This Civic Needs to go IN THE BIN (EP7) 

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We finish putting the the engine back together so it's finally ready for it to go IN THE BIN... and by bin, we mean the car.

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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt. Some of the products featured in this video may be supplied by sponsors. For a list of our current sponsors please go to mightycarmods.com

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11 apr 2021



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 3 mÄnader sedan
OK OKAY OKAAAY... you asked, we did it... here's the shirt: mightycarmods.com/collections/clothing/products/in-the-bin-tee-shirt
Jesse W
Jesse W 3 mÄnader sedan
But I want the Marty face on the shirt!
vape cat
vape cat 3 mÄnader sedan
We need some mighty mod ghost shirts now
Aunty Mary
Aunty Mary 3 mÄnader sedan
I just bought one of your 'International Federation of Automotive Purity' T shirts for my son. He's 26 but has not cottoned on to the joke at all and happily wears it when he's out and I think even when he went to his girlfriend's parent's house yesterday. Absolutely hilarious- thanks gents for the brilliant t-shirt and great vids. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
cameron jones
cameron jones 3 mÄnader sedan
@JACK BEETS âč1.n n
Alekzander Delatoldja
Alekzander Delatoldja 3 mÄnader sedan
So stoked to see you guys building a honda cant wait to see this thing smoke Moog's minicooper
rldwphpza Dag sedan
hydrogen combustion engine
Syahir Bujang
Syahir Bujang 2 dagar sedan
the ghost excited with the build
Adam G
Adam G 6 dagar sedan
Marty: I need to mod a civic like I need a kick in the nuts Moog: why not both
Jason Shull
Jason Shull 10 dagar sedan
Ball smack is always fun, thanks from JDS in AZ usa and engine stand 4 trans.
Josh Holt
Josh Holt 25 dagar sedan
Electric cars are cool in their own way but they cannot replace the sound and feel of a healthy v8 engine. Or a turbo car
Struggle 25 dagar sedan
if it was all the same then I'd choose the engine over an electric motor, people underestimate how much (real) sound matters. Also slamming gears is fun lol you sadly can't in 1 speed EVs :(
Foamdata Services
Foamdata Services 27 dagar sedan
It will be dead easy to use the cars sound system to customise the noises your electric car makes, I am surprised Emperor Musk hasn't done it all ready. Noise and feedback is created in cinema all the time, why not in your electric vehicle? If you get bored of lag and turbo flutter, then you can have Vtec or NA throttle bodies with big cams, simply update the sound/feedback file. Car makers could sell their back catalogue as downloads, drive an original Audi Quattro today, then a Lamborghini Miura tomorrow.
FreakkyJack 28 dagar sedan
Im building my hope on Toyota, for the hydrogen conversion of petrol engines! Sound still there, but just water coming out of the tailpipes
JYT_MiNi06 MĂ„nad sedan
Nice job throwing stuff from behind the camera, no ghosts there 😉
Nick Ellison
Nick Ellison MĂ„nad sedan
Is that James May at 3:40?
Tyrone Marty Stock
Tyrone Marty Stock 2 mÄnader sedan
That Honda Civic looks awesome
Robert Steffan
Robert Steffan 2 mÄnader sedan
I'll take my Dino fuel burning rockets any day over an EV. The sound is hands down the KEY item. I'll never switch to an EV until it has the convenience of oil powered vehicles do now. Hopefully Porsche figures out their carbon neutral gasoline so we can save our internal combustion engines!
Jonathan Stock
Jonathan Stock 2 mÄnader sedan
It took me until this episode to realise martys t shirt was an acrostic with a picture to match the said acrostic.
Tk Racing
Tk Racing 2 mÄnader sedan
Your garage is actually haunted lmaoo :DDD
Adrian Chapmanlaw
Adrian Chapmanlaw 2 mÄnader sedan
You guys should do a cool electric conversion. Something cool that's really hard/impossible to get engine parts for or had a crap engine but great chassis.
