We take the V8 BMW E30 for a slide 

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After hundreds of hours of work the E30 is finished and ready to take out for some skids

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23 jun 2021



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods Månad sedan
Thanks for coming along on this euro/v8 journey with us! Next episode we're revealing Moog's brand new car... brace yourselves...
Kasper Månad sedan
206 GTI?
johannes van wyk
johannes van wyk Månad sedan
Lol I had the 316i....was my first car and was great fun ! If I remember right the weight was 1150 for that one...great car and always enjoy your show! ✌
Thejus George
Thejus George Månad sedan
Please guys, can you do a car upgrade type video on 2002 subaru legacy twin turbo manual,pleeeeeeeeease, BIG FAN o f your work,good stuff
Thejus George
Thejus George Månad sedan
Please guys, can you do a car upgrade type video on 2002 subaru legacy twin turbo manual,pleeeeeeeeease, BIG FAN o f your work,good stuff
Perrin Clowes
Perrin Clowes Månad sedan
Great build guys - loved seeing Black Chops come together. If you ever think of selling, I would love to have first chance of buying, would give it a good home in the UK.👍
Strongboy 72
Strongboy 72 6 dagar sedan
Long live Black Chops! You can tell Marty is very proud of this ride as he talks at length about it.
God of F.
God of F. 7 dagar sedan
Best car that MCM ever made.
HMAS Matt 7 dagar sedan
Is there a series/video of the LS swapped BRZ? I know it’s not an MCM car, can’t find anything on it!
Matīss Nazgra
Matīss Nazgra 13 dagar sedan
i mean... with a e36 1.6 102hp on wet you can hold slides in 3rd gear.... with an open diff.. but it makes kinda sense
Голо Ва
Голо Ва 16 dagar sedan
Салам с Шымкента!
Glen 18 dagar sedan
Dudes your RH tail light is out
Ima Gumby
Ima Gumby 18 dagar sedan
That is one sweet looking car......
Ren Watson
Ren Watson 18 dagar sedan
Ok well that's make you a bit of euro virgin the first znz8 swap in sustbite jsrdmsdmtuensrrmps not bmw v8s
Tadhg Bolen
Tadhg Bolen 24 dagar sedan
What is it like having trouble driving? Moog stick to making synthewave.
Paul Nielson
Paul Nielson 26 dagar sedan
How much guys?
Burnleysgem 26 dagar sedan
The Broject List
The Broject List 27 dagar sedan
Real nice to see that you guys have finally leveled up and got enough badges to unlock the euro-cars XD really love it!!
TaKaN_GS 27 dagar sedan
Can I put a turbo in Mazda Xedos 6 2.0?
Luke Simon
Luke Simon 28 dagar sedan
Please sore the timing on your civic 😅
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies 28 dagar sedan
I used to race in a series that had an LS1 E30 in it. It was pretty damn fast!
RR Extra
RR Extra 28 dagar sedan
You don't need to scan a ruler. That's pointless. What's the point?
Joshua Gies
Joshua Gies 28 dagar sedan
Love the skids! Nothing like the feeling of having the rear end come out and catching it. Moog, you'll get it dialed man! Love the enthusiasm! With that much power and a short wheelbase, definitely a handful!
Dad Dy
Dad Dy 29 dagar sedan
Marty give us a tour of your home shed, looks like a shmick set up
Fischbroetchen2k 29 dagar sedan
Fun fact: Fenders are named "Kotflügel" in German. Which literaly translates into: "Manure-wings","Dung-wings" or"Shit-wings".
Tsung Hung Shen
Tsung Hung Shen Månad sedan
Next v8 swap, let’s use the Lexus 1uz series and mod it to the sky!
Dean Robert
Dean Robert Månad sedan
It still brings back bad memorys for me having rewired one on the side of the road, middle of summer 700ks north of perth. 80's alarm systems suck
Jon Tattersall
Jon Tattersall Månad sedan
Wish you'd do some daytime skids and not wet nighttime skids.
Jonathan Roberts
Jonathan Roberts Månad sedan
Thanks to everyone who made this happen ... And ... And um... Yea (Not Activision 😂)
Haydenw86 Månad sedan
So just like the game it was built for to promote, it was released unfinished and fixed later.
jamesmk1cos Månad sedan
loved this one glad to see it finished up. please please don't use harnesses with a recliner seat its not designed for it. the rear straps put downward pressure on the seat and in turn in an impact can break the seat back and your back.
SuperKONR Månad sedan
The real question is what does Cheryl think of the E30?
B Lynch
B Lynch Månad sedan
This is 100% the best car you have ever done to date, amazing. Hope to see this on the streets of Sydney sometime!
ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ
This is by far my favorite car on this entire series. Easily.
O.G BiGMAC Månad sedan
Bro ever think of getting a station wagon e30 and making it a 325is station wag
Master Månad sedan
Is the exhaust a true dual if not use the dump pipe to H-pipe if there is no x-pipe
Paul Mohr
Paul Mohr Månad sedan
Turbos are cool but torque is really fun on a street car. Growing up I had a muscle car with a 455 (buick GS) and my buddy had a little CRX that was modded. His car was actually faster than mine ( which was hard to take lol) but mine was more fun to drive.
