Unboxing and installing ALL the mad parts on our twin charged Nissan 

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Marty's beloved Nissan March Superturbo is getting some fresh JDM parts, some custom restored wheels and suspension.

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Whats a March Super Turbo Anyway?

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22 feb 2021



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 5 månader sedan
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G-Zen 4 månader sedan
I would love those 13 inch rims. Ship to Jamaica
Andrew M
Andrew M 4 månader sedan
Dirty episode this time with Moog’s Deep Throat, Marty saying it’s the best to open a BIG box, Sherrills box, for $69 & last but not least K-Yb shocks. It’s all here folks. 😬
sibusiso cece
sibusiso cece 4 månader sedan
I don’t can itr
sibusiso cece
sibusiso cece 4 månader sedan
Ir r
SARACEN77 5 månader sedan
Figaro poly bushe kit and strut brace will help the handling.
Chris Karpathakis
Chris Karpathakis 16 dagar sedan
can someone tell me how to find this exhaust for my super turbo plz
As someone who’s driven an NA 1.0 liter Chevy Sprint I can confirm very slow lol.
Thejus George
Thejus George Månad sedan
beautiful video, very therapeutic, love it
رضا السالم
رضا السالم Månad sedan
At the 26th minute, something fell from the shelves as if someone had dropped it 😅
Dane s
Dane s Månad sedan
Is this a Ford festiva in the states???? It looks a lot like it
You like 80s cars build the car from Ghost in the shell it's based on a lotus
Таксопорт новини таксі в Україні
What the soundtrack on 9:50?
MadScientist FPV
MadScientist FPV 2 månader sedan
26:10 was that a foot?
MadScientist FPV
MadScientist FPV 2 månader sedan
I own the shirt and I love it.
MadScientist FPV
MadScientist FPV 2 månader sedan
Turbos and temples is the best automotive video of all time. Second to none.
TheSweetSoySauce 3 månader sedan
If they ever mod a Hyundai Accent, I will run on the streets naked seeing that they accomplished the impossible
Liam Wilson
Liam Wilson 3 månader sedan
I like the look of the old wheels all ready on ther just get some low pro tyres and some big stretch old school looks
J T 3 månader sedan
Wonder if anyone has been in some random location in the world and seen a chopped sticker go past lol
Shaun Leibfried-kelly
Shaun Leibfried-kelly 3 månader sedan
Aerodynamic pant
Shaun Leibfried-kelly
Shaun Leibfried-kelly 3 månader sedan
Scoops for corner panels all door even bumpers nd more aerodynamic
Shaun Leibfried-kelly
Shaun Leibfried-kelly 3 månader sedan
All vehicles
Shaun Leibfried-kelly
Shaun Leibfried-kelly 3 månader sedan
Every one
Shaun Leibfried-kelly
Shaun Leibfried-kelly 3 månader sedan
Shaun Leibfried-kelly
Shaun Leibfried-kelly 3 månader sedan
A four wheeled car
Brandyn Hernandez
Brandyn Hernandez 3 månader sedan
Yoooo. What type of animal was that this time moog!? That's sounds like a ghoat.. or something
JT Madison
JT Madison 3 månader sedan
The clumsy land problematically advise because transaction archaeologically steer modulo a impolite news. parched, righteous wilderness
Andy Plage
Andy Plage 3 månader sedan
Nice to see Wd40 are promoting the Channel aswell as supporting you guys support and advertising going 2 ways us always good to see 👀
Fraser S
Fraser S 3 månader sedan
MCM it looks the same body and lights as a Fiat Uno Turbo
Docmanny Quiambao
Docmanny Quiambao 4 månader sedan
Please send me tha can of the WD40 when it runs out.
Luis Romero
Luis Romero 4 månader sedan
hi there im luis (big fan ) will you guys try to make a alfa romeo 156 2.0l ts turbo charged very curious to se how much power can get from it all the best😄😄
Iconic Gaming
Iconic Gaming 4 månader sedan
Amazing video, like always. If i may make a suggestion on a future video... I think you all should do a video on a mini truck. I.E. a Nissan d21. Not sure if they are even in Aussie or not. but they are pretty rad. I have a 1993 5spd. they also share the same motor as the US Spec 1989-1990 240sx which has the SOHC KA24E, different compression though. Would be a Unique build and parts are super cheap for them.
TommysTopics 4 månader sedan
Can I buy that can?
Александр Палий
We are watching you in Russia . Thank you for a very interesting presentation and cool projects with love from Russia🎸🐻🚲
Paul Harrison
Paul Harrison 4 månader sedan
Back in the day (in the uk) I used to run 195/45/15 on my first car, a small hot hatch. It might be worth seeing if that size is available in Aus to help with the rubbing issues. Keep up the awesome work, love the channel ✌🏻
rompdude 4 månader sedan
I'd be willing to bet the reduced back pressure from the larger exhaust has added a lil power due to the turbo having an easier time getting the gasses out.