Jim Propert
Jim Propert 2 mÄnader sedan
I don't know Marty doesn't scratch his watch wearing it whilst working on cars. One touch face on it.
bakagenius1001 2 mÄnader sedan
I'd take electric over a similar petrol engine any day if I can still tinker on it.
VapourGFX MĂ„nad sedan
You really can't tinker with EV's though
Adam Thomas
Adam Thomas 2 mÄnader sedan
Waiting for Rob's comment on what Marty was talking about at 13:50 P.S only OG mighty car mods fan will understand
jraskin carcleaning
jraskin carcleaning 2 mÄnader sedan
Electric cars.... it suck..... the sound and more from a gas car is the best!
Praise The Sun
Praise The Sun 2 mÄnader sedan
Electric is interesting, but I'm a combustion engine kind of person. I think sound does have a good bit to do with it, but I don't think it's all. I think it's the overall experience. Like, you can watch a concert on your TV, but it's not the same as being there.
Dillon Lukesh
Dillon Lukesh 2 mÄnader sedan
19:06 for voiceover and music
Angus 2 mÄnader sedan
Pro tip - zIp lock bags and a sharpie...
Angus 2 mÄnader sedan
That first start up after working on it for weeks/months, that first idle burble, blipping the throttle and the smell, all that would be missing with an E build. Electric is cool and has it's place in the market, hydrogen is the way for petrol heads to move forward and with technology manufacturing today we can easily pull off multiple approaches to replacing patrol.
Lo Wang
Lo Wang 2 mÄnader sedan
Yeh, I'm definitely one of those "weirdos" with a 2001 KJ Verada Wagon. There's definitely a community out there, was the fastest 6 cyl for a while many moons ago, decades actually! Did the 3.8 engine swap, brakes, full exhaust, suspension, tyres etc. Up for sale if there's any weirdos out there interested!
Vic 97
Vic 97 2 mÄnader sedan
As someone whose running a stage 2.5 clutch with a light flywheel in my FRS I will say they are AMAZING for tracking and driving hard, but you do NOT want to daily one. In stop and go traffic/slow traffic it is PAINFUL as the car will shake, jerk and shudder like the space shuttle Columbia because you can’t shift as fast when moving slowly, and the sensitivity is wildly noticeable
lyndon.m 2 mÄnader sedan
wheres the loctite on the flywheel bolts?
Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor 2 mÄnader sedan
EVs are garbage. They’ve been promoted as the “ecological choice” but that’s a lie.
R2DLee 2 mÄnader sedan
ICE all day fuck electric
Lee Bradley
Lee Bradley 2 mÄnader sedan
He said doo doo 😂
Xodiac Capricorn
Xodiac Capricorn 3 mÄnader sedan
theres a ghost in the workshop
Derin 3 mÄnader sedan
I've been very excited for electric cars in the future, but the only concern I've had with this concept of a B16E is that manufacturers have more abilities nowadays to make life harder for us enthusiasts. You can just make your own aftermarket mechanical parts to replace the OEM stuff and nobody can stop you, but with serialized electronics and other similar parts it's not impossible to imagine that you'd have to modify every single electronic part on your car first for it to recognize your maaad mods. I'd be satisfied with hardparking a stock electric car at the KFC parking lot, sure, but I want to be able to modify my car too. Then again, I can't afford a proper car to mod in the foreseeable future anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (I'll be buying a nugget sometime this year hopefully, you know it's getting neons and everything)
Joshua Linder
Joshua Linder 3 mÄnader sedan
Moog is completely correct about the sound. Car companies spend millions on sound design for the doors closing alone. Because a heavier sound makes people feel safer and thus are more likely to buy the car than if it has a hollow soft sound. It's also the same reason many people put new exhaust systems. Many times the increase in performance is negligible but it makes it sound better.
Christian Krotzer
Christian Krotzer 3 mÄnader sedan
I do think that modding gas driven vehicles into electric powered vehicles is right around the corner. They have made some cool looking electric converted mustangs.
