The END of the CIVIC (FINALE) 

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It's been a longer road than we anticipated but for now, this chapter comes to an end.

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MUSIC: Collide (featuring Erin Renee) by Moog
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Driving filmed at 70North

Huge thanks to Trung from Powderhouse for getting this nugget restored to it's former glory in record time, check him out here: powderhouse.co

Front and rear lips, grille and wing care of Mr Bodykits:

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21 maj 2021



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 2 månader sedan
Thanks for coming along on this disrespected Civic Journey, kick starting someone else's unfinished project can be a huge commitment of time, money and patience but we're really proud of what we've ended up with and what we've learned along the way. Make sure you watch to the end for something special... and see you all soon for some of our favourite cars that we'll be diving into over the coming weeks..
moleymole100 29 dagar sedan
MrSwaggaMatic Månad sedan
What ever happened to Rake ? He would "love this " 😀 only true MCM fans would know what I'm talking about
Ryan Bowden
Ryan Bowden Månad sedan
There is nothing we don’t love about you guys. You just feel like a fresh-baked turbo install! More power too you... long live MCM
Jarco Månad sedan
Update, just received my poster
CrzTank 2 månader sedan
*what do we want-real dyno numbers *when do we want them-NOW
Владислав Макаров
Can someone tell me what is the track on 1:40, please???
Lutfi Fazizee
Lutfi Fazizee 7 dagar sedan
this episode made feel emotional.... you two are the best
Dylan clarke doherty
Dylan clarke doherty 9 dagar sedan
Save it. We don't see enough on our streets here in AU
Darryl Uys
Darryl Uys 11 dagar sedan
What's the name of the song though? Sick song... I love the love you guys have for each other. Had me teared up
Scott Carter
Scott Carter 12 dagar sedan
Marty, that car sounds like one million square units of Unicorn testosterone crammed into three Vtecs worth of infinity. I.E, sounds 🐐 wicked. It's got that weird three stage power delivery good Vtecs have. A long time ago, when I was a much younger man, I got a ride in a legit VTiR Civic(white, spoon mushroom intake), and that three stage insanity(change gear for 🐐 sakes!)I'll never forget. Love the color too. Very cool car 😎.
Greg Ritenour
Greg Ritenour 13 dagar sedan
The only problem I have with hondas is they always just sound like a pissed off weed eater whether you put a fancy exhaust system on it or not. I'm not a fan of that high pitched whining sound coming out of the exhaust. If it had a deep tone like Subaru or whatever I would be fine with it but I have never seen or heard a Honda that doesn't have a fart can style exhaust that makes it sound like shit. This is just my opinion. I'm not saying everyone should hate hondas. If you like or love hondas then more power to you but I just don't like them because of the reasons I stated.
Buttered Toast
Buttered Toast 17 dagar sedan
You guys took the cardboard off the radiator right?
Emil Ruxanda
Emil Ruxanda 18 dagar sedan
What is the first song ? I am unable to find it. Lyrics "There is so much noise but I'm still whispering" "Do you still need me like I need you". Thanks in advance for reply.
Scott Ruch
Scott Ruch 18 dagar sedan
Classic reg-o
William Stewart
William Stewart 19 dagar sedan
Had a stock VTI-R one, my 5 year old daughter said the most profound thing from the car seat "daddy this car goes like a motorcycle" like nailed it!
Google Pixel 2 XL
Google Pixel 2 XL 19 dagar sedan
Dat bumper gap tho
jkzjkzjkzjkzjkz jkzjkzjkzjkzovich
BISHFISH15 23 dagar sedan
It looks sick
Matthew Reid
Matthew Reid 23 dagar sedan
I liked because Moog makes great music :D
GarageQueens 23 dagar sedan
If you guys wanted another project Honda, my 1990 crx turbo at least runs and drives, just needs time and money that I don’t have! Short video of the amount of work already put into it over the last 8 years. svdown.info/post/video/Y3iKo9iInZuEnac.html
TriggaHappyYT 24 dagar sedan
Please get a dc2 and turbo it, I had one but had to get rid of it for an e90. After all these years I still miss the dc2.....
Reedy 24 dagar sedan
Hi @mightycarmods , where is the final scene shot? it looks like Mt Annan Botanical Gardens, but i am unsure
Milind Pradeep
Milind Pradeep 24 dagar sedan
What happened to the bucket seats?
Launchpad official
Launchpad official 26 dagar sedan
Thats cool now put a snail on it
FreakkyJack 27 dagar sedan
What a BroFinal moment! Love it! :) Watched all Episodes and i really started to like this nugget :D (dont tell my BMW Friends!!!)
Sean Bristow
Sean Bristow Månad sedan
Been long time guys ,,still love my civic keep up
Jacob Howell
Jacob Howell Månad sedan
That's a beautiful car. So lovely.
Mijn Mening
Mijn Mening Månad sedan
You didnt click in the grill properly I know this because I have done the same in the past. it has like little hooks that need to go into slots on the bumper.
