TOO SOON JUNIOR (Turbo VS Non-Turbo Battle) 

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It's the ultimate battle of turbo VS naturally aspirated engines - and after the race, one of these cars will be given away to an MCM viewer!

🔥We're giving away one of the cars in this video. For your chance to win, simply grab an MCM T-Shirt from the competition link below and enter in 25 words or less during checkout why you should win the car.

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11 jul 2021



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Kenny Kunie
Kenny Kunie 20 dagar sedan
“You never had me. You never had your car.”
Glycerin 7 dagar sedan
YOu're in my good graces, but you aint keepin' your car
BTIFGX 9 dagar sedan
I have family
Genioversity 14 dagar sedan
"Winning is winning"
G Sudarshan
G Sudarshan 19 dagar sedan
@Butingting Republic we have a 20 mile hike.
Butingting Republic
Butingting Republic 19 dagar sedan
what the heck was that all about?....its a long story
Luke Smith
Luke Smith 4 timmar sedan
Lmao I lived in England and that's dead on
Oat 7 timmar sedan
It’s weird you wanna root for a car you like more but that car is also the one you want to win.
ThePoolboy789 16 timmar sedan
moog should steal martys car back
Tonkan Jao
Tonkan Jao 20 timmar sedan
I want that yellow one 😭
Imback Inthegame
Imback Inthegame 23 timmar sedan
I want the car it's like a time capsule where cars were more than just to get you from A to B they were Casinos 🔥
PoopiePants Mcgee
james robinson
james robinson Dag sedan
Me and my kids are starting a SVdown channel called Oil,Sweat and Gears and would really appreciate a sticker pack from yourself to validate were on the right track,and old tool would just be legendary,much love x
Filip Rusek
Filip Rusek Dag sedan
I need this car because my nugget fiesta pisses me off and i want it gone
Kye 1
Kye 1 2 dagar sedan
Is this like a car channel for 13 year olds ?
runawaytowtruck 2 dagar sedan
Dan Price
Dan Price 2 dagar sedan
Think they’ve listened to the streets before the race 😉
Krish Narine
Krish Narine 2 dagar sedan
The na definitely beet the turbocharged civic with looks
jorge nobre
jorge nobre 3 dagar sedan
B16 rullezzzzzzz.
Tombro 3 dagar sedan
I’d love to own that EK so much 😫😭
krashdown102 3 dagar sedan
6:51 did he say smashed Abo? lol
Nathan Weller
Nathan Weller 4 dagar sedan
Dude that little green car would make my day I'd have a turbo corolla and a turbo civic
miko foin
miko foin 4 dagar sedan
The cockney accents were 10/10 danny dyers 😂 edit “this is the fastest casino in the country” Absolutely sent me lol
Dan Pullen
Dan Pullen 4 dagar sedan
Had to go and make a cup of tea and sip it in anger after hearing those British accents
D-Man X
D-Man X 4 dagar sedan
Turbos only work when they actually make boost
miko foin
miko foin 4 dagar sedan
Best music video car, would just keep it the way it is and drive daily, but make it faster
Tassie Rider
Tassie Rider 5 dagar sedan
What watch is Marty wearing?
Vic 97
Vic 97 5 dagar sedan
The yellow civic taking the lead was a truly epic moment in the MCM anime 👀🤘🏼
Anders Öhlund
Anders Öhlund 5 dagar sedan
The Civic doesn't need power steering. And if the steering is anything like the CRX I used to have it's way better for not having it. Feel absolutely everything happening with the tyres and car. And I absolutely never felt that it was missing. And I had fairly wide tyres on it 🤷
AquaMoment 5 dagar sedan
Bye Green Master 😭😭😭😭now I have a Golf 5....1.4...looks like a GTI... Always had Japanse cars😭😭😭
James Carbon
James Carbon 5 dagar sedan
As an American I always preferred an Aussie accent over British.
Don’t you dare Jēššįē phįłłįpš
That car at the beginning of the vid is a ricer
LIOW LYE HOCK 5 dagar sedan
If I were the winner of this green civic, 1st thing I'm going to do to this car is to take all those casino stuff out of this car, take away the rear spoiler that spoil the aerodynamic of this car, change front bonnet and change the color of the car and color of the wheels as well....