The old bmw carpet went IN THE BIN.
Stretch 1052
Stretch 1052 Månad sedan
They turned a good car into a half arsed Mongrol.
Lukas Hampel
Lukas Hampel Månad sedan
this is one nice E30... really appreciate it since E30s and E24s are my favorite cars ever. The chassis styling is just out of this world
Sasuke Garage
Sasuke Garage Månad sedan
MENGA MINT!!!😍😎💯💎👑
BATCH24racing Månad sedan
Bloody champions
Judge_Jon Månad sedan
I'm kind of curious what the exhaust would sound like with an H-pipe instead of block off plates
Anthony Whitehead
Anthony Whitehead Månad sedan
I freakin LOVE Black Chops 🖤 😍. I had a 84 325e such a wonderful car I loved it!. I currently daily my 1997 740il love it too!
DougalR Månad sedan
Stunning car fellas. The E30 3 series here in the UK and Europe have a huge following and are an Iconic car and just cool as fuck.
Stefan Dahl
Stefan Dahl Månad sedan
Memories! My first car was a 318 E30 I got for about 1200 dollars/euros in awesome nick, even with no power it was super fun to drive!
Affekthandlung 67
Affekthandlung 67 Månad sedan
Its not european, its german
Daniel Woodard
Daniel Woodard Månad sedan
please come back to a Roadkill reunion
Serge Månad sedan
BMW styling is nice
Justin Anderson
Justin Anderson Månad sedan
When I saw that smokey burnout I was like this tip in is gonna be awesome 😎 . But no
David Hickey
David Hickey Månad sedan
e30 vs lotus would have been an epic thumbnail
Ren Watson
Ren Watson Månad sedan
Also use a bmw v8 either a 3L a 3.5 a 4L a 5L and also the V10 and show the euro old skool cool cars also use a oldskool 5series or 7 series as they are like commen doors so you can show what ppl can do to the cars you can afford to buy as e30s are so expensive and not easy for all to buy but e34 & a e39 E60 E36 e46 E90 and the. Corresponding 7 series models as well e38 down to e32 and up two models even do a E38Li the limo version bagg it and do the turbo or the V8 or the older 3.5 6 model they would be cars I'd love you to mod and show how to do it as I have tried to get coilovers for mine at the prices from some of the places in your old gti vids and it's like 5 x the price you guys payed so to see how you go about getting parts that aren't donated by the sponsors etc
Ren Watson
Ren Watson Månad sedan
Why not do a proper euro not an LS swap E30 or E30 like everyone does do like e34 or 535i or a e39 530i or any single cam 6 not the duel cam 24v 525
Loring Giles
Loring Giles Månad sedan
Great one guys, let’s see it race the Z!
SOFA King Månad sedan
“The (fill in the blank project car) IS DONE!” LOL ... they’re never done.
RichieB76 Månad sedan
If it's gone from Japan, to the UK. It would have been brought over as a grey import. In the 90's a lot of the more interesting JDM cars and motorbikes were shipped here by independent companies. They also brought over harder fo find vehicles, or stuff that was just plain cheap compared to UK prices.
MrBaller4Life14 Månad sedan
This was a weird episode.. there was something strange, I cant put my finger on it.
cambmw93 Månad sedan
Fun fact: the E30 is a 2 door sedan; not a coupe.
Michael W
Michael W Månad sedan
“I want a snack pack of shrooms” -Moog
if you do charge it, supercharger with a blower out the hood pls
catfish552 Månad sedan
E30 vs 240 track and drag battle?
RidelikeLightning Månad sedan
Ah yes the scanner trick. Did the same on all of my bikes, except I scanned the part and then made the gasket. Works really well
Ezequiel Urraco
Ezequiel Urraco Månad sedan
I think I speak for a lot of followers, if we ask you to make a video with Benny, Al and Woody, all racing cars of your choice, and making challenges! Greetings from Argentina!
Nathan King
Nathan King Månad sedan
Super Gramps has been dethroned.. my favorite car on the channel.
Mindseas Månad sedan
Show carpet or didn't happen! This has been a fascinating and new kind of content, love it, love you, thank you!
SgtThUND3R Månad sedan
WTFShelley Månad sedan
@9:15 Somewhere in Australia, a bald headed manic, closes his eyes, raises his head and starts sniffing the air, "SOON MY PRETTY SOON"
Switch Månad sedan
fuck i really want an E30
Nicolas Hoyt
Nicolas Hoyt Månad sedan
May want to check your math on the not any heavier part. Having weighed my BMW Iron Block M52B28 with a cast turbo manifold and the turbo and all the accessories coming in at 418 lbs, that's less than an LS without accessories and I had a good 50-70 lbs of extras on it.