hooidcaster limited
hooidcaster limited Månad sedan
the intro is epic ! who the fuck cut that damn onions !
Jeffrey Rose
Jeffrey Rose Månad sedan
Holy shit i wasn't expecting to tear up to this vid.. what a great journey this was
Yeefu lor
Yeefu lor Månad sedan
Dayum son
Adam White
Adam White Månad sedan
I just love how much you guys genuinely love eachother.
Taylor Vazquez
Taylor Vazquez Månad sedan
There is something very wrong with that engine for it to be making that low of HP I even heard it missing when he was higher in the rpms
CJ Blake
CJ Blake Månad sedan
jdm as fuck
davys.urbex Månad sedan
Im copping some major initial d vibes off that yellow
Richard Evans
Richard Evans Månad sedan
This is how the car community should be. I love the enthusiasm for the little Civic.
Mou Stashmol
Mou Stashmol Månad sedan
that civic is CLEAN!!
Andrew Sharkey
Andrew Sharkey Månad sedan
Who wrote the lyrics to that song
Padders Månad sedan
Sometimes it's the things not said that matter
xxeg6xx Månad sedan
Check and make sure that’s a b16 trans. Just seems a bit long. Like a ls trans
mngbt Månad sedan
Eddie Breelinum
Eddie Breelinum Månad sedan
I watched this whole series build today and oved every minute of it.... now i wish i didnt send my ek off to the wreckers.... now time to find one on market place.... cause yes i own a audi turbo now days lol
Alek Sandr
Alek Sandr Månad sedan
Soundtrack 1:20 please????
mwmentor Månad sedan
Want a bloody marathon guys… but well done on finishing… and yes, you’re quite right. The older they are the more they cost. The romance of an old car has died… sad. Probably another conspiracy to get them off the road… 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤪😂🤪😂. Kudos to you 👍🎉🥂
Charsept Månad sedan
The yellow 👌 what a beauty
deieznuts Månad sedan
Great color choice.
MrSir Månad sedan
Nice 1 Moog.
MrPartyWaffle Månad sedan
Seeing that I can't order the civic poster has me wounded.
Keaton Webb
Keaton Webb Månad sedan
"All the lag, none of the boost"
Dan Chave
Dan Chave Månad sedan
Fantastic ending! Got me right in the feels and makes me want to dive back into one of my unfinished projects!
Nigel McPhearson
Nigel McPhearson Månad sedan
I hate civics because they're so good, and their windows on the EG could jump track and that is annoying.
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko Månad sedan
Guys you should totally try building one of these in Auz svdown.info/post/video/bJ6SabCKiqOCktE.html
David stroman
David stroman Månad sedan
still love civics. most of the other cars you could buy here in the states during the 90s were either expensive or hot garbage like the chevy cavalier or the ford escort. YUCK we werent even allowed to have the 90s skylines here
David stroman
David stroman Månad sedan
that is one super clean civic now. yea you could buy a different one with that engine and such but no way is it going to be as clean, unless you completely tore it apart cleaned it and reassembled
Mark LeBlanc
Mark LeBlanc Månad sedan
you guys are the best!!!
Mate's being mate's 👍🏼
Omar Khan
Omar Khan Månad sedan
These last 13 episodes were the most difficult episodes to watch. This build reminded of countless hours working on my friends' Hondas during the late 90's and early 2000's. I hated every moment. After two episodes I threw in the towel and stopped watching. I couldn't get behind this build. Then it clicked, one last Honda with my buddies Marty and Moog, struggling with a car that's destined to fight back. Starting each episodes with kicking each other in the nuts was appropriate, because that how it felt at the beginning of each episode, the "in the bin" cuts kept me motivated. "THE 81N" came out better than I thought it would and I'm looking forward to the next build. Cheers!
FR33PLAY3DGAM1NG Månad sedan
This resonates so much with me, my brother bought a little 95 bmw 316i straight for burnouts but the car I was using at the time broke and I started using that and I immediately fell in love with it, my dad doesn’t like it but I don’t want to give it up, literally the first time I drove this I got a speeding fine, it’s just so fun, do I see why Marty likes the car so much
White Wolf
White Wolf Månad sedan
Might Car Ads, they are really raming the maximum number of ads into their vids these days. (They never used to)
OGSwagKillaP BeAstMoDe69
What is that first song? Ive been looking everywhere
Drifter Dan
Drifter Dan Månad sedan
Civics get a bad wrap because of the dipshits that drive them. A proper civic, tuned properly, made properly is actually very respectable. When it's done right, a nice civic shows off your level of car knowledge and knowhow. It can be a very very fun ride, no RWD required!
Drifter Dan
Drifter Dan Månad sedan
I wasn't expecting the yellow on black paint! Went from disrespected to perfection! 😁
Gregg Candy
Gregg Candy Månad sedan
Interesting how nobody commented on where they were driving. If you know know you know.
a Månad sedan
You have completed your civic duty!
Aiken Fisher
Aiken Fisher Månad sedan
this was an awesome series. thanks guys for the laughs and inspiration