Timothy Mendes
Timothy Mendes 3 mÄnader sedan
My first car was actually the American version of the magna, we call it the diamante
Ren Watson
Ren Watson 3 mÄnader sedan
Wouldn't you put timing belt on out of car before putting in car
Ren Watson
Ren Watson 3 mÄnader sedan
Young and cool petrol power or diesel or full size petrol and equal size electric both in one car
Filip Butkiewicz
Filip Butkiewicz 3 mÄnader sedan
Honestly, electric just wouldn't be the same. Sure it would be fine as a daily driver, but all the magic and excitement would be simply gone. That's what I feel like anyway.
J Sol
J Sol 3 mÄnader sedan
Did the switch from 4g63 to an EV. Id be lying if i say i dont miss the the Evo. Different driving sensation overall. Miss the 5 speed mt
Chuck Under Fire
Chuck Under Fire 3 mÄnader sedan
I think the question of “will petrol engines die out?” Is a simple one. It’s all pretty much answered with watches and clocks. Most will be electric, and in many ways more accurate and less to maintain. But people will pay for the engineering and classic feel of mechanical. It’ll cost more and require more maintenance, but the new luxury with be mechanical in a few decades. Just like a Rolex.
The Michael Vortex
The Michael Vortex 3 mÄnader sedan
TotalDbag 3 mÄnader sedan
Why does Moog sound so sad this episode
Batman 3 mÄnader sedan
Transmission swap + clutch change on a honda motor was the first mod I did in my back yard back in the day :P
Iain Jones
Iain Jones 3 mÄnader sedan
Concerning the difference between an EV and ICE car, a really easy comparison to draw is with trains. Electric locomotives are cleaner, more efficient, more reliable, quieter and so on versus steam locomotives, but steam locos are much more exciting visually, aurally and by smell.
Chlorate 3 mÄnader sedan
5:07 - that was uncomfortahble to watch, was that a tip from the Honda forums too?
Tad Tomita-Boskovic
Tad Tomita-Boskovic 3 mÄnader sedan
I think with the silence of an Emotor in a ICE chassis you will hear all the squeaks and rattles. Better just have a purpose built chassis for the E motor.
julie dropulic
julie dropulic 3 mÄnader sedan
Sorry but I will never go electric
Michael Eden
Michael Eden 3 mÄnader sedan
I think electric cars are cool but, until they have the same range and can be recharged as fast as you can fill your tank with petrol, I'm out. Unless, electric is the only option. I agree with Moog and think there is a sound component to driving a vehicle. Is driving better or worse with out it? That's a good question.
Mark Alibozek
Mark Alibozek 3 mÄnader sedan
Wait! Did they use thread lock?!?
Claudio Betti
Claudio Betti 3 mÄnader sedan
Why you don't want to blow a seal? 😂😂😂
Evan Carignan
Evan Carignan 3 mÄnader sedan
I’ve got a 50s Chevy truck hot rod and I am seriously considering doing an electric motor swap. Tesla will sell you a drive unit for about 10 000 USD.
Arf 3 mÄnader sedan
I’m not sure why...but I’ve got a hankering to buy the entire WD40 product range now
Jesse W
Jesse W 3 mÄnader sedan
Yeah, I reckon!
davespiros 3 mÄnader sedan
your workplace is 100% haunted by VTEC
Tyson Elder
Tyson Elder 3 mÄnader sedan
Genuinely want to eventually make my JZA61 CelicaSupra an EV when a worthwhile becomes mainstream - approx that $9k range ya know.
loweredd 3 mÄnader sedan
You can't have The Wiggles playing while you drive, you need A Place to Hide feat JS7 blasting from the speakers!
ClockRocket 3 mÄnader sedan
I would electrify my Civic in a heartbeat! It will probably be faster than my D16Y7 lol.
xreddracox 3 mÄnader sedan
I'd sub to Two Ol' Dickheads! Electric motor are interesting and we know they are fast. Really fast. I don't think they will ever give me the same thrill that combustion has given me though. There is room for both, for now, but I mourn for the inevitable loss of our petrol motor sports. Ahhh the price of "progress".