Synchronizor 4 månader sedan
1,000 horsepower per liter has been done before in motorsports, but I doubt that little Nissan's block & drivetrain are built for that kind of punishment.
Jehster 4 månader sedan
the custom numberplate 23.HONK - soo good xDD
Nicholas Maher
Nicholas Maher 4 månader sedan
I like the wheels it came with a lot more, much more of a period correct look. Very functional looking. Even though they're a cast single piece I'm sure Barrel Brothers could reconfigure them. Take them up 15", by machining and welding or creating a surface for a bolt on hoop on the original center. You could even 'tone ring" look on the edge of the rim with very light machining and contrasting color in the pockets.
James Mackie
James Mackie 4 månader sedan
Please stop saying purity.. 🙄🤣
andrew freer
andrew freer 4 månader sedan
Those wheels look crap
OllamhDrab 4 månader sedan
Man, would have been nice if they had the MCM WD-40 cans here: I didn't give it much thought when I grabbed up a plain ol can at the homecenter last week, hardly looking, but it would have been a nice surprise at least. :)
travis maddox
travis maddox 4 månader sedan
Quality videos guys
TewdPlays 4 månader sedan
Turbos and Temples 2 are one of the best movies I've seen ever. Much love from Sweden!
Mäýüŕá Vïřůš
Mäýüŕá Vïřůš 4 månader sedan
I just realized you don't just wash your hands on the sink
som vongsonephet
som vongsonephet 4 månader sedan
The foot swap in! brilliant.
RichMartin FreeweightsAndSpeed.
I owned a similar car once, a Daihatsu charade gtti, so much fun to modify
KnightKnownasNii 4 månader sedan
Is there a Ghost in the garage? Check 26:40 and watch the hat in the back.
BjornFSE 4 månader sedan
@26:45 soooo noone else noticing the cap/hat just walking on its own till it falls off the shelf.....
nortarmizie tujudin
nortarmizie tujudin 4 månader sedan
Your wheels similar with me, "Racing Peak" by "enkei" original from Japan.. and I love it.. it was rarely found in Malaysia.. hahaha thumbs up bro..
TheAMGReviewers 4 månader sedan
the "hand washing" caught me so off-guard, XD thanks guys, i needed that
Spencer 4 månader sedan
runforitman 4 månader sedan
26:06 jeez thats the same tap i have in my sink
Murray Ball
Murray Ball 4 månader sedan
Temples and Turbo's was an EPIC production!
Sombrero 4 månader sedan
solid fuel rocket boosters mate, 1L is more than you think...on a more serious note, please make detailed videos on the boost system upgrades, this stuff is SUPER fascinating ;)
Sombrero 4 månader sedan
just casually mention how your gonna modernize the super complicated fiddly vacuum system from the late 80s that controls your boost? I think you failed to acknowledge how incredibly cool and big news this is...
Buzz Aldrin's Infantile Trepanning Association
I remember watching that docco back in the day, damn it's good
Levi Lueth
Levi Lueth 4 månader sedan
Looks so good now guys!
Matt Woodgate
Matt Woodgate 4 månader sedan
What's the part number for the shocks. And can I buy those wheels for my k10?????
rrpalk 4 månader sedan
Can’t wait to see more and more of this car, I have a Pao with the same PLASMA motor swapped in.
Bob Marley
Bob Marley 4 månader sedan
The kookaburras in the background always make me laugh. Such weird birds
Matt Thambirajah PT
Matt Thambirajah PT 4 månader sedan
The music is always #1 on the MCM videos
Bruce Stirewalt
Bruce Stirewalt 4 månader sedan
Hey there is nothing wrong with pushing 30 thats the best kind of car lol.... I love yalls show
fightmeirl 4 månader sedan
I haven't bought a can of WD in a while, i usually use PB but if they brought these to the states i would definitely buy some
Android 890
Android 890 4 månader sedan
What the hell 26:50 what fell off in the background ghost again?😱 just loving this build time what's better wheel build or foot wash all classis🤣👍
Brandon Guillette
Brandon Guillette 4 månader sedan
Thanks, I can't watch much more of this 2000s model Audi junk crap, only a 2000s VW vid could be worse. Then what's after a Chevy Silverado LS build? LOL Thank god you guys are really entertaining to watch, but please go back to JDM/UK stuff, and try keep clear of the German piston poopers (unless it's Porsche, or older VW like Corrado), only a cheap French car could be more annoying to watch.
pets pets
pets pets 4 månader sedan
u guys are more then global!!!!! aliens are watching right now!! u guys saved this world !!!