FireLordCanti Månad sedan
The Bin license plate is the cherry on top.
B16CXHatch Månad sedan
Man, I really hope they went back and fixed the tune. My B16A2 made 148WHP with nothing more than an AEM short ram intake, an A'PEXi WSII muffler on a poorly made pipe, an Exedy Stage 1 clutch, and an unknown lightweight flywheel. Everything else was stock, including the ECU.
Agni Das
Agni Das Månad sedan
Unsubscribed because of the lack of driving ... y'all both hated the car and did it only for the fans asking for it innit? Yeah ...
Harry Månad sedan
I might of missed it but that track looks awesome whats it called?
Ralphy Vee
Ralphy Vee Månad sedan
Currently watching my toddler with one hand up dancing to the beat around 5 min mark
Madalin Croitoru
Madalin Croitoru Månad sedan
Guys please, what's the name of the track at 1:00 , is it unreleased ?
Gaming Perks
Gaming Perks Månad sedan
So that looks so sick.daaamnnn
jhowsan1 Månad sedan
Buy my rotary 323 it's all in boxes I promise
william achilleos
william achilleos Månad sedan
When does my poster arrive 😖
roberto anaya
roberto anaya Månad sedan
Can we get a s14 1jz build next??
Dhanuka8000 Månad sedan
who's cuttin' onions in here 😥
Daryl rabara-brokate
I need my hearing checked, engine sounds like there's a misfire
Agni Das
Agni Das Månad sedan
engine sounds like all kinds of shit - but all the comments mentioning that on the first day were deleted. basically unfinished car which they didn't want to drive anyway and just pretend to like for the views...
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Månad sedan
I hired a little i30 Hyundai the other day while my car was getting some love. I was surprised how good it was. It drove well, was comfortable and used buggerall fuel. It was the base model. Cars really have come a long way since the 80s or 90s... The only thing I could fault was the road noise on course bitumen. If you have a job and just want wheels, have a look at something like the i30. You'll miss out on the skinned knuckles and general workshop fun of a project like this, but you'll have a safe reliable car from day one.
Chris lajeunesse
Chris lajeunesse Månad sedan
Not going to lie pretty sad you didn't put the car in the bin
Cormac McG 'Off-Roading Donegal'
The friendship and team of a lifetime
Cormac McG 'Off-Roading Donegal'
The sound of that Civic just reminds me of growing up in rural Donegal with everyone on VTECFM
memuggleman Månad sedan
Are those the old seats? Did you ever put the new ones in?
Tom Månad sedan
What's the song at 1:00 called?
Mark Mmm
Mark Mmm Månad sedan
I had a yellow car, everyone thought it was a horrid colour until they saw it. It was a lightning yellow RX8. Great car while it lasted.
Алексей Ноздрин
Парни, я не успел купить ваш плакат с Сивиком, верните пожалуйста его в продажу ненадолго!
Lee Pw
Lee Pw Månad sedan
Mitsubishi Colt Version R next?
Oleg Golobokov
Oleg Golobokov Månad sedan
Я Тут
Я Тут Månad sedan
CIVIC бомба. Молодцы что дали вторую жизнь!!!
Мансур Загитов
Greetings from Russia, guys! I just need to say that you both are AWESOME! I really like to watch your long and difficult adventures such as that one) And of course I want to congratulate you on finishing that great project!)
Kimchi_Rocket Månad sedan
Y'all should do one of the least interesting and respected coupes out there next. The Hyundai Tiburon :)
V G Månad sedan
When you buy Tesla?
Konstantin Tyheev
Konstantin Tyheev Månad sedan
what is the name of the song at 0.48 seconds PLZ
Tokyo Drive
Tokyo Drive Månad sedan
Keenan Guilmette
Keenan Guilmette Månad sedan
WHAT is this song at 1:30?!
Pavel C
Pavel C Månad sedan
Sad that posters are limited. This is not fair.
Сергей Заякин
От Души сделали, молодцы 👏 👍
skuxxskits Månad sedan
Please tell me there's an extra 77kw you guys are gonna add 😅 can't wait for the next build too!
Hunter Månad sedan
I don't really like Hondas personally, but that is such a clean little civic.
Dave Garmley
Dave Garmley Månad sedan
What’s the name of the track in the first few minutes of the recap? It sounds like a new one and I’d love to be able to get it? It’s episodes like these that remind you what the hobby is all about. Keep it up guys, I look forward to any content you put out each week and it always makes my day!!
Jonh Paul Vital
Jonh Paul Vital Månad sedan
nice will make my EK also a VTEC one this coming times👌👍
Zachary Heefner
Zachary Heefner Månad sedan
Sounded like it was breaking up a little up top but this car is absolutely sick. It's so awesome to see what this car has become.
Emile Brousseau-Vaillancourt
I love the color!
Clovedoper Månad sedan
Collide can literally make me cry after all these years. God dammit! EK is my one and only dream car, what a keeper!!
Stephen Brewer
Stephen Brewer Månad sedan
Guys the end result with the slomo and music and seeing that beauty is very amazing. Happy for y’all. That car has been done justice now, it’s beautiful, and I know it’s a blast to drive and enjoy. A lot of people hate civics, but I have had 5 and will always have a sweet spot for them.