Anwar Fareed
Anwar Fareed Månad sedan
great car guys. PLease look for gusheshe videos from south africa. Mad spinning with E30s
Thejus George
Thejus George Månad sedan
Please guys, can you do a car upgrade type video on 2002 subaru legacy twin turbo manual,pleeeeeeeeease, BIG FAN o f your work,good stuff
Thejus George
Thejus George Månad sedan
Please guys, can you do a car upgrade type video on 2002 subaru legacy twin turbo manual,pleeeeeeeeease, BIG FAN o f your work,good stuff
Thejus George
Thejus George Månad sedan
Please guys, can you do a car upgrade type video on 2002 subaru legacy twin turbo manual,pleeeeeeeeease, BIG FAN o f your work,good stuff
Vo0Do0972 Månad sedan
fancy milk crate seats ftw
matt gillcart
matt gillcart Månad sedan
could you do an episode on how you get the car legal i am shore a lot of your viewers and i would like to know how to go about that part of modifying process and keep up the good work
Teo Karlsson
Teo Karlsson Månad sedan
turbo it
Wendy Hardy
Wendy Hardy Månad sedan
Hey Guys, can you please tell me the name of the Ryobi vac you use to clean the cars, and is the hose the size that came with it or did they send you a longer hose? Thanks, and I love your channel👍🏼
Artem Serov
Artem Serov Månad sedan
So, basically, you replaced all the BMW magic with boring japanese engine, details, etc?
Bobby Breland
Bobby Breland Månad sedan
Why does moog seem completely uninterested
Dj Eli Shane
Dj Eli Shane Månad sedan
Next car already 😒
hansel gretel
hansel gretel Månad sedan
sirs please do a collab with CB Media and do a feature on the car scene in Thailand.
Drop Bear
Drop Bear Månad sedan
Had to lol.... Commy V8 and they go skid in the water.... When it rains, all the commy owners come out for a skid....
chris bruni
chris bruni Månad sedan
That’s cool they wet the track so cars who can’t drift normally can
OscarCharlieZulu Månad sedan
One of the best looking 3 series now with epic performance
Pjoter CTP BMX
Pjoter CTP BMX Månad sedan
actually not a coupe. It's 2door sedan.
Xernes Månad sedan
why do you destroy an e30?
Gazmus Månad sedan
14 years and a million episodes in and they finished a second car to go with Supergramps! I'm so proud.
Tim Månad sedan
How do you guys think that rear end will hold up to that power?
beerbuzz69 Månad sedan
When are you going to get your own lift in the shed?
Vic 97
Vic 97 Månad sedan
When ya'll said the wet ground seemed difficult to skid on, I noticed that too with my FRS. It almost felt like it slid better on the dry than the wet, and idk why tbh
Grnbaracuda Månad sedan
Probably traction is not constant, that's why snapping occurs.
Eric Timan
Eric Timan Månad sedan
Next will be an old v-dub, I can feel it. Yes, I simply read Moog's mind, don't worry everyone on the interwebs. Vw's are cool Period!
JD Antigua
JD Antigua Månad sedan
You have confirmed how I have been feeling recently. When I eat alot of bananas, within 30 minutes I am feeling better. Bananas also helps with blood sugar balance.
madjh Månad sedan
One E30 that was near death has been recover and looks quite good ... more that good.😍
Christian Mitchell
Christian Mitchell Månad sedan
Seriously, if you ever want to sell this let me know
Edison Lim
Edison Lim Månad sedan
your white beard makes me feels like already "is been 20 year"
SIGHT Månad sedan
Put some spacers and add some chamber on it
arnoud burrie
arnoud burrie Månad sedan
One of the best balanced bmw's ever, and then put an extra heavy v8 in it....Nice car for an sprint, the cornering is f-ed up.
arnoud burrie
arnoud burrie Månad sedan
@No Wukkas My bad, I am comparing it with the S14 engine. Comparing it with the 6 cilinders is more common.
No Wukkas
No Wukkas Månad sedan
Actually there’s nothing in it. Both are around 230kg with transmission. The M20 had a cast iron block, the LS is alloy.
kim thomas
kim thomas Månad sedan
i've done the copying before. theres no need to put a ruler. if you print it out on an a4 piece of paper. its 1:1
Turbo1602ti Månad sedan
Thats not a coupe
Adrian Hinds
Adrian Hinds Månad sedan
Marty showing yet again he is the better driver 🤣🤣
Mawerick77 Månad sedan
I'm nitpicking here, but the E30 was never available as a coupe. It's a two door sedan. Not sure why people are calling it a coupe.
Turbo1602ti Månad sedan
Kohl Automobile has build 4 Coupés, based on the tc2, but theyre not really pretty. And Vestatec build at least one Magnum. With a 3.5l hartge engine and it looked kinda like a early fox body Mustang. And baur built the tc3 coupe.
Aleksander Klimczak
Aleksander Klimczak Månad sedan
Amazing project! I would love to tune my Yaris III with 1.5L naturally aspirated engine (2NR-FKE), maybe some day ;)
AndreaFromTokyo Månad sedan
Looks like a car John Wick would drive
john thracian
john thracian Månad sedan
now it is literally ultimate driving machine.
BabyCoco Månad sedan
Im so glad you guys really finished this car. I love BMWs, and i know people would pay an insane amount for this car (at least in the US right now lol)...
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visningar 205tn