Unseamingstew01 3 mÄnader sedan
I did the same thing with all my bolts when I blew my motor and got a new one. First time doing a swap. It was a nightmare. Lol
Koito rob
Koito rob 3 mÄnader sedan
Yes it SHOULD be MT because then you couldn't fit it to your automatic box by mistake... You keep banging on about the orange colour, yet when you look around your garage there are several things of similar colour. Would you say the colour is shit if BRUCE McLAREN was still alive? It looks like McLaren orange to me
Ash R
Ash R 3 mÄnader sedan
HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHA Barra-Constricter is bloody gold
roger cotterell
roger cotterell 3 mÄnader sedan
LOL... I'm not the only one who uses a tek bit as a punch.
Bryan C
Bryan C 3 mÄnader sedan
"do you believe that the shop is haunted, or was it all just an elaborate hoax... you decide"
Robert Savello
Robert Savello 3 mÄnader sedan
If I could convert to electric as cheaply as swapping an engine, I would swap to electric.
Mario Trespeces
Mario Trespeces 3 mÄnader sedan
Poltergeist is back 23:27 - 25:05
Jey Lee
Jey Lee 3 mÄnader sedan
You two could claim to be brothers, and nobody would second guess you(except everyone that's been watching for years lol). It's awesome how well you dudes get along, super dynamic, and it keeps it interesting.
Paul Mohr
Paul Mohr 3 mÄnader sedan
In my opinion the amount of torque you get out of an electric far outweighs the fun of the extra sounds you get from an engine. The first time you drive a proper electric vehicle built for performance you won't care that it doesn't make cool sounds. Now if we could just get batteries that were worth a shit it would be great.
B-Red Films
B-Red Films 3 mÄnader sedan
If EV cars came with Star Wars sound effects Id be more compelled to buy Electric.
Maxwell 3 mÄnader sedan
With the question of electric vs petrol engines... The biggest issue I have with electric cars is the whole no gears / one gear thing, that would drive me nuts. Automatic cars are already boring AF. If there was a traditional manual transmission electric car I'd be interested.
Da jaker
Da jaker 3 mÄnader sedan
I want a fast electric but i really really like engine and turbo sounds.
Time Travel63
Time Travel63 3 mÄnader sedan
Ur car came with a ghost
TrueBlueEG8 3 mÄnader sedan
I fucking knew Moog was gonna eat that crisp at the end :))))
TrueBlueEG8 3 mÄnader sedan
I fucking knew Moog was gonna eat that crisp at the end :))))
TrueBlueEG8 3 mÄnader sedan
I fucking knew Moog was gonna eat that crisp at the end :))))
Richard Hoadley
Richard Hoadley 3 mÄnader sedan
That jump-scare... Marty spins round... Y'all need an exorcist! (Marty trying to maintain his composure, is too much!! LOLZ!)
TheMattbrownbill 3 mÄnader sedan
What about threadlock on the flywheel and clutch bolts?
Dieselsmoke305 3 mÄnader sedan
Moog with the Air Jordan ones! Nice kicks!!!
s70driver2005 3 mÄnader sedan
The sound of boost is exactly why I love driving my cars!!!
akimboturbo 3 mÄnader sedan
Wooow Moog barraconstrictor I hate myself for laughing at it
B.D.B. 3 mÄnader sedan
What you said about the impact wrench is wrong, that's a speed control. I suppose slower rotation speed and thus also lower impact frequency (not force) will give you better control, but it's not actually limiting the torque, unlike a clutch on a drill-driver.
Moe Griz
Moe Griz 3 mÄnader sedan
Nope, even if the outside was a Civic having a electric motor would feel like tooling down the freeway with a vacuum cleaner imho.