LIT E-Z 6 dagar sedan
I want the winner pls pls pls
Chevy R
Chevy R 6 dagar sedan
Moog soo devo 😹
James C
James C 6 dagar sedan
You got chopped 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
IOUaUsername 7 dagar sedan
"Everything you need to get this car banging again" >No K20 included
Gaydes 7 dagar sedan
how many dilapidated sex spec shitboxes is Moog going to go through before he actually gets one that's fast?
David Charles
David Charles 7 dagar sedan
He cant drive in that yellow car
Mi Deu
Mi Deu 7 dagar sedan
Yaris Hilton will be turning over in her grave ....
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 7 dagar sedan
My Veloster would whoop both asses car and drivers
Mesui Manumua
Mesui Manumua 7 dagar sedan
Best music video car, would just keep it the way it is and drive daily, but make it faster
Glycerin 7 dagar sedan
Was the green civic riced out on purpose? cuz yikes
Обра Рукопожатный
I remember 2007, I was a schoolboy and I played NFS Underground 2 with the same cars. And on the phone screens there were wallpapers with similar cars in crazy body kits, acid colors and neon. Neon is obligatory. This car is like a door to the past, warm memories, sincere
Михаил Петров
Эта машина не нужна, а вот приколы, прилагающиеся к ней, достойные))) ну а вообще кому нужно это ведро? ребятам которые дрочат на журналы 2005 года? ну или только фанатам майтикар.... p.s. Марти клево замутил на третьем круге))
Максим Кожевников
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 8 dagar sedan
I thought you were playing with him 💀 actually loled irl when you smoked past him thought there she is😆
SolidSniper BooM
SolidSniper BooM 8 dagar sedan
Tune it and then re race
tropicalpalmtree 8 dagar sedan
I haven't seen an MCM video in about 5 years, i'm amazed you only have 3.54 million subs, expected atleast 10 million
doire aintu
doire aintu 8 dagar sedan
Wild to be watching MCM for the last 13 years and it’s still my favorite channel on this site
NeoIsrafil 9 dagar sedan
Fix it up THEN give it away... lol. Don't just dump a green turd on a fan. WORKING turbo might win, but broken turbo vs working vtec the vtec is gonna win every time. Ah I see you've given enough parts to get her going. Should be fine. Too bad I'm US based. Id love a haltech for my car... my hemi magnum would be even more monstrous.
doire aintu
doire aintu 8 dagar sedan
0800 chopped
White Trash Bandit270
White Trash Bandit270 9 dagar sedan
I knew the Yellow Civic was going to win before I even started the video .lol.
David Brennan
David Brennan 9 dagar sedan
1.6l!!!!! D16
Callan Davey
Callan Davey 9 dagar sedan
Who ever wants this car deserves it.
Bimmer Mafia Tv
Bimmer Mafia Tv 9 dagar sedan
Was that green civic on pimp my ride ??
avalentin763 9 dagar sedan
My Veloster would whoop both asses car and drivers
Akith De Silva
Akith De Silva 9 dagar sedan
I live in Sydney and I’d love to win the car but I really feel bad that moog lost another car. I would like to win it purely to give moog another chance against the yellow civic. PS. I think moog should get 1 month to get his car ready for another duel. It took about one month for the ek build so it only seems fair.
Insane G
Insane G 9 dagar sedan
though the competition has ended I don't care. Loved the video. Been a Subscriber for........... 10+ years??????? wow I feel old :(
if66was99 9 dagar sedan
Not thru the whole vid yet, just up to right before the race. Where you announce you're going to give one of the cars away (which is awesome! Don't get me wrong!) But in effect you're going to give a lucky viewer the LOSER between the two! LOL!
B Gee
B Gee 9 dagar sedan
The 7th gen is actually a good platform ... not like the legendary civics from 88-00, but better than most cars.
david teixeira
david teixeira 10 dagar sedan
the green one is an anabolic pea lol. i love the blow out valve sound
E Vel
E Vel 10 dagar sedan
Im always sad when moog looses man
Phillip Doran
Phillip Doran 10 dagar sedan
I’d love the civic! I currently borrow my parents car and there’s no way I could take it to the track. If I got the civic I’d be able to take it to eastern creek which would be a dream come true!!
Edwin Ortiz
Edwin Ortiz 10 dagar sedan
Can’t see the video, the stupid green car and Borat’s clothes are in the way.
Phillip Doran
Phillip Doran 10 dagar sedan
I loved the touch of euro beat when the yellow civic took off! Very impressive underdog victory.
Phillip Doran
Phillip Doran 10 dagar sedan
That green civic is kinda atrocious but the turbo flutter is really cool 😍
Baden Keast
Baden Keast 10 dagar sedan
0800 chopped
Daniel Hammond
Daniel Hammond 10 dagar sedan
I own a turbo car and a NA car, trust me, a turbo car can be beat by a na car lol
Dr. Mantis Toboggan
Dr. Mantis Toboggan 10 dagar sedan
The last good civic generation vs the worst generation. EF > All though
Archie BF
Archie BF 10 dagar sedan
Man allow Mike Skinner, you know he drives a Rolls
DontBSilly 10 dagar sedan
I thought the shit in my toilet was the ugliest thing I’d even seen till.. I seen that green civic 🤮
George Kranitis
George Kranitis 10 dagar sedan
You shroud do other one first before you get ride of it
Brendan Nelson
Brendan Nelson 11 dagar sedan
Is that a fake turbo?
Gray Fox
Gray Fox 11 dagar sedan
You got shopped so bad.
Zachary Smith
Zachary Smith 11 dagar sedan
Moof getting old
Marc-Antoine Lavoie
Marc-Antoine Lavoie 11 dagar sedan
We got robbed of a K20 swapped sex spec EM2.
The Royal Crowned Tiger
Let's put in Turbo Red Miata in the race with the green and yellow, and watch them race.
Mikesxrs300 11 dagar sedan
Ali G Moog?
Omar Francis
Omar Francis 11 dagar sedan
need some Honda car parts
Logan Crouse
Logan Crouse 11 dagar sedan
I'm from America. Mind building a car with the Barra straight 6
andre.m.soccer Andre
andre.m.soccer Andre 11 dagar sedan
they have check out there vw beetle drag car build its mad
Robert Snow
Robert Snow 11 dagar sedan
i want turbo ! i have a 06 SAAb with ej25
pavel88802 11 dagar sedan
What a song start play in 7:30
Jack Whitley
Jack Whitley 11 dagar sedan
0:04. Clutch dump stall
pilljk908 11 dagar sedan
What track is this?
Robin Soon
Robin Soon 11 dagar sedan
@marty, what is the make of the watch you're wearing?
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 11 dagar sedan
loved "The Streets" quote, Im actually a massive fan lol
Jose Alberto Becerra Romero
Marty car moogs
Chad White
Chad White 11 dagar sedan
I've owned a couple of early 70 Volkswagen beetles. My other cars have been made in America. I love your brotherly banter!
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 11 dagar sedan
Oh no, vtec beat the turbo... don't tell 1990s Honda owners...
DATzenki !
DATzenki ! 11 dagar sedan
Gary Jacques
Gary Jacques 11 dagar sedan
That funny. looks like Moog going golfing
Nasir Murtaza
Nasir Murtaza 12 dagar sedan
wow so nice car
THEDRAGONBOOSTER8 12 dagar sedan
Adam McFarland
Adam McFarland 12 dagar sedan
I wish you would tune the yellow Civic properly it doesn't sound like its running properly.
Nursing Zombie
Nursing Zombie 12 dagar sedan
The real winner was the turbo.
DeAssassinWolf 12 dagar sedan
Syedto Faiz
Syedto Faiz 12 dagar sedan
The green ricer civic 🤣🤣🤣👎🏽
Benjamin Reidy
Benjamin Reidy 12 dagar sedan
Can one of your other cars paint be a Pink or Purple please guys
Fernando Izaguirre
Fernando Izaguirre 12 dagar sedan
damm that fcknnn green civic is so fckn ugly i swear ill not get on that shit lol
Mark Oberacher
Mark Oberacher 12 dagar sedan
All yellow cars must die!
Nour Jebokji
Nour Jebokji 12 dagar sedan
Jank vs trash
Kelvin Cruz
Kelvin Cruz 12 dagar sedan
Put the turbo in the hatch and junk the green one
Cody Green
Cody Green 12 dagar sedan
Wow. What happened to MCM. I haven't been on this channel since super Gramps... Now they're racing FWD Civic... How the "Mighty" have fallen.
WinterAyars 12 dagar sedan
Oh no, vtec beat the turbo... don't tell 1990s Honda owners...
Auggie Mueller
Auggie Mueller 12 dagar sedan
Nicki Lindason Løvstad
Shug 12 dagar sedan
Is there turbo and VTEC?
mmisp 12 dagar sedan
Only Marty can make worthy 2sexy competitor...
"Körde rakt in i en björk"
He Loves Pepper Spray!
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