD is REAL...
Zachary Kenfield
Zachary Kenfield 3 månader sedan
Please boost it
john smith
john smith 3 månader sedan
Also you should go back and shim your oil pump with a washer or two to up your oil pressure a bit to prolong the longevity of that little motor.
john smith
john smith 3 månader sedan
You poor twits Honda motors have the VIN plate attached to them for the corresponding car they came from. You could have searched for it and gave that Honda parts man the VIN number and been well on your way.
gravelbags 247
gravelbags 247 3 månader sedan
Thank god you fixed that logo, I was going crazy that you put it in wonky
David Kusel
David Kusel 3 månader sedan
Why does marty keep kicking moog in the balls?
Bas e
Bas e 3 månader sedan
Never thought a Honda would be so much fun. 😁
ROboatNinja 3 månader sedan
Will they not just take the VIN number off the block when you order original parts?
J. 3 månader sedan
love the roshamboe intros
Shelton DeLouch
Shelton DeLouch 3 månader sedan
Most epic title I've ever seen in my life 👉🏽👌🏽
Luke O'Neill
Luke O'Neill 3 månader sedan
get a BMW and use REALOEM then you will have no issues as the part numbers a readily available and can be associated with the VIN of your car :)
Frieb5 3 månader sedan
Come on now I was waiting to actually see the wheels you guys are gonna use. I feel ripped off and emotional bahahahaha. The last 2 mins was a cracka
MrSir 3 månader sedan
lol Moog
Paulo Oliveira
Paulo Oliveira 3 månader sedan
Because Honda’s cheap and fast... faster than most cheap cars... and it sounds good!
Dustin B
Dustin B 3 månader sedan
You should never ever use brake cleaner to clean something before you weld. I know you said you brushed it and cleaned it again.. but welding over residual brake cleaner can produce phosgene gas that can kill you. If you use brake cleaner, make sure it's non-chlorinated.
Patrick Cail
Patrick Cail 3 månader sedan
You should make a shirt with marty's cartoon out line saying in the bin
Elliott Gillespie
Elliott Gillespie 3 månader sedan
You know I was actually having a really great day until I saw how you installed those camshaft blanks and seals, thanks for that
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