Quoc Lu
Quoc Lu 3 mÄnader sedan
there is a ghost in your garage lol
Mike Lindsey
Mike Lindsey 3 mÄnader sedan
Surf Nomad
Surf Nomad 3 mÄnader sedan
Electric cars may ... save the planet ... buttttttt... what will happen to all the stuff that is in those millions of batteries and what about all the steel and plastic in the cars themselves ... Interesting fact most of the native forests in Europe were cut down and BURNED by the 1600s... the rest were cut down and used to make coking coal for steel production to feed the industrial revolution. The only way to truly save the planet is to stop doing all the things humanity has done to impose order upon chaos... Making concrete, Making steel making things from plastic etc ... good luck making an iPad out of recycled coke bottles and paper. It ain't gonna happen. This is a one-way journey and the Kyoto emissions treaty isn't gonna stop it. Keep burning dinosaurs boys, as many as you can for as long as you can.
pstrnka 3 mÄnader sedan
in 27:51 you can see the rims :D
dan nelson
dan nelson 3 mÄnader sedan
Pro tip, When using the alignment tool to align the clutch don't just slide it all together and bolt it down. 99% of the time the tool is hard to pull out like yours was and then you have a hard time aligning the transmission. Which is no fun when your bench pressing it up from under the car. It took me a while to figure out but you want the alignment tool to slide in and out very easily with minimal resistance. Just mess around until you can get the tool to go in and out smoothly. Your transmissions will go in like butter.
MrWardy369 3 mÄnader sedan
No loctite on the flywheel bolts, brave! 😹😹
berkatscooters bandung
berkatscooters bandung 3 mÄnader sedan
Please make video JDM Turbo Diesel Engine like toyota runner 2LT modification to run faster. Thanks mate.
Jacob Coulombe
Jacob Coulombe 3 mÄnader sedan
You have ghosts in that garage...
SirPhoenix Knight
SirPhoenix Knight 3 mÄnader sedan
Marty Car Moogs... in da bin... lets go... send it.... bird up...
Mike Hedrick
Mike Hedrick 3 mÄnader sedan
I just can’t get excited about these episodes. Who cares about a b16. Build a 300hp k-series.
Kcberettam9ner 3 mÄnader sedan
Flywheel bolts could have used a little bit of loctite!
Mark Bram
Mark Bram 3 mÄnader sedan
You guys got some poltergeist ghosts dropping stuff around in the back there 🙄😂
Damon Langley
Damon Langley 3 mÄnader sedan
The old Mitsubishi Factory in Adelaide has been redeveloped into a "new suburb" called Tonsley park. There's tafe and flinders uni campuses there now. It still uses the old factory frame which is cool that it hasnt just been flattened to the ground (like what is being planned for the Fisherman's Bend Holden base.) Before Magnass and Sigmas it used to be a Chrysler factory where they built Valiants and mad old stuff like that. (I guess the changeover happened with the whole DSM thing) I used to live over the road and learnt to drive in the carpark when it was still a disused factory. (In a 380 no less.)
Daniel 3 mÄnader sedan
When's MCM gonna do a Magna build?
Iron Horse Garage
Iron Horse Garage 3 mÄnader sedan
Good stuff, good times!
Dave Chamberlain
Dave Chamberlain 3 mÄnader sedan
No electric for me. I agree that the sound and smell matter for the experience
islandhonda 3 mÄnader sedan
Marty I want to hear vtec with my turbo it’s just to good sorry not on board with electric power Honda
Haseeb Sheikh
Haseeb Sheikh 3 mÄnader sedan
I have an idea what you can do with this car rather than conventionally boosting it - 8 years ago, you guys made a video, mythbusting electric superchargers. Basically a fan in the intake which did fuck all. Nowadays, they're actually in use in some of the newer German cars (stock) to reduce turbo lag. Companies have made them well enough to work properly - like phantom electric superchargers and torqamp electric turbochargers. I think it'd be awesome to see one of those on this civic, just to see how far the tech has come in those 8 years!
Sohave 3 mÄnader sedan
You got to fight, for your right, to drive cool cars! Even if they discontinue internal combustion engine cars, we should be able to drive around in our old cars like the heritage railroads that still continues to drive steam trains, so should we, to keep the knowledge and parts flowing for having our ICE cars running.
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