Denys B
Denys B 4 månader sedan
Ewwww hahaha the feet lol! Is that the camera man's foot always making an appearance?
XprettylightsX 4 månader sedan
Turbos and temples 3 - rx7 and Godzilla in Japan. Can’t wait
Barry Campion
Barry Campion 4 månader sedan
Supercharger and turbocharger that's group b rally car technology,wtf
Barry Campion
Barry Campion 4 månader sedan
Also known as nissan Micra 😂😂😂😂😂
madcat105 4 månader sedan
speaking of wd-40 has anyone else notice the smell change? i prefer the original to what it is now :(
Matthew Black
Matthew Black 4 månader sedan
"Then you'd be a real youtuber" Yeah right, all ready as real as it gets cunnys.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 4 månader sedan
driveway, but the jokes on them now 🤣
W Morgan
W Morgan 4 månader sedan
Moog-san! Track list and links to access on every vid bloke.. stop keeping the people hanging. Share them bangers
Forever Jim
Forever Jim 4 månader sedan
Those new rims are pretty terrible. What were you thinking. I guess u didn't want to hurt their feelings after they made them??
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 4 månader sedan
Amazing video.congrats!
Den Petrovskoe
Den Petrovskoe 4 månader sedan
Guys sell WD 40 to me in Russia.
LÆVIS 4 månader sedan
Are you guys on floatplane?
RyanCooper 4 månader sedan
9:15 did they actually get a goat?
Wynand Kruger
Wynand Kruger 4 månader sedan
Hey MCM, i see there is no Shipping to South Africa, i was so exited to order some goodies, but no shipping to my place, let me know when shipping to South Africa will be possible PLEASE PLEASE!!
John Peralta
John Peralta 4 månader sedan
I'm going to miss the old wheels
urza1989 4 månader sedan
Love the car, gotta get me an mcm wd-40 can
omgbiskitlawl 4 månader sedan
i love enkei peaks but I feel like the design of the wheel doesn't match the design of the car
Redgolf2 4 månader sedan
Nissan Micra? Wow! They were popular here here in Ireland
RagingWhiteman 4 månader sedan
Got some OT pay coming next week. Just ordered Cheryl's box. Excited. Need some stickers for my tool box at work and my car.
Tony Doherty
Tony Doherty 4 månader sedan
Just like your tunnel run with this car on turbos and temples 2, it’s time for a tunnel run with the new exhaust. 🎶🎵👌
Oliver Scanlon
Oliver Scanlon 4 månader sedan
I liked the old wheels more
Aus Balmer
Aus Balmer 4 månader sedan
I’m so jealous why can’t my k10 just be a super turbo
Michael Lock
Michael Lock 4 månader sedan
I need a can of that WD-40! ✌️🇺🇲😎
TPM Films
TPM Films 4 månader sedan
Such a sick car! Love this and the Mira.
Cory Slykerman
Cory Slykerman 4 månader sedan
Amazing video.congrats!
Go Clunker
Go Clunker 4 månader sedan
cringing at moog almost smacking the car with the pipe.
Flavelesss 4 månader sedan
at 26:49 something fell from the shelf, did anyone else noticed it?
Robin E
Robin E 4 månader sedan
I WANT that WD-40 can in Germany
Ruaraidh McDonald-Walker
Ruaraidh McDonald-Walker 4 månader sedan
Nuggets back!! Ace, no more Lotuses or Golfs....
BuntUndStereo 4 månader sedan
Great little car but the new wheels are not a great match tbh. Too shiny and the spoke shape/pattern reminds me of cheap aftermarket rims. Awesome restauration work by Barrel Brothers though...
Stealthgato 4 månader sedan
Aww, those old Advan wheels were absolutely perfect for the Super Turbo... The new ones are way too bling and look a bit cheap tbh
Jason Lavelle
Jason Lavelle 4 månader sedan
Would love to see a Renault 5gt turbo take on this nuggety weapon
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 4 månader sedan
“it’s deep throat” interesting way to describe an exhaust sound but i’ll take it 🤣
hunter100t 4 månader sedan
A Nugget it is, it is now it is, yup, a Nugget !
robzzzy511 4 månader sedan
Who else saw the spooky bit at around the 26:00 mark
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 4 månader sedan
Very cool.
Shears 4 månader sedan
26:16 WHAT'S WITH THE FEET LOL OMG WHY I've had questions for you boys but hooooooooooly shit thanks for the laugh.
Burton Gibson
Burton Gibson 4 månader sedan
ERM confused, WHY oh dear WHY are you washing a foot lol?
TommyLYeah - Darkwraith Kaid
*F O O T*
domvdm FORMd
domvdm FORMd 4 månader sedan
Brilliant guys. Humble. exhilarating. Bathurst. Full marks. 👍👍